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"Lawmakers Unveil Secretly Negotiated Deal To Fast-Track Free Trade."-Huffington Post

That headline, or ones similar, exploded in the news last night while I was having fun with Gypsies and the Ayatollah. "Secret" or "surprise" or the equivalent, were the emphasis and when I first saw the first headline I trained on "secret" and "deal" and immediately thought "Iran." There was some new revelation about the nuclear negotiations. When "trade" registered, I felt a little disgusted, First the Iran negotiations are all confused, all behind closed doors, "secret," is there a deal or not? It too is being "fast-tracked" and now this trade deal, it really blindsided Congress, Democrats and Republicans, they were off-put, some were pissed. So that's two big, important negotiations, back-to-back: "Is this how Obama is going to do things for the remaining year and three-quarters?" I don't like it. It's sneaky. This is the public's business and we ought at least to have our representatives not blindsided; they ought to be given time to study these things before voting. They shouldn't be rushed. This is deliberate on the Obamas part, undoubtedly because they view Congress as obstructionist. On Iran and, God knows, on everything else, the ACA, immigration, the government shut-down, Holder's replacement at Justice, the Congress has reflexively opposed Obama. But that was the Republicans; it is the Democrats, the president's natural allies, who he has sandbagged here on trade. He kept what he knew about NSA secret from our allies whose phones he was tapping. The Cuba opening was sprung on lawmakers and the country. Serious people on serious matters of public importance don't like surprises sprung on them, don't like secrets. Nobody likes to be tricked. President Obama and his team have had to resort to secrets and surprises and trickery because he does not get along well with anybody. These things are not going to help him get along with anybody. You have to get along with somebody. You can't fight everybody.

Last year, Vladimir Putin took a call in his yearly citizen call-in. Relations with the U.S. were at their nadir and a caller asked Putin, "If you were drowning would Obama try to save your life?" It was a cute, sweet, question, typical of what a common person would ask. What do you think Putin's answer was? A joke and a dodge, right? Putin said with deadly seriousness, "President Obama is a good and a courageous man. Of course he would save my life." That was a response of transcendent generosity of spirit, it was truly remarkable. It gave me chills.

Now, I ask you. If Barack Obama somehow, God forbid, spontaneously combusted in the Rose Garden, how many senators and congressman would so much as leave their offices to go piss on the president to put the fire out? (Unlikely scenario, I concede, but its extremity is the point of emphasis.)  "Well, I would have, I just didn't have to pee at that particular moment in time."  "Fuck him, get me some marshmallows and hotdogs and we'll make the best of it." There is a dearth of affection and an absence of a willingness to go the extra mile or the extra bladder emptying for Barack Obama. There are some who hate Obama, few who love him, more who really don't know the guy and after 5 1/2 years they've given up on having a relationship with him. That is the greatest surprise of all in the Obama presidency.

I am Benjamin Harris and this is Public Occurrrnces.

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"The Visit of the Gypsies." c1490

Yep, lotta detail. Well looky there! A little Duke of Little Egypt helping hisself to the gadje's purse! Gotta watch them little devils!

That will get yer ass beat. That will getcha a bad rep. It did both.

"The Visit of the Gypsies." c1490

Lotta detail there. 

"The Visit of the Gypsies." c1490

Also known as "The Visit of the Egyptians" and "The Fortune Teller," a wool and silk tapestry probably from Tournai, Belgium, depicting early contact between the Romani and European gadje. Now in the Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester New Hampshire. Very nice.
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Oh sorry was that your head

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US govt has entrusted its economic power & national status to Zionist capitalists’ network & it's them who decide for the US.11/27/14 ‏@khamenei_ir
If US officials act agnst Zionists' wishes,they threaten to make them resign or create scandal for them.That’s why they’re Zionists’ yes-men

Benjamin Harris @Publocc
Do you like Jews yes or no
Today US police is fighting w ppl. In #Ferguson, Missouri & elsewhere US govt has entered into a war against its own ppl. #ShutDownA14
5:58 AM - 15 Apr 2015
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Re Ferguson hadn't heard, thanks. When do you get mail delivered also who is your English teacher. Let's be friends.

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are all muslims genocidal be honest.
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan @RT_Erdogan

"Italian police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard.-CNN

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Do you have any thermonuclear weapons be honest.
Pope Francis
Pope Francis

"Italian police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard.-CNN

Rome (CNN)Muslims who were among migrants trying to get from Libya to Italy in a boat this week threw 12 fellow passengers overboard -- killing them -- because the 12 were Christians, Italian police said Thursday. 
Italian authorities have arrested 15 people on suspicion of murdering the Christians at sea, police in Palermo, Sicily, said.

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"The Great Trick."

1417 is the most important year in the history of the Romani people. Their behavior dramatically changed. They had moved along well-travelled routes to and from the Holy Land, the routes of pilgrims. They had always been close observers, necessary to adaptation and survival, and they noticed the special treatment that Christian pilgrims received but their course came to them in a flash in 1417:

It was as if some unsung genius...had realized the potential advantages to be drawn from the religious environment of the time and had devised a strategy for exploiting it and enhancing prospects for survival.
Virtually nothing...has prepared us for what did happen in 1417 and the immediately following years. In the Romani of the Gypsies of Spain, the expression o xonxano baro, "the great trick', refers to a certain method of relieving some gullible dupe of a large sum of money. In the entire chronicle of Gypsey history, the greatest trick of all was the one played on western Europe in the early fifteenth century.
-The Gypsies, Angus Fraser (62).

The Gypsies became Christian pilgrims.
I have never read an academic book that I have notated in the margins "Ha-ha!," "lol," "omg!" as I have this one. We, especially I, can get a kick out of the "lovable rogue" and I have! However, the rogue is lovable only at the distance of observer. The Duke and the Dauphin were tarred, feathered and ridden out of town on a rail in Huckleberry Finn. To the people and especially to the authorities of Europe, once they realized they had been had by the Romani, it was no laughing matter. Nor was it to be to the Romani. Law enforcement began, which led to persecution, enslavement, the Holocaust. Romani reputation suffers to this day in Europe. All of it because of the change in Romani behavior that came with the Great Trick of 1417.

What an amazing story. 

Of Dukes and Dauphins.

"Gentlemen," says the young man, very solemn, "I will reveal it to you, for I may have confidence in you. By rights I am a duke!"
"I am the rightful Duke of Bridgewater; and here I am, forlorn, torn from my high estate, hunted of men, despised by the cold world, ragged, worn, heart-broken, and degraded..."
Jim pitied him ever so much, and so did I. We tried to comfort him but he said it warn't much use...said if we was a mind to acknowledge him...said we ought to bow...and say "Your Grace," or "My Lord"...and one of us ought to wait on him at dinner, and do any little thing for him he wanted done.

...All through dinner Jim stood around and waited on him, and says, "Will yo' Grace have some o' dis, or some o' dat?"...

But the old man got pretty silent...and didn't look pretty comfortable over all that petting that was going on around the duke...

"Looky here, ain't the only person that's had troubles like that."
"Bilgewater, I am the late Dauphin!"
"Yes, gentlemen, you see before you, in blue jeans and misery, the wanderin', exiled, trampled-on and sufferin' rightful King of France"...So we set in, like we done before with the duke...always called him "Your Majesty," and waited on him first at meals...
It didn't take me long to make up my mind that these liars warn't no kings nor dukes, at all, but just low-down humbugs and frauds. But I never said nothing...
If I never learnt nothing else from pap, I learnt that the best way to get along with his kind of people is to let them have their own way.

-The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain (1884).

"A strange wandering horde of people...came out of eastern lands...They...have chieftains among them, that is a Duke and a Count..."
-Chronica novella, Hermann Cornerus (1435), quoted in The Gypsies, Angus Fraser (1992).
Two days later [August 24, 1419] "Andrew, Duke of Little Egypt," with 120 or more followers, arrived at St. Laurent, [France]
Theee months go by, and then we meet a Duke Andrew and a company of Gypsies once more, in the Low Countries.
...[I]n January 1420 the civic accounts of Brussels show that the band led by "the Duke of Little Egypt, names Andries" relieved the burghers of a quantity of beer and wine, bread, a cow, four sheep and 25 gold coins. Then, in March 1420, the accounts of Deventer record a "the Lord Andreas, Duke of Little Egypt...25 florins in cash, together with bread, beer, herrings and straw; the town also bore the cost of cleaning out the barn in which they slept, and of conducting them eastwards to Goor.
...a duke and a count leading a company of "Egyptians" appeared at Bruges in Flanders in September 1421...On 30 September 1421 [at] Tournai..."Sir Miguel, prince of Latinghem in Egypt" was presented with 12 gold coins, bread and a barrel of beer...
Duke Michael...
Duke Andrea...
a lord from Little Egypt named Count Jehan...
Count Nicolao...
Count Jacobo
Duke Paulo
Count Tomas of Little Egypt...
"that thievish race of men, the dregs and bilge-water...under their king Zindelo..." (emphasis added) Bavarian Chronicle, Aventus (1522)-Fraser.
"noble prince messire Thomas, comte de Gipte la Minor"...
Count Barthelemy...
Duke of the nation of Bohemia...
Count Jean-Baptiste Rolland of Little Egypt...
Colmar [France] 1450...granted Count Philip a safe-conduct certifying that he and his company had comported themselves in a worthy and Christian manner. 

The Duke and the Dauphin.

I would have bet a lot of money that even a cursory computer search with keywords "Mark Twain Gypsy influence" would have yielded thousands of results. I would have lost a lot of money. 

Private Occurrences

No subject since the Cultural Revolution has grabbed me as has the Romani people. Maybe the Tall Man. The Romani will tide me over until the next 50 biographies come out next week. I'd like to read more accounts of Chase and the pumpkins. There is just not that much on the Romani to grab. The CR literature is voluminous, the Civil War literature endless; by contrast, "there's more published information available on the Martians than on the Gypsies." (Voice Literary Review) It began a couple of Friday nights ago, maybe 15 minutes of one of Carmen's TV shows on Gypsies in Kentucky, USA. 


Initial 22,000 sq mi search area will be expanded another 22,000 if plane not found by May. 
Cockle doodle-doo!
The United States military says it was unaware that an aircraft had flown into restricted airspace over Washington, D.C., Wednesday and was only alerted of its presence after it landed.
The United States Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the military organizations responsible for protecting the capital region airspace, say they never saw it. “There was no NORAD involvement,” said spokesman Michael Kucharek. He deferred questions about who may have detected it first to the U.S. Capitol Police and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
-ABC News.

Secret Service Drinking Again.

"About a year ago, [Hughes' friend Mike] Shanahan said, Hughes told him of the idea to deliver letters to legislators by gyrocopter. Not long after, they were both questioned by a Secret Service official in Florida, he said. Wednesday morning, Shanahan said, Hughes called his friend and said he was in Washington, ready to take off.
So, he said, he pulled out the phone number he had saved from the Secret Service agent he spoke to months ago. He dialed. No answer, but he said he left a message. No call back.
"About 1 a.m. one night last spring, a Secret Service agent accompanied by a Hillsborough County sheriff's deputy rang Doug Hughes' doorbell. Ding-dong Lights went on not inside S.S. head inside his spare little house in Ruskin. The plainclothes agent showed his badge. Hughes stepped outside and closed the door behind him.

The agent asked him questions Hi Doug, got any hootch? Where the girls? about his plan to save America, he said, and Hughes was honest in his replies, if not totally forthcoming with details. Yes, they were drunk. Yes, he did own a gyrocopter. Yes, he keeps it in a hangar at the small airport in Wauchula. Yes, he had talked of doing something big to bring attention to the issue of campaign finance reform. No, he was not planning to crash into any buildings or monuments in Washington, D.C."

"Someone inside his circle of secrecy had reported him, telling the Secret Service that Hughes was talking about committing a daring act of civil disobedience that also happened to be a federal crime. What's that? I only have 1,326 days to go till retirement if my liver holds out.

The Secret Service won't confirm the agent's visit because he was drunk and had to get back to the hookers there was no arrest. But Hughes says he was questioned for about 45 minutes, and he has an agent's business card. Two days later, Hughes said, the same drunk agent showed up at the POST OFFICE where Hughes works and asked more questions . He also talked to one of Hughes' colleagues with whom he had discussed his plan. The colleague told the Tampa Bay Times that he, too, answered questions. Hughes even gave the agent permission to talk to his doctor, to assure him he wasn't suicidal or homicidal.

And then, for months, nothing. That was it, Hughes said. No other questions. No other contact. So Hughes, who sees himself as a sort of showman patriot, a mix of Paul Revere and P.T. Barnum, put his plan into action."


"UPDATE 1:15 p.m.: The Tampa Bay Times called the U.S. Secret Service in Washington D.C. to see if they were aware of Hughes' plans. Public information officers there said they had not heard of the protest. They referred a reporter to Capitol Police. A public information officer did not immediately answer. A sergeant in the watch commander's office said: "He hasn't notified anybody. We have no information."

Friends and enemies, it seems from this video that "Doug" "Hughes," Florida postal worker (dual diagnosis there), gave EVERYBODY fair notice of his intent, he speaks here in the future tense. "I'm going to violate the no-fly zone." Look how slickly this vid is produced, it's not homemade, it has the imprint of the Tampa Bay Times, which sounds like a "newspaper," like they interviewed him like newspapers sometimes do. And I read earlier that he flew this thing all the way from F------.* So, I have a question: why were the Republican Guards caught so unaware? Why (two questions) didn't someone stop him?

*UPDATED: No. He didn't fly it all the way from F.  He flew it from somewhere close to D.C., one report says from Gettysburg, Pa. April 16, 12:49 am, GMT.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

There are four candidates for president of the colonies in 2016 with ties to the Banana Republic of Florida: Jeb Bush, an Hispanic former governor, Marco Rubio, an Hispanic current senator..and the other two are, I think, Mike Huckabee, who lives there now, I believe, and that guy Ben Carson I think his name is. There are four anyway, that is a fact,--five, if that was Gyro's announcement of candidacy--from the "Sunshine State."

I should like to renew my offer--and that of many other American subjects, btw--to the former constituent members of the Confederate States of America, that they re-secede from the USA with the promise that this time we will not stop them.

When in the Course of human events.

A citizen of the American Republic with the Floridian disability flew his "gyrocopter" all the way from that insane asylum* onto the lawn of the American Republic's Capitol today, to the astonishment of tourists, one of whom, a subject of Her Majesty's Crown, from which the American Republic should never have declared independence, can be heard instantly mastering the case thusly and I quote,

"This is not good, people! Oh Jesus Christ."

Britannia rules, America drools.


*UPDATED: He flew it from somewhere nearby D.C.
Hi. Bahram Gur, aka Bahram V,  was monarch of Persia from 420-438 AD. He decreed that his subjects should work only half a day; the other half of the day, he decreed, should be spent eating, drinking and listening to music. Like him.
Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran said yesterday in a speech that Iran wants all, not just nuclear-related, sanctions lifted immediately upon signing any agreement with the P5+1. That is what Ayatollah Khomeini and Minister of Foreign Affairs Zarif have said consistently since the Lausanne talks adjourned. The P5+1 have said consistently that sanctions will be removed in stages.
The headlines are encouraging: Obama "concedes," Obama "yields," a "setback." Congress will have a role in approving any outcome of the Iran negotiations. The fine print in the New York Times at least is discouraging. All the White House has to do is find 34 senators to approve any outcome and  Senate rejection can be vetoed. It will be "extremely difficult" according to the Times for Obama to lose. So Iran gets the bomb in 10-15 years even if it ticks every box of "Parameters" and scupuously follows them. That is depressing indeed. 
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Undersigned has reason to believe everything copasetic with Recep now. :) Called him on hotline told him he should apologize re threat to kill

you chop body in little pieces. Gave him pieces of MY mind ;) lol. Is scared now told me tell you sorry cant say

FUCKING twitter--SOWWY :( Can't apologize publicly re proud turkey lol said "lets be friends" lol youre welcome.

Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex
Benjamin Harris @ Publocc

Your most serene excellency ayatollah erdogan, mazeltov. How are you i am fine. Anyway, I am an internationally famous scholar of World Affairs and am particularly tight

Sorry swine twitter rules am very close to pope francis call him frank sometimes. Anyway, pope very sad, crying yada yada, g-word thing. 

Goddamn it used to writing books sorry pope upset, very sorry, wants apologize but cant, proud: Argie (snore). Spoke to him tonight. Very sorry says

Didn't mean it says not BAD gen wants B friends told me his bff tell you K? We go blue mosque friday 3 of us?

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ‏@RT_Erdogan
Benjamin Harris @ Publocc Hi. Friend of Turkish guy. Was this bad genocide need to know ASAP! *Idea* ;)

Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex

Abraham Lincoln Shot.

One hundred fifty years ago today at 10:13 pm Washington time.

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Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex Jan 15

If someone says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch. It's normal. It’s normal. You cannot provoke.

Pope Francis

Recep Tayyip Erdogam

Whenever religious functionaries assume the duties of historians, then delirium comes out, not fact. Hereby, I want to warn the pope to not repeat this mistake and condemn him.

Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex
Turkey committed genocide! Turkey committed genocide! Nah-nah nah boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo!

Recep Tayyip Erdogam

How many divisions do you have pope.
Apr 14 ‏@khamenei_ir
I issue fatwa. Wrestler sons of #Iran use step over toe hold &break neck of Zionist-loving swine Thomas Cotton bring #honor to our noble nation.

Embedded image ‏@khamenei_ir                                                      April 14
This Thomas Cotton is a penis.

"Obama Administration Not Swaying US Lawmakers on Iran Deal."-Voice of America.

That is a very comforting voice of America. I think Congress will stop this. I feel badly for our president and our secretary of state. They have invested so much in this. I do not understand it. I keep thinking the president has gotten too close to this--He was so involved in the negotiations he was counting the centrifuges.--and when he took a step back he'd realize as a smart, reflective man "What was I thinking?" But that's insulting, he has had this on his mind since the day he took office. He believes in this, he believes that this is the right thing to do with all his heart. HE IS WRONG! but that's what the man believes. What I worry about is that what is going on in his mind is nothing like having second-thoughts, he is being visited by dreams from his father. "This is what happened to him, now it is happening to me."

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www.makehappy kazaxstan
(search keyword today)

Hit it! A-one, one, one, two, three, FOUR!

Kazakhstan greatest country in the world 
All other countries are run by little girls.
Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium!
All other countries have inferior potassium.
Kazakhstan home of Tinshein swimming pool.
It's length thirty metre, width six metre.
Filtration system a marvel to behold.
It remove 80 percent of human solid waste.
Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, you very nice place, 
From plains of Tarashenk to northern fence of Jewtown.

Kazakhstan, friend of all except Uzbekistan.
They very nosey people with bone in their brain.
Kazakhstan, industry best in the world, 
We invented toffee and the trouser belt.
Kazakhstan prostitutes cleanest in the region, 
Except of course for Turkmenistan's.
Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, you very nice place, 
From plains of Tarashenk to northern fence of Jewtown.

Come grasp the mighty phenis of our leader, 
from junction with testes to tip of its face.
Below are lengthy excerpts from an interview of Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) by Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic. Senator Cotton is an Iraq War veteran. Mr. Goldberg served in the Israeli military.

Cotton: I think the president is his own worst witness against this proposed course of action. He said in, I would say, almost mocking terms, in reference to the Iranian military over the weekend, that they know they can't challenge us—we spend $600 billion a year on our military, they spend $30 billion a year on theirs. This is correct. Not only do we have the ability to substantially degrade their nuclear facilities, but we have the capability, along with our Gulf allies, who have increased their military spending by over 50 percent, to largely protect them from any kind of retaliatory air or naval strikes.

["substantially degade?" Hmm, not "end," "take out?" Substantially degrade is what the U.S. did and is still trying to do to al Qaeda.]

Goldberg: Go to the deal. There's nothing in it that's fixable to your mind?

Cotton: Well, there's no deal within the framework, in my opinion. There's a long list of concessions that Iran's leaders continue to dispute they actually made. This framework, as you've written, is only a success within the specific reality they've created. And they created a very narrow and risky reality in which they were focused on getting any kind of deal they could. Now we're to the point where it is considered unrealistic to expect the United States to demand that Iran not engage in terrorism while we’re granting them nuclear concessions. I thought that [Israeli Minister of Intelligence and Strategic Affairs] Yuval Steinitz had a good list of proposed changes to the president's proposal, and I don't think you can argue those changes are unrealistic, because all he did was take all the statements that President Obama and John Kerry and [chief U.S. negotiator] Wendy Sherman made at the very outset of these negotiations about stockpiles of enriched uranium, about the past military dimensions of this program, about inspections and so forth. The positions he lists are positions that our government previously held.

Goldberg: If you were president right now, would you not be engaged in this negotiation at all? Would you issue an ultimatum?

Cotton: ...I wouldn't have started down this course of granting concessions to Iran, giving them billions of dollars when in return all we're getting is their willingness to sit at the table. They should be pleading with us to come to the table. And at numerous times through the negotiations, we should have been willing to walk away from the table and put more pressure on Iran.
Goldberg: Do you believe there's any condition in which Barack Obama would use force against Iran?

Cotton: I hope there are conditions under which the leaders of Iran and most Middle Eastern leaders think that the United States would take military action against Iran. But Iran does not believe that America has a credible threat of force against them right now. I think that's clear from their behavior. It's also something that senior Arab leaders have communicated directly to me—that very few people, if any, in the Middle East believe that there is a credible threat of force by the United States. I think Iran does fear that Israel may strike them. To the extent that there is daylight between the United States and Israel—to use the president's term from 2009—it makes the threat of Israeli military action less credible in the leaders of Iran's minds. So I do think that there may be some policy objective in trying to create this kind of daylight with the government of Israel, to further dissuade their leadership from taking action if they deem it necessary to their national survival.
Goldberg: Let’s go to the nuclear deal.

Cotton: The list of concessions.

Goldberg: Is that what you call it?

Cotton: It's not a deal.

Goldberg: Well, you wouldn’t agree that the Iranians made tremendous concessions?

Cotton: No.

Goldberg: How could a provisional decision to reduce their stockpile from 10,000 kilograms to 300 kilograms of highly enriched uranium not be understood by you as a concession?

Cotton: It's still unclear when or how they will do that—  

Goldberg: I use the word provisional because we don't know anything about a final deal yet.

Cotton: It's unclear how and when they'll do that. It's unclear how that will relate to the number of centrifuges they'll be able to maintain. And I don't think of almost anything to which they've agreed as much of a concession when, by the terms of their own proposal, President Obama has conceded that Iran will build and develop a nuclear weapon 11 years from today.

Goldberg: I'm willing to see that both sides have domestic constituencies, and they're going to work things the way they work them. But let me get to the—

Cotton: No, I think it's different than just domestic constituencies. President Obama plainly said at the Saban Forum in December 2013 that Iran does not need an underground fortified bunker at Fordow. We have now conceded that they will have centrifuge cascades in that bunker.
Goldberg: Let’s say it's June 30, and you’ve won. You and the Republicans and some of the Democrats have managed to kill this deal. What happens on July 1? Does Iran say, 'Screw you all. You can keep sanctions in place but we're going to continue to spin and we're going to move toward breakout.' And so you have a situation in which Iran might have a nuke in six months as opposed to 12 years? How is that a better situation?

[Unfortunately, that is three questions in one and typically of human beings we answer the last first. 
Senator Cotton does not answer the first of those questions, "What happens on July 1?" and Mr. 
Goldberg does not follow up.]

Goldberg: I don't get the sense that you're in total disagreement with Barack Obama on one point, which is that if there is no deal, the likelihood of a military confrontation as the solution becomes very, very high.

Cotton: Well I think we should try to get a better deal, and one way to try and get a better deal is to show the Iranians that we're serious about getting a better deal.

Goldberg: How would you do that? Let's say you're Wendy Sherman for a day. What do you do?

Cotton: Just take last week. It was reported that President Obama told his negotiators, 'Blow through the deadline, but make it clear that we're willing to walk away.' I don't think that's a result of Barack Obama being inexperienced or incompetent or a bad negotiator. I think it's a reflection of his ideological commitment to get a deal at any cost.

Goldberg: But go to this point: He says that if we don't have a deal, then you, the people who are against the deal, are actually saying that we need a military solution.

Cotton: We’re not saying that. [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu did not say that in his joint address [to Congress] and I'm not saying that. I'm saying that we have to be willing and we have to make the leadership of Iran realize that we are willing to take military action.

[There is a distinction between conveying the willingness to use military force and the use of military force but that is avoiding the question in this context. The U.S. cannot now convey to the Iranians the U.S.' willingness to use military force after 18 months of demonstrating and saying we are not going to bomb Iran. If Cotton was president on July 1 and there was no deal what would President Cotton do? Cotton has not answered that question.]

Goldberg: So you're not advocating for a 1998 Desert Fox-style operation?

Cotton: Iran's leaders need to know that we have both the capability and the willingness to take 
that kind of action. Unfortunately, when your commander-in-chief draws red lines and then he erases them, that sends a very dangerous signal to allies and adversaries alike.

[Cotton again avoids the question there.]
Goldberg: You obviously don't believe that this deal could have an ameliorating effect on Iran—that it could strengthen the hands of the moderates who want to rejoin the international community in some kind of way.

Cotton: I am skeptical that there are many moderates within the leadership

Goldberg: You don't consider [Iranian President Hassan] Rouhani a moderate?

Cotton: No, and I don't think the students he oppressed in 1999 would consider him a moderate. [Akbar Hashemi] Rafsanjani, you know, a famous moderate, called for the nuclear annihilation of Israel. I don't consider that to be moderate either....
Goldberg: it unfair of me to say that your path would lead us to either total capitulation to a nuclear Iran or a military confrontation with Iran within the next six to 18 months?

Cotton: I think the more likely outcome is a total capitulation because of the proposal that we have made. I also think that military confrontation is possible, although it would be a conventional military confrontation. If we agreed to the kind of proposal the Obama administration has made, then military confrontation may be further off, but it might also be nuclear.

Goldberg: Wait—that’s interesting and clarifying—you actually see the possibility of nuclear military confrontation 10 years down the road if this deal goes through?

Cotton: Twenty years, 10 years, 12 years, who knows? The proposal puts Iran on the path to 
being a nuclear-arms state, and I think once Iran becomes a nuclear-arms state, this will lead
inevitably to some kind of military confrontation. It may not be initially with the United States, but I think that's virtually inevitable.

[I agree with Cotton there. I agree with Cotton everywhere where I don't say I disagree.]

Goldberg: And so your feeling is, deal with the problem now, before it gets worse?

Cotton: In security matters, this is almost always the case.

Goldberg: And if that means dealing with it militarily, then deal with it militarily?

Cotton: The world probably wishes that Great Britain had rebuilt its defenses and stopped Germany from reoccupying the Rhineland in 1936. Churchill said when Chamberlain came back from Munich, 'You had a choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will therefore be at war.' And when President Obama likes to say, 'It's this deal or war,' I would dispute that and say, 'It's this deal or a better deal through stronger sanctions and further confrontation with [Iran's] ambitions and aggression in the region.' [That is not realistic. After 18 months of "Parameters" the U.S. is not going to be able to get Iran to walk back whatever understanding or agreement they have with the P5+1. The alternative is a military attack on Iran by the U.S., Israel or both. Cotton is avoiding that reality.] And if it is military action, I would say it's more like Operation Desert Fox or the tanker war of the 1980s than it is World War II. In the end, I think if we choose to go down the path of this deal, it is likely that we could be facing nuclear war.

[operation Desert Fox was President Clinton's bombing of Iraq in 1998, NOT the proor invasion of Iraq under President George H.W. Bush, Operation Desert Storm. I'm down with foxes, not with storms.]

"Turkey angry at pope after 'genocide' remarks."-USA Today.

Pope Francis @Pontifex  words can be hurtful pope

Sporting News. ‏@khamenei_ir
I congratulate the winning of #WrestlingWorldCup to wrestlers & freestyle wrestling team staff of our dear #Iran. #worldcupla ‏@khamenei_ir
I thank God that once again sons of #Iran were able to bring #honor to our noble nation on the international scene.
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Finally tonight, Senator John McCain criticized Secretary of State John Kerry on one of the Sunday talk shows, saying that Kerry hadn't negotiated any "deal" with the Iranians, that the Iranians dispute "Parameters," exactly what has been written here. I don't know how anybody can say there is a deal, what that deal is or where it is but today President Obama did. He strongly defended Kerry publicly, saying the Iranians had too agreed to "Parameters" and was even more pointed in a personal phone call to Amigo McCain. That is unusual behavior for the president. And Russia supported O'Kerry! saying the American account was accurate. Now I believe Kerry, Obama and Russia. This is the goddamnest thing I've ever seen. Strange--infamous--forces at work here.

I oppose the "deal" if the deal is "Parameters." I don't want Iran ever getting nuclear weapons and Iran could have nuclear weapons 10-15 years from now. My position is that that aspect of "Parameters" should be killed and if that kills "Parameters," don't bury it in a shallow grave. My position is these 18-month talks have failed if "Parameters" was agreed to. I, if I were a Senator--I am NOT--would drive a stake through the heart of "Parameters," reimpose sanctions and continue to dust-off, grease, and otherwise get ready for launch that monster bunker-buster the US has and I would drop it on Fordow the moment the clock stikes July 1.

Guns Don't Kill People, Toddlers Kill People.

Police: 3-year-old shoots, kills 1-year-old boy in Ohio home 
-Chicago Tribune.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yes, YOU! Why are you doing this to Americans and Israelis? Why are you asking us, Americans and Israelis, "You either support me or Israel" over Iranian nukes! You are causing your friends in Israel, like the Zionist Union, who your operatives helped in the elections, to make common cause with Netanyhu. You're causing your friends in Congress heartache over whether to vote for or against this half-baked idea if it ever gets baked. What bone do you have in your brain that makes you think, "Give Iran the bomb in 10-15 years, I'm a genius!"
I would like to yell at you REALLY LOUD.
You piss me off, Obama. You really piss me off. 
I couldn't do it. I'm not going to write what I couldn't do. I couldn't do that to the Jewish people. I would hold an umbrella over Israel's head like a doorman. Jesus Christ.

America and Israel.

The Zionist Union, a center-left Israeli political party, and the main opponent of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the recent elections, issued a statement today that is poignant and painful reading: "Israel and the US must reach a comprehensive understanding...empowering and expanding...the IDF's defensive and offensive capabilities, a strengthening of the existing alliance and strategic cooperation that will increase Israel's deterrence ability, in a way that will give Israel an American umbrella and unrestricted ability to act" when Israel feels its national security endangered.

Unrestricted by the U.S. That makes me feel really bad. Israel is our friend, the Jewish people in America and in Israel are our friends, you don't make friends seek permission from you to fight for their survival. They are not friends then, they are wards. Makes me feel terrible. Israel has the right to act in its own national security interests. Should have that right, anyhow. Jesus Christ.

Israel is in a similar position to that of Great Britain when it faced Hitler alone at the start of World War II. Without Lend-Lease, Britain would not have survived. Then, President Roosevelt explained that he was lending a "garden hose" to a neighbor to put out a house fire. Here, the Zionist Union asks for hoses too. Done. Been done. Been done for 66 years! Israel also asks for an "umbrella." Wants the US to hold the hoses and hold the umbrella over its head. No. After 66 years Israel should not be asking the US to hold an umbrella over its head. But it is. No! Jesus Christ.

I don't know why President Obama wants the Iran negotiations to go in the direction they are. But he is. The US is giving Iran nuclear weapons in 10-15 years. Israel has nuclear weapons, they must have the "unrestricted ability to act" as they see fit for their national security, including the use of their nuclear weapons. They cannot have the US telling them what to do! But the US should not be holding an umbrella over Israel's head as if we are doormen. Jesus Christ. 

Sporting News.

There were no soccer matches played today in the English Premier League.


Russia, 22
Germany, 2
Ukraine, 1
U.S., 1


"The Chinese Cultural Revolution," June 7, 2011.
"", March 29, 2013.
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Those countries and those posts just don't go together. They are together, they just don't make sense. Those are odd foursomes.

*UPDATED: at quittin' time Sunday, Russia had 66 pageviews to 20 for the US and 16 for Germany. 3-1, amazing. Russia also leads for the week 269-252.

The Soul of the Romani People: Survival.

"The passionately held view of most Gypsies is still that gadje are dangerous, not to be trusted, and, in the interest of the survival of the group, they are to be avoided except for dealings in business."
"Indeed deception, the gentler the better, is considered a duty. "We don't want you to know," the teacher of Romani had said. And what he was really talking about was survival."
"Among Gypsies, continual self-reinvention has been the primary tool of survival..."
"...the rigorous Gypsy value system which, in the interest of group survival, exists precisely to combat social mobility."
"...among Gypsies the act of survival, even identity itself, is a kind of victory..."

-Isabel Fonseca, Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey (1995).