Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014.

Friday, December 19, 2014

"I said, "Louis, when was the last time you cleaned that lantern?"

"I cleant hit a little while back. You member when all dat flood-watter wash dem folks away up yonder? I cleant hit dat ve'y day. Old woman and me setting fore de fire dat night and she say 'Louis, whut you gwine do ef dat flood git out dis fur?' and I say 'Dat's a fack. I reckon I had better clean dat lantun up.' So I cleant hit dat night."

"That flood was way up in Pennsylvania," I said. "It couldn't even have got down this far."
                      -The Sound and the Fury, William Faulkner.

Christmas 2014.

The official Reading, Pennsylvania Christmas tree.

The Pennsylvania Paradox.

"What do the authors of Rolling Stone’s discredited story about rape allegations and the University of Virginia and New York magazine’s story about a high schooler with phantom millions in stock trades have in common?

Both the authors — Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Jessica Pressler — have spent time as staff writers at Philadelphia Magazine."*

It's even worse than that. Both Erdely and Pressler were educated in Pennsylvania, Erdely at Penn--where the Jerry Sandusky rapes happened according to Maureen Dowd--and Pressler at Temple University. It's even worse than that. Stephen Glass, The New Republic's writer of fiction masquerading as non-fiction also went to Penn and was a classmate of Ruby's. They both worked together at the school newspaper.


Alexei Navalny, the great Russian dissident and foe of Vladimir Putin, is facing a prosecutor's recommendation of 10 years in prison after being convicted of allegedly stealing $500,000. The charge has always been viewed widely as trumped up in order to silence Alexei. Oleg Navalny, Alexei's brother, is looking at 8 years.

Christmas 2014.

Ahh, little booger-head, so cute. Love chitlins.

Day, The.

Nothing on Russia. NOTHING.

For the third straight day four countries in double figures. Exciting, huh? Want me to write something on Russia instead?

Today (Thursday)

U.S. 45
France 22
South Korea 13
Slovenia 12

And one from the United Arab Emirates

Yesterday, The

U.S. 29
France 17
R...That place 17
Slovenia 14

And two from India.

That's it! That's it? Not much happenin' Thursday. But tomorrow...I'm gonna put it on the header now...Oh no, Wait! This is the last Friday before Christmas, right? What the hell date is today...Yes! Christmas is a week from now. Oh no, we're not dancing with the devil by the pale moonlight until Christmas is over. Gotta put some Christmasy stuff up there.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Russia, go away.

I spend too much time thinking about Russia. I have spent way more time thinking about China but China was interesting, I never thought...Well, that's not true, I did think a few times, "You think about China too much" but it never seemed, I don't know "wasted" time, I couldn't get enough of China, thought about it all the time, ("Everything you talk about somehow always comes back to China."-CCC), read everything I could read on it. China was interesting. With all the thinking and writing I've done on Russia in the last year do you know I have never read a damn book on Russia? Not one. Never thought of going there. I think and write about it because it's in the news. If it wasn't in the news I wouldn't think about it. Russia is just not interesting to me. I feel like I'm wasting my time. I wish Russia would go away. 


'There’s a risk sanctions will destabilise Russia too much. The objective was never to collapse the Russian economy,' says Denmark's foreign minister

Only in Russia.

Wow. Second image under "only in russia." So maybe so-russia or meanwhile in russia.

Is that photo-shopped? Is he really riding a bear...bare? I don't want to be the victim of a hoax here, I don't want Public Occurrences to be like Rolling Stone, we have standards! This should be a prestigious award, this "quintessence," "so-" award. If the Publocc fact-check staff verifies this as genuine though, we're going to put our full "weight" behind this as nominee in the photograph category.


Empathy deficit today. Definite lack of empathy there. Being disrespectful. Not respecting Russian "intellectual capabilities."

There's always tomorrow.
Wow, that's pretty good. First Google image under search keyword "so-russia." Didn't see anything good under "quintessence of Russia", people don't say "quintessence" anymore, they say "so." May have to change the name. What's another one, like "so-Russia"...Oh! "Only in Russia" may be a fecund field to plow. Let me check "Only in Russia."

I don't think we want to play with these guys anymore. This could be contagious. When you choose a "partner," who chooses a retard?

"Putin Says Russia Economy Can Be Cured, Offers No Remedy."-Reuters

I nominate that for Quintessence of Russia...I first propose that there be a Quintessence of Russia award and then I nominate that headline. We can have different categories like headlines, photographs, people, speeches. We could do this whole thing. 

A Meme Is Born.

It was the longest "shootout," a tie-breaking scheme, in National Hockey League history.

This is a crowd shot gif from that game last night. It has been on CBS, ESPN and other sports networks, it has been on over and over again all day. People are taking this gif and adding captions, e.g. U.S.-Cuba Normalize Relations "OH MY GOD!"

That handsome young man is my 25-year old son. The beautiful girl next to him is my 18-year old daughter and then there's an old ugly guy.

Purring like six cats.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hey I just heard a radio advertisement for "The Nutcracker Suite," I don't know if you've ever heard or seen it but it's sometimes performed this year so yeah.

"Russia Is So Screwed."-Slate.

Not helpful. Not empathetic. Not respectful. "Triumphal."

"Markets Rule, 'Russia is on its Knees': [Roger] Altman."-CNBC.

The situation did get Lavrov to change of Ukraine, however. "You cannot negotiate on your knees" as someone once said.

We are going to have to bail them out. The U.S., the IMF, the World Bank, all of the preceding, are not going to let the Russian economy completely go to shit. Again. Right?

All will ask for changes in the way Russia operates. International financial bodies will have their own technical change requirements. The political leaders of the West will have their own requirements for the lifting of sanctions. What? Giving back Crimea? Impossible. Leaving the remainder of Ukraine alone. That seems possible. Democracy or "real" democracy? Are We going to require that? Like in Iraq?

May the Russians negotiate? We give back Crimea, you undo NATO expansion, we promise not to invade former Soviet satellites. I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish. No, the West will not do that. You can't negotiate on your knees, anyway.

Is it likely this make Putin more heedless? "Wreck my economy, Fine! I'll show you. I'll invade Poland!" I say no. Not off Lavrov's comments.

Maybe We, the political We, should just let nature take its course. Que sera sera. Isn't that what I said at one time--many times-- "Farewell to Russia?" Yes, it is. But the sanctions aren't nature. We can decide we don't want to play with Russia anymore, we don't want to "partner" with them anymore, don't want to "integrate" them, don't want to trade with them, we want to "consciously uncouple"--all of that is fine, that would be saying "Farewell to Russia," but the sanctions are not 'natural," they are extraordinary. And they are limited both in scope and (intended) effect.

Russia is "screwed," is "on its knees" more from the collapse of oil prices than the sanctions but there is no doubt that the sanctions have hurt and have worked synergistically with the fall of oil.

Is Russia's present economic state the intended effect of the sanctions? I don't think so. But no Western political leader has said maybe we should back off now that things are so bad. In one case, some German guy, more and more "bitter"sanctions are to come. So I guess a Russian financial collapse, if not intended, is okay with everybody. So I guess I'm wrong. We are going to have to bail them out, though.

U.S-Cuba To Restore Diplomatic Relations: Tea Baggers Go Nuts.

Ambassadors, embassies, the whole enchilada. After 50 years. The U.S. embargo remains in effect however.  This follows 18 months of secret negotiations between the Obamas and the Castros. You remember Obama at Nelson Mandela's funeral? He bounded up some stairs to greet Dilma Rousseff of Brazil, who looked none too pleased that the was coming, but seated next to her was Raul Castro, who did looked pleased, smiled. Obama shook hands with him first and then shook with or bussed, I forget now, Rousseff.

Oh, I cannot find the picture that I have in my mind. 

Race in America.

Very painful, and educational, for me to read these excerpts of a People magazine interview of President and Mrs. Obama:

"Barack Obama was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of troubles catching cabs," Michelle Obama told the magazine.

On one occasion, she said, her husband “was wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie dinner, and somebody asked him to get coffee.”

President Obama said he's even been mistakenly treated as a valet.

“There’s no black male my age, who’s a professional, who hasn’t come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car and somebody didn’t hand them their car keys," he said, according to excerpts of the interview released today.

"Even as the first lady," she told the magazine, "during the wonderfully publicized trip I took to Target, not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf."


From the Washington Post:

The sharp interest rate hike — from 10.5 percent to 17 percent — promised to throw Russia’s economy into a deep recession next year, and it was a sign that Russian policymakers feel they have few options left to fight the crisis.
On Tuesday, top economic officials said, in effect, that Russians would simply have to get used to worsened living standards.
Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said poverty would “inevitably rise” because of inflation.
Russia’s economy was already in trouble before the March annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and subsequent support for pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine. Those decisions sparkedWestern sanctions and the worst tensions between Russia and the West since the Cold War. The unpredictable environment has spooked investors, which the Central Bank predicts will pull$128 billion from Russia this year.
The rapidly souring economic conditions may spur Russia to be more conciliatory on Ukraine. On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reversed a call for Kiev to cede more power to Ukraine’s regions, a basic Russian demand since pro-Moscow Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was toppled in February.
Secretary of State John F. Kerry praised the Russian moves on Tuesday, raising the prospect of an easing of sanctions. “There are signs of constructive ­choices,” Kerry told reporters in London, referring to the cease-fire.
“In the last couple of days, oil has stayed completely stable and yet Russia had a total panic,” said Sergei Guriev, an economist at the Sorbonne in Paris. “This panic is triggered by the realization that the Russian government has no idea what to do.”

The Greatest American.

We should be like him.


And no gloating! No "triumphalism!"  We get a do-over. We have to help the Russian people because it's the right thing to do. We cannot let their economy collapse. We have to do righteous and not be righteous.

I don't think we can do that.


You know the irony of this? The bitter irony? We're going to have to bail Russia out.



More on this awful report from Bloomberg:

“We couldn’t imagine what’s happening in our worst nightmare even a year ago,” Shvetsov, who oversees financial markets at the central bank, said yesterday. He said the bank’s surprise interest-rate increase in the middle of the night, a 6.5 percentage-point move that failed to stem the run on the ruble yesterday, was a choice between a “very bad” option and and a “very, very bad” option.
The ruble sank beyond 80 per dollar, a record low, as panic swept across Moscow’s financial markets...

Fairwell to Russia?

After the single worst day inRussia’s nine-month-old financial crisis, the fallout is spreading across global markets.
Pacific Investment Management Co. (PEBIX) is facing mounting losses on its Russian bond holdings; almost every bullish ruble option contract registered in the U.S. has been made worthless; and foreign-exchange brokers in New York and London told clients they’re no longer taking ruble trades. Sergey Shvetsov, a first deputy central bank governor, expressed astonishment at the scope of the collapse during a business conference in Moscow.-Bloomberg
Ethiopia? Ethiopia. Dos. Two from Ethiopia today. WELCOME ETHIOPIANS! How Haile Selassie? How Halle Berry?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thank you, Ben, for your quick consolation. I so need it in pain...

[name of friend withheld]

In Memory of My Dearest Cat [name of cat withheld]
                            (Dec. 15, 2014)

                            My Dearest [cat]  is suddenly gone,
                          Such a trauma drags me done,
                          To my Heavenly Father I murmur:
                          Whats the point of my life going on?
The great sorrow makes me cry,
                          Why dont I wish to quickly die?
                          Longing to join [cat] in Heaven,
                          I pray kneeling to the Most High.  

Years later I was reminiscing with my brothers after my father's funeral and I mentioned that incident and asked if they knew what it was about. My father owned the newspaper in town, had gone to a High School football game and had seen a man carrying one of those cardboard holders with two or three cups of hot chocolate in it. The cop came up and began pushing the man and the hot chocolate spilled. My father wrote about it in his newspaper. 
The police car stopped in front of the house and two policemen got out. "Bang! you're dead." "Bang, you're dead," one of them returned.

In the back yard one of them said to Dad, "I just pushed him like that," and he pushed Dad who stumbled against the house. I was up on the hill. "I just went like that," and Dad stumbled back, bracing himself with both hands against the side of the house. "I just went like that"...I was up the hill watching and Mum was at the second floor window watching. The other one never said anything.

Afterwards, the one who kept pushing Dad was no longer a cop. He opened up a newsstand.
The Taliban killed 141 kids at a school in Pakistan. Over 100 more, mostly children were wounded.


I read recently that the Russian people soured on democracy because after the fall of the Soviet Union there was chaos in Russia. Silly Russians, I thought. Of course there is going to be chaos in a transition from dictatorship to democracy, from communism to capitalism. Silly Russians, they didn't give it a chance.

Last night I was researching what the definition of an economic recession was, found that, and then what a depression was. Russia is going to be in recession in 2015 there is no doubt about that, I was wondering if Russia could be facing a depression. Do you know that there is no agreed upon definition of what an economic depression is? It's like a four-letter word, I read. It's just not said. I thought that weird. "An extreme recession," was one definition. Thank you very not much. I remember the figure, a 10% decline in GDP, I don't remember if that was a component that the concepts of a definition of depression had in common or if that was just one component of one definition. That's a lot though! A 10% decline in GDP, whoa.

Then I read this from Wikipedia:

Regional depressions between 1973 and 2002

The economic crisis in the 1990s that struck former members of the Soviet Union was almost twice as intense as the Great Depression in the countries of Western Europe and the United States in the 1930s.[16][17][18]

TWICE as intense as the Great Depression. Holy molio. Had no idea.

Average standards of living registered a catastrophic fall in the early 1990s in many parts of the former Eastern Bloc - most notably, in post-Soviet states.[19] Even before Russia's financial crisis of 1998, Russia's GDP was half of what it had been in the early 1990s.[18] Some populations are still poorer today than they were in 1989 (e.g. Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Central Asia, Caucasus).[citation needed] 

"Catastrophic" is a pretty dirty word too. A catastrophic fall in the standard of living. Ukraine poorer today than in 1989!

The collapse of the Soviet planned economy and the transition to market economy resulted in catastrophic declines in GDP of about 45% during the 1990–1996 period[20] and poverty in the region had increased more than tenfold.[21]

There's that word again. A 45% fall in GDP, poverty 10 times what it was under the Soviets. So, comparatively the "Soviet planned economy" did phenomenally well. No wonder the Russian people long for the "good old days."

"The collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century."
                              -Vladimir Putin, Address to the Federal Assembly, April 25, 2005.

No, it was not. It was not a geopolitical catastrophe at all for any nation other than Russia, who let their empire, a geopolitical entity, go. It was not the greatest economic catastrophe of the 20th century
either, the Great Depression was, and was worldwide. But for Russians, to whom this speech was given, yes...Well, I, a non-Russian would argue that the October Revolution, which birthed the Soviet Union, was the greatest geopolitical--and economic and humanitarian--catastrophe in 20th century
Russia and in Russian history but Putin and the Russian people would disagree. If we rephrase Putin to read "The collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century for the Russian people," I feel 'em. Can't blame 'em for feeling that way at all.

Karl Brown, that's the name. Karl Brown... Carl Brown, okay...Wow, 1982...Yeah, that sounds about right. Carl Robert Brown. Yep, that's him. I remember the picture.

The Day.

The day has ended for Google stats and a first, first I can remember anyway, first time there have been four countries in double figures:

Russia 28
U.S. 24
Slovenia 15
Ukraine 15

And Georgia was 10th, only one, but all in all lotta Caucasians today.

U.S.: The price of a barrel of oil closed below $56 today, from a high of $107 in July, frigging July, hell even I can remember as far back as July. The price of gasoline at American service stations bas fallen for 81 consecutive days. Russia: Russia is hurtin' fer certain. Oil is their biggest export and on top of this $50/barrel fall they of course have Western sanctions on top of it. Man, BAD timing to decide to invade Ukraine, hooo-doggie. The Ruble continues to fall and today the Russian central bank raised its "key interest rate" from 10.5% to 17% :o  Know what the equivalent interest rate is in ''Murica? This here:

Hurtin' fer certain the Rooskis are, hurtin' fer certain.

The most-read post today was "Women don't lie about rape."*

The only search keyword was "public occurrences," 2.

*Which has been updated.

Monday, December 15, 2014

"F. Scott Fitzgerald['s]...immortality rests secure upon his literary masterpiece, The Great Gatsby...But for the author's soul we must look elsewhere--in his own favorite among his novels...:Tender Is the Night." (emphasis in original)
-Charles Scribner III.

Jackie's Stories.

Jackie had said that the orchestrator--And director, he gave instructions to the others on what to do to "it" as he referred to Jackie-- of the gang rape was a junior Chemistry major who she had a date with on September 28, 2012. This guy...does not exist:

"A name Jackie provided to the three friends of the student she was going to date did not match anyone at U-Va., and a photograph of the student the friends saw was actually of a man who was Jackie’s high school classmate and attended a different school in a different state. That man, reached by The Post, confirmed that the photos were of him but said he barely knew Jackie and had not been to Charlottesville in at least six years."



"Women Don't Lie About Rape."

-Tawana Brawley, enabled by Al Sharpton, et al; gang rape allegation,1977-78, CONTRA.

-Crystal Gayle Mangnum (now serving a 14-17 year sentence for MURDER), enabled by D.A. Michael Nilfong (disbarred); gang rape accusation, Duke Lacrosse Team, 2006 CONTRA.

-Jackie, University of Virginia, enabled by Sabrina Rubin Erdely, fraternity gang rape allegation, 2014, CONTRA.*

UPDATED: Changed from "contra?" December 16, 2014, 12:16 am UTC. Something happened to Jackie on September 28, 2012, it may have been rape or may have been something completely unrelated but what did NOT happen to Jackie on September 28, 2012 was a gang rape.

Jackie's Story.

Don't know what to call this anymore. I had it as "University of Virginia Thing" but the focus should be on Jackie: what, if anything, happened to her on September 28, 2012 and what she did and did not tell people about "it."
There has been more reporting on Sabrina Rubin Erdely's Rolling Stone article. Associated Press and Washington Post, good journalists. These guys (which includes women) are so fucking pissed. They're pissed at Ruby and the Stones, that story took another pummeling today, because they think it reflects poorly on pencils everywhere. That is understandable of course but really, no one out there thinks Ruby is everywhere in the Post newsroom and no one thinks Rolling Stone is as reputable as the Washington Post or Associated Press. 
Ruby and the Stones is not the story. This is--see title. In a previous post I wrote that I didn't know how quite to parcel the blame between Ruby and Jackie, that it was not precisely clear what, if anything Ruby MADE UP and what exactly Jackie had said. I did not think, for example, that Ruby had just MADE UP what Jackie's two or three friends, witnesses to the immediate aftermath, had seen, believed, and said. What bothered me in parceling blame was the consistent accounts that the good guys got that SOMETHING had happened to Jackie. In fact, today the good guys reported that Ruby HAD MADE UP what the friend-witnesses had said. Bad Ruby. Bad, bad, Ruby. "Execrable" journalism as one of the Post pencils wrote today. 
BUT NOT WHAT THE FRIENDS BELIEVED, Ruby had not made that up, they still believe something bad had happened to Jackie that night. Here's the AP account:
As described by Duffin to the AP, this is what happened: He had returned home from a party when he got a call from Jackie. He left to meet her and she was sitting on the top of a picnic table outside U.Va.’s Tuttle-Dunnington dorm. She was shaking and “it looked like she had been crying,” Duffin said. “Her lip was quivering, her eyes were darting around. And right then, I put two and two together. I knew she had been on this date and people don’t usually look like that after a date.”
Jackie eventually told Duffin her version of what she said had happened that night: that she was gang raped at a frat house.
In another report today this witness or one of the others said that if Jackie was "acting" that night, had made the whole thing up, then they should just give her an Oscar right now. One of them said Jackie wasn't the same for the rest of the semester.

All of that is consistent with Jackie being raped, it is consistent with something bad happening to Jackie, rape being a REALLY bad thing and it is consistent with all manner of lesser bad things or consistent, though implausible, with award-winning acting AND it is consistent with Jackie having a psychological or social disorder but it is NOT consistent with a normal first date. OR, I don't know what-all but this belief remains and that still bothers me. That's the story but Jackie isn't talking now.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Search keyword:

-suporter manchester united wanita...


Whatever. As they say in English soccer, the score line may "flatter" but the Chevies won another today 3-nil (that really is flattering) over the Livers, they are now third in the league and have won something like seven in a row, pleasing all CUM suporters and truly flattering manager Louis van Gaal. Superb job by van Gaal off a very shaky start this season and David Moyes' abortion last year. Not so Brendan Rodgers. As they also say, or sing rather, in England when a manager is in trouble, "You're getting sacked in the morning" and they did sing that at Old Trafford today and Rodgers is not jolly and may be sacked 'for long.

The Angels won yesterday in a desultory match that flattered no one, beating last place Lester 1-0. But Chelsea won also and picked up a goal difference point, 2-0. They are 3 points and four goals up on CITY4EVER!
Oh, here we go, you're going to make fun of me now, I was "syrupy" Look: You can't be syrupy in 19 words, okay? Syrup takes time. That was not syrupy you make me sick. 

I was "insincere" No! See, that's where you're wrong I thought it was "funny"...Well, okay, yeah, you got me there, I did think, I found a little hu...Alright, I was a little insincere No, no I wasn't...Yes, I was a little bit. I had to respond! She's my FRIEND, okay. To not respond would have been insulting. Yeah, but in posting her letter I revealed I wasn't empathetic. I did find a little humor in her letter. It was not empathetic, I admit, I don't "feel" her so I couldn't empathize and that's what made it a little insincere. I found a lite humor in her pain. Oh God. Okay fine, let's do it.
Empathy, empathy. Okay FINE!

Dear [name omitted],

I am so sorry for your loss. Please do not think of dying, think of living.


Letter from China. "a great trauma." END

[name omitted], in tears

Letter from China. "a great trauma." XII

"Learning of the sad event, [evil-one-who-forced-her-to-give-up-cat's name omitted] also regrets deeply: he should not have deserted the two little cats I brought up from their very young days (probably only one-week old)

Dear [name omitted], how I could relieve of that great trauma quickly? At home or on the street, I can't help calling ["cat spirit's name" omitted, "cat spirit's name" omitted], speaking to the lovely poor thing, sobbing bitterly...I have prayed to God for a quick relief several times but it has not yet worked. I know it takes time for a very emotional person like me to forget about the pain, to get over the great trauma."

Letter from China. "a great trauma." XI

"Wait for me, my baby, I am to join you soon. Please forgive me that I failed to bring you home in time. I will stay with you forever after I die whether you are in paradise or not...Do wait for me, do please!! I miss you so much that I wish to die quickly to meet you..."

Letter from China. "a great trauma." X

"I believed her for I had never failed to meet my [cat's name omitted] ever since I found it on Nov.8th. It waited for me on time even when I was an hour late on Dec.the first.

On the early morning of Dec.12th, I still walked there speaking tearfully to [cat's name omitted] spirit: ["cat spirit's name" omitted, "cat spirit's name" omitted], Mimi, your mother is coming to see you go up to Heaven."

Letter from China. "a great trauma." IX

"She said since I had failed to find my cat for five days, the body must be my cat....At this, I burst into tears..."

Letter from China. "a great trauma." VIII

"From Dec.7th till 11th I failed to find it. On the afternoon of 11th, when I called the third person I tried that day, she told me that someone had seen a small white cat dead bitten by a large dog."

Letter from China. "a great trauma." VII

"If I had taken the cat cage I have at home, I would have succeeded. What a pity! The next early morning,Dec.the 6th, on the way to meet my cat, I was wondering if it would still wait for me since the day before the poor thing may have got frightend by,firstly, the jumping down from the building and, secondly, by my attempt to put it into the bag. To my delight, [cat] immediately answered my "Mimi,Mimi" and I led it to the usual place. After the lovely thing enjoyed the food, as usual,I did a massage for it, held it tightly, kissing...

Who knows that was the last day, Dec.6th, when I stayed with my dearedst [cat's name omitted]."

Letter from China. "a great trauma." VI

"At this, [young man /stranger's name omitted] told me to pull the food container bit by bit towards me and [the cat] was now totally out,eating.Then I quickly held it up before it finished the food. While putting the cat inside the bag [young man/stranger] was carrying (I took it there for getting my cat back home) [cat] struggled and managed to escape."

Letter from China. "a great trauma." V

"Seeing the stranger [stranger's name omitted], [cat's name omitted] was thus frightened into jumping down. First, it quickly hid itself under a car, then got inside the down place under an iron gate on the opposite of the street. I immediately pushed the food container into the place and found [the cat] coming to the food and eating. I was so happy!"

Letter from China. "a great trauma." IV

"Now it could see and hear me but dared not jump down for my food. Both of us, [cat's name omitted] and me, had been so worried, anxious, my mouth totally dry...In the dark I did not know how to get into the building. Then, on Dec.5th,I asked a young man [young man's name omitted] who is working near the building for help. He climbed over an iron gate (I tried but failed)..."

Letter from China. "a great trauma." III.

"The next two mornings I found [cat's name omitted] on the roof of the building and heard it sounding 'mu,mu,mu,mu'."

Letter from China. "a great trauma." II.

"[name omitted] forced me to join him in deserting our two one-year-and-three-month old cats in a park nearby for them having been too naughty for him to bear them any longer and that I had walked there to look for them for over twenty days, but in vain.

However, on Nov. 8th morning, I got a call from a man who has been feeding the homeless cats in the park for many years. He said that one of our two cats was probably found, I got there the very evening with food it liked and was happy to see that it was really mine---[cat's name omitted]!... From that day on (Nov.8th), I walked there every early morning(in the 5th or 6th hour) to feed the lovely thing with chicken chest meet and canned fish mixed with hard cat food it enjoyed. But from Dec.7th till 11th, I failed to find it, my heart broken..."

Letter from China. I

Sent to me, and others, subject heading "a great trauma":

"Hi, dear [name omitted],my sister in Christ,

Do you know if animals,particularly Christians' pets could go up to Heaven after they die? If Yes, I wonder whether we can see them there."

This is Public Occurrences.

This really is Public Occurrences:

bian zhongyun
song binbin

The two and the only two search keywords directing viewers hither today.


The three countries in double digits today. The U.S. and Russia also are the top two since 2009 so they are Public Occurrences. France is in the Top Ten, sixth, so yeah, playing a little above average today but yeah, France is Publocc. 



Earlier in the week:

"In Beijing: Freedoms," that may have been the first China thing ever written here, June 19, 2006, that is soo Public Occurrences.

"Evening Walk," True Story!, absolutely true story, knew the man, family, Sept.16, 2009, I know I wrote that in the early days, might have seen it in my Drafts folder and posted in 2009 but that was written early.

"Art Piece. Draft Two. Part Two," Sept. 27, 2005...It's there, remember writing drafts, don't remember posting them though on accounta then they wouldn't be "drafts" but yeah it's there so it's Public Occurrences. 'Spose there's a One there...also, both a Draft and a Part. 'Spose. Don't know. 'Spose.

Anyway, this is Public Occurrences, not the Nepal part though. Guy got lost or something.