Thursday, July 24, 2014

Does Radar Work?

"Air Algerie plane disappears from radar in West Africa, 116 on board."-Washington Post.

This is unbelievable.

AH5017 "apparently" has been found though, "apparently" crashed in Mali, all on board killed.

-Okay, strike "apparently crashed" and "all on board killed," it's "missing" per French President Francois Hollande. "We still don't know what happened," Hollande added helpfully. Image: The Genius of France Between Liberty and Death, Jean-Baptiste Regnault (1795). (7:53 pm).

-Now, we do have this intelligence from The New York Times:

"Moumouni Barro, Burkina Faso’s director of airports, said in a telephone interview from Ouagadougou that a resident of Gossi, a village in Mali between Mopti and Gao, near the border with Burkina Faso, “saw the plane fall from the sky” around 1:50 a.m., during a storm. Mr. Barro said the resident’s account was credible and that searchers were at work in the area."

The "director of airports." Of "Burkina Faso." Vouches for the credibility of  "a resident" of  "Gossi" in Mali. Sure, I'd print that. That's news that's fit to print. Take that sucker to the bank.

But wait!:

"However, other people in Gossi, including the town’s mayor, who were reached by telephone Thursday afternoon could not confirm the report that the plane had been seen there."

We trust the Times will keep us posted as it works its way through the Gossi, Mali phone book. (8:02 pm)

-I'm sure this is on CNN right now--and will be for the next 103 straight days. There is Mali, "Mali," and there is "Burkina Faso." And you can see Mopti and Gao. Don't see "Gossi" but Gossi is between Mopti and Gao, according to The New York Times. And Gossi is where Our Man in Mali, confidential informant numero uno reported seeing AH5017 "fall from the sky." According to the director of airports in Burkina Faso. As told to The New York Times. But, Gossi is also where a statesman and "other people" challenge the eyesight of Our Man in Mali. Now this commercial break. Back in a flash. (8:31 pm).

-"The Burkina government said in a statement late Thursday that searchers had found the wreckage of 
Flight 5017 at around 6:40 p.m., “on Malian territory, about 30 miles from our borders.”-New York Times (July 25, 2:36 am).

Does America Still Work?

"Inmate's Execution Takes Two Hours."-USAToday.

Americans will recognize that headline. Non-Americans, this happens constantly in America. It is mind-boggling. We can't even kill people anymore.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


This is from Forbes by Gordon G. Chang:

What’s wrong in China?  Xi Jinping, Communist Party general secretary since November 2012, has launched a nationwide anti-corruption campaign that has terrorized most everyone holding a position of responsibility in government.  The newish leader famously promised to take down both “tigers”—those of high rank—and “flies,” and he has made a bold start.

So far, he has stripped Bo Xilai, once China’s most charismatic politician, of all assets and sent him to prison for life for corruption and abuse of power. 
Xi is now going after the underlings in the patronage network of his predecessor, Hu Jintao, and there is evidence to suggest he is also gunning for Hu’s predecessor, Jiang Zemin.  The moves, therefore, look like attempts to bring down both Jiang, the leader of the Shanghai Gang faction, and Hu, head of the Communist Youth League faction.  Xi, it seems, is in the midst of destroying all other power centers in the country’s ruling organization, firmly rejecting the live-and-let-live mentality that has kept peace in Beijing since the sentencing of the Gang of Four in early 1981.

As a part of this ambitious effort, Xi is also targeting senior military officers, most notably Xu Caihou, a Jiang ally.  The gravely ill Xu—stricken by cancer—was stripped of Party membership at the end of last month and, despite his retirement, will be court martialed for taking bribes and selling promotions to junior officers.  The former general is the most senior officer ensnared in an investigation of this sort since the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949.  The PLA Daily, the military’s most authoritative publication, has carried numerous reports this year of generals and admirals condemning Xu and taking what are tantamount to public loyalty oaths to Xi.
Xi, to be sure, is incarcerating corrupt figures, but he is not doing so for their corruption.  He is purging political opponents using corruption as an excuse.  Tellingly, none of the individuals Xi has put away is either one of his family members or a supporter.  And if China’s leader was really determined to rid his country of corruption, he would not be relentlessly jailing anti-corruption activists.
Xi’s campaign is now so ferocious that some Chinese think they could be on the eve of another Cultural Revolution.
“How many times have you heard the Chinese described as pragmatists?” Arthur Waldron, the University of Pennsylvania’s famed historian, asked me the beginning of this month.  “They’re not.”


Never want to have a picture of you and the guy at left surface. Xu Caihou, former Politburo member and Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission was charged recently with graft-related offenses. He's been kicked out of the CPC.

"Ukraine Says 2 Fighter Jets Are Shot Down As Clashes Intensify."-New York Times.

"UKRAINE SAYS:" Is that where we are to place the emphasis as we read that? I don't know.

Seeking the Soul of Russia.

Boy oh boy, U.S. Senator John McCain says Russian President Vladimir Putin is "getting away with murder" in MH17. The latest U.S. intel reports are that there is no "direct link" to Moscow but that Moscow "created the conditions," pretty similar to what President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and The New York Times have been saying. The problem there is Obama and Kerry and U.S. spooks were equally certain only military action was necessary to get Syria to give up chemical wmd. The same U.S. intel people say their best judgment now is that the shoot-down was a "mistake." Okay, let's dispose of that one right now: if by "mistake," they mean the Russian separatists shot down MH17 thinking it was a Ukrainian military plane, that's no mistake, they had no right shooting down a Ukrainian plane; in criminal law that's called transferred intent. Then a Putin advisor accused Kiev of being "the West's henchmen" while a former advisor said he couldn't believe the level of anti-Western sentiment coming out of the Kremlin these days. There seems to be a bit of a struggle going on for the soul of Russia.

It should be enough that the SAM was fired by Russian separatists from a separatist-controlled area in Ukraine, enough of a "link" to Putin, that is. I thought that was established. These latest reports are at least confusing the issue though for if the above is enough, why not leave it there? Unless the above is not considered enough or unless these latest reports are intended to imply indirectly that that "enough" itself is under reconsideration. Drat this!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Nigerian president meets parents of abducted girls."-TVNZ.

What's that guy's name, "Feelgood" or "Happytime" or something?
The government of Canada was a visitor today., the whole government.
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10. Kiribati.

I see a pattern there. LeBron James is in China. I see!

"I'm Coming Home."

LeBron James just sees things other people can't see. On the basketball court, in life. He is the best basketball player in the world and also one of the most intelligent men in the sport. I did not realize until today that the two year contract he signed with Cleveland is actually a one year with the second at his option. ?  That's more like "I'm coming home to visit." In his Sports Illustrated essay James was definitive that Cleveland was not ready to win a championship immediately ("No way.").  ??  Don't see what he sees. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Russian People's Crimes.

"Americans:" No. Flight manifest by nationality below. Russian people should be the Dutch principally, and the other countries of the victims, if those countries believe Russian people should be killed:

(Boarding passport)
Dual nationality
 Hong Kong(China)[i]01
 New Zealand10
 South Africa[v]01
 United Kingdom[w][x]100
 United States[y]01

The Russian People's Crimes.

"We:" Somebody has to start killing the Russian people--Ukrainians, Europeans, Americans, Muslims, frigging Congos, Somalis, "terrorists," "freedom-fighters," psychopaths, mercenaries, mafia--somebody. 

The Russian People's Crimes.

These guys on this audio, Igor Besler, "Bes," and Vasili Geranin, can't they at least be killed? They are identified by name and face. How hard would that be? We have to start killing Russian people.

"Cover-up: Ukraine rebels destroying all links to MH17 air atrocity."-The Guardian.

"Pro-Russia separatist groups in eastern Ukraine are hastily covering up all links to the Buk missile battery suspected to have been used to shoot down the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane, according to western-based defence and intelligence specialists.
...concern that a cover-up was under way was fuelled by a standoff at part of the crash site between observers from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and rebel gunmen, which ended with a warning shot being fired.

Postings on rebel websites immediately after the crash boasted of having shot down what they claimed was an Antonov Ukrainian military transport plane, but these have since been deleted.
 The rebels are suspected of having used a Russian-built, vehicle-mounted Buk missile system to bring down MH17, killing all 298 passengers and crew. 
The OSCE was trying to gain access to one part of the large crash site but the commander of a rebel unit, known as Commander Glum, blocked them. After the warning shot, the OSCE convoy departed.

There is also confusion over the black boxes and other devices apparently salvaged from the plane. A rebel military commander initially said he was considering what to do with them, while another rebel leader, Aleksandr Borodai, contradicting his colleague, said the rebels had no black boxes or any other devices.
Other material on rebel social media sites was being deleted, including pictures showing the alleged capture of Buk missile vehicles by rebels from a Ukrainian air base last month.

Rebels said the boast on the social media site on Thursday that a plane had been shot down was not put up by them but by a sympathiser who mistakenly assumed it was a Ukrainian military plane that had been shot down. But in a separate posting a rebel leader also claimed that a plane had been brought down. "We warned you – do not fly in our sky," he said. That too was removed."

The Russian People's Crimes.

''I saw two rows of windows and knew that this was a Boeing,'' he said. ''I knew this was a civilian plane. But for me this meant nothing. It is easy to turn a civilian type of plane into one for military use.''
-Lt. Col., later Major Gennadi Osipovich the Soviet fighter pilot who shot down Korean Air Lines flight 007 on September 1, 1983, killing 269, in an interview with the New York Times in 1996.


"The Soviet Union initially denied knowledge of the incident, but later admitted the shootdown, claiming that the aircraft was on a spy mission. The Politburo said it was a deliberate provocation by the United States to test the Soviet Union's military preparedness, or even to provoke a war. The White House accused the Soviet Union of obstructing search and rescue operations.  The Soviet military suppressed evidence sought by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) investigation, notably the flight data recorders, which were eventually released eight years later after the collapse of the Soviet Union." (emphasis added)
-Wikipedia, KAL007.

The Russian People's Crimes.

As U.S. investigators prepared to head to Ukraine to assist in the investigation, staff from Europe's OSCE [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] security body visited the site but complained that they did not have the full access they wanted.

"We encountered armed personnel who acted in a very impolite and unprofessional manner. Some of them even looked slightly intoxicated," an OSCE spokesman said.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Russian People's Crimes.

The Gallup survey, which was conducted from April 22-June 9 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7 percentage points, found that 83 percent of Russians say they approve of the job Putin is doing, marking an increase of 29 percentage points since 2013.
                                                           -Washington Examiner.

President Obama Statement on MH17, Transcript.

Now, here is what we know so far. Evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile that was launched from an area that is controlled by Russian-backed separatists inside of Ukraine.
We also know that this is not the first time a plane has been shot down in eastern Ukraine. Over the last several weeks Russian- backed separatists have shot down a Ukrainian transport plane and a Ukrainian helicopter, and they claimed responsibility for shooting down a Ukrainian fighter jet.
Moreover, we know that these separatists have received a steady flow of support from Russia.
This includes arms and training. It includes heavy weapons. And it includes anti-aircraft weapons.
Now, here's what's happened now. This was a global tragedy. An Asian airliner was destroyed in European skies, filled with citizens from many countries. So there has to be a credible international investigation into what happened. The U.N. Security Council has endorsed this investigation, and we will hold all its members, including Russia, to their word.
In order to facilitate that investigation, Russia, pro-Russian separatists and Ukraine must adhere to an immediate cease-fire. Evidence must not be tampered with. Investigators need to access the crash site.
Now, the United States stands ready to provide any assistance that is necessary. We've already offered the support of the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board, which has experience in working with international partners on these types of investigations. They are on their way, personnel from the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board. In the coming hours and days, I'll continue to be in close contact with leaders from around the world as we respond to this catastrophe.
[The President then spoke of the need for peace in Ukraine.]
Moreover, time and again, Russia has refused to take the concrete steps necessary to de-escalate the situation. I spoke to President Putin yesterday in the wake of additional sanctions that we had imposed. He said he wasn't happy with them, and I told him that we have been very clear from the outset that we want Russia to take the path that would result in peace in Ukraine, but so far, at least, Russia has failed to take that path. Instead, it has continued to violate Ukrainian sovereignty and to support violent separatists. It has also failed to use its influence to press the separatists to abide by a cease-fire. That's why, together with our allies, we've imposed growing costs on Russia.

The Russian People's Crimes.*

The plane was shot down in Ukrainian airspace and crashed on Ukrainian land yet the rump "Donetsk People's Republic" has seized the plane's black boxes and have already sent them to Moscow. The Russian separatists prevented Ukrainian officials from getting to the crash site.  At this point the scales are tipped overwhelmingly against American military action. This fact though, of imprecise heft, weighs something, and properly gets added to the side of the scale favoring some attack by someone--America, NATO, some "coalition"--on some Russian people somewhere.

*Plural, 1:45 pm.

The Russian People's Crimes.**

No. No U.S. air or bomb attack on Russians in Ukraine or Russia. International crime, international response: U.N., usual suspects.

*Changed from "MH17," ~8:00 am, July 18.
**Plural, 1:45 pm.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Russian People's Crimes.**

What the heck does the world U.S. do? Russia shoots down a Malaysian passenger plane over Ukraine. Three hundred innocent civilians from many countries among the victims. That's an international crime. Just yesterday Obama imposed the heaviest sanctions yet specifically because Russia continues to make trouble on the border. The day before yesterday the Russians shot down a Ukrainian fighter jet. Should the U.S. bomb Russian enclaves in Ukraine? How about across the border in Russia, should the U.S. (with NATO?) bomb the Russian troops in Russia that are on the border?

*Changed from "MH17," ~8:00, July 18.
**Plural, 1:47 pm.


Malaysian Airlines flight 17, a Boeing 777, has crashed in Ukraine with all aboard, about 300, killed. Most reports have it that the Russians, either separatists in Ukraine or in Russia, shot the plane down. The New York Times has not.

-"likely shot down." 11:01 pm.
-"was shot a surface-to-air missile." The U.S. has not pinpointed where the SAM was fired though, and thus cannot say for sure who fired it. Well...No, it was Russians, either separatists in Ukraine or across the border in Mother Rus. 11:14 pm.
That wasn't hard at all, "Inspire magazine al Qaeda." Isn't that amazing?  N.S.A., why do you suck so bad? Go back to listening in on Merkel's cell phone, you are worth-less, WORTHLESS.

Inspire N.S.A.

After Islam's bombing of the Boston Marathon we-here came acrost an internet publication that taught would-be 47-virgin meeters and greeters how to build the pressure cooker bombs the Brothers Tsarnaev used in the Hub. This particular pub drew notice from dicks and pencils because of its glossy high-quality. And because it was published by al Qaeda. Got our attention. We profiled Inspire and reprinted some of their glossy gloss. We also wondered WHY THE FUCK! N.S.A. didn't shut them down, prohibit Google and Yahoo and Bing from listing them in their search results. We don't know how it is with search engine queries now but it can't be too hard since the New York Daily News has a report today that the latest issue of Inspire seeks to inspire the would-be's to target the U.S. Open...There are two of those, one in tennis the other in golf and we're not too precise on which sport's Open it is now open season on but it's one of them! The Daily News quotes from the Inspire article, "Car Bombs in America:"

The important thing is that you target people and not buildings.

To the point.

It's the tennis Open the Daily News says...If you simply must bomb buildings choose one:

visited by thousands of people, and high-profile people, especially the U.S. Open.

America is our first target, followed by United Kingdom, France and other crusader countries. 

N.S.A., you're already down love-15. We repeat our querie, WTF?

U.S. Sanctions Russia Again; Europe Balks.

Announced by President Obama today, the new measures target the huge energy and defense sectors of the Russian economy and limit access by relevant Russian concerns to U.S. capital. The Russians denounced them but acknowledge they are going to hurt. Europe wouldn't go along because their economic ties to Russia are much greater and because they're about as pissed at Obama for N.S.A. spying as they are at Russia for invading Ukraine. They're down with the sentiment but won't join in.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Moving away.

These came from the west, slithering across the southwest corner of the plateau, from which they did not have to cross the Allegheny Front, from the big city where they made money, big money, and they came to Cambria County not to work but to play. They secretly bought the reservoir that was constructed for the water needs of the people of Johnstown who had come the hard way across the Front from the east to work and who were working and they secretly bought the land. They turned the South Fork Dam area into the most private club in America and called it the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club and threatened to shoot trespassers from Johnstown and they renamed the water Lake Conemaugh. They made the dam more suitable for their play and made the dam more dangerous for the people of Johnstown and they sailed their boats on Lake Conemaugh and in the valley beneath the people of Johnstown could see the amazing sight of sails on the mountain that they could get no closer to without being shot.

In the Spring of that year the rain came and it came on and came on and in the valley the streets of Johnstown became flooded and still the rain came. "On the water crept, and on, up one street and out
the other." Up the mountain at Lake Conemaugh the water began to run over the dam face which had been lowered by those from the west for their play and at 3:10 in the afternoon the dam "simply moved away" and 20,000,000 tons of water moved into the valley and the people of Johnstown who
had seen sailboats on the mountain now saw a "death mist" come before them and then the water and 2,200 of them died.

These came from the west, from Pittsburgh. They were Andrew Carnegie, the richest man in the world and Andrew Mellon, third richest in America and Henry Clay Fricke and Philander Knox and their families and friends. They never went back to Johnstown and left a slimy trail behind them. Their club and their lake gone they abandoned their multi-room, three-story "cottages" and simply moved away.