Monday, October 20, 2014

"We Need More Hospitals Equipped to Treat Ebola, NIH's Fauci Tells Meet the Press."-NBC

We Want Fauci! We Want Fauci! 

Out With Flounder! Out With Flounder!

The Day.*

-Violent Clashes Erupt Near Pumpkin Festival.-NBC News.

-Gunfire Exchanged on Korean Boundary.-New York Times.

-Obama Makes Rare Campaign Appearance, People Leave Early.-Yahoo News.

*Updated 1:19 am UTC:

-First sexual act to reproduce committed by ancient Scottish fish-Express.

Ebola Deadline Passes!*

Sundown in Dallas, Texas, USA is 6:49 pm which means unless there is some cruelly late bad news, the 48 initial people who were quarantined for 21 days have made it symptom-free and Ebola-free!

*Update, 7:06 pm Dallas time. According to 14 people were cleared Saturday night. And the remaining 34 will be cleared by midnight, less than five hours from now. Swine.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Jefferson and Mao.

It has been the mortified opinion, frequently expressed, of this son of the American Revolution that there was insufficient just cause for...the Revolution. And that the Founding Fathers were nuts.

Said opinion and accompanying mortification came about quite accidentally and naturally in the course of this here writer's general reading, he did not perform a Google search for "things that will mortify me," he recollects that it began with reading Professor Gordon Wood's book which he has at the moment done forgot the name of* but really became fixed when he actually, like, read the Declaration of Independence written by the Sage of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson. The undersigned was embarrassed.

However, even previous to his paradigm shift the undersigned did not have an unalloyed opinion of Mr. Jefferson. It was alloyed. Some lead there. Slave-holder, Sally Hemings and then his words in the now debased Dec. of Ind. Saul Padover's biography was hagiography, he could see that and he regretted buying it.

Never though, never, I say, did the undersigned think that Thomas Jefferson had read Quotations from Chairman Mao, even now he thinks that unlikely, or could have written some of the "good parts" of the little red book. However the parallels between some of the good parts of the writing of each were so striking (mortifyingly so) that the undersigned did perform a Google search "Thomas Jefferson and Mao Zedong." Me thought maybe Maoie plagiarized. Honestly. The sentiments expressed, so cold, brutal, were so similar, the particular words used were sometimes identical, the undersigned thought perhaps peut etre Maoie had read Tommy. This writer's Google search turned up no evidence of plagiarism by Mao. There was only one serious-sounding search result, a PhD thesis by a John Prindle Stead entitled The Roots of Democracy in Thomas Jefferson and Mao Tse-tung but the undersigned can't read it on account of it's not, like, in print. The undersigned may attempt to find and contact John Prindle Stead. Or he may not. Only so much mortification a body can take.

*The Idea of America.

Monticello Mao.

"I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical."

"God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion...What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must from time to time be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

"I considered [the French Jacobins] as the same with the Republican patriots..." 

"It was necessary to use the arm of the people, a machine not quite so blind as balls and bombs, but blind to a certain degree. A few of their cordial friends met at their hands, the fate of enemies."

"...[R]ather than [the French Revolution] should have failed, I would have seen half the earth desolated. Were there but an Adam and an Eve left in every country, and left free, it would be better than as it now is."

"Revolution is no crime, to rebel is justified."

“In the worst case [of general nuclear war], half the people would die, but the other half would survive, and … imperialism would be wiped off the face of the earth, and the whole world would become socialist,”
"Beijing is too civilized! I would say there is not a great deal of disorder ... To the unfolding of nationwide all-round civil war!"

"Bombard the Headquarters." 

“I’m not afraid of nuclear war. There are 2.7 billion people in the world; it doesn’t matter if some are killed. China has a population of 600 million; even if half of them are killed, there are still 300 million people left.”

First five quotes, Thomas Jefferson; last five, Mao Zedong.

Sporting News.

Scholars at University of Notre Dame du lac, 5th ranked in the country, lost to the Florida State "Seminoles," #2 this week when the "Fighting Scholarly Irishmen" stalled at the FSU 2 yard line.

The Alabama "Harvey Updykes," number 7, squeaked by the Texas A&M "Rick Perry's, #21, 59-0. Poor A&M, they have lost three in a row, to then #12, now #1 Mississippi State, to #3 Mississippi, and now to #7 Alabama. Mississippi State did not play this week.

In the other football game, Kun Aguero scored 4 times as God's Angels in Sky Blue defeated the Tottenham "Bird Perched on a Ball," 4-1. Evil Chelsea beat Child Porn 2-1 and the Arsenal "Popguns" dropped two more points in salvaging a stoppage time draw with worthy Hull City. Arsene Wenger did not punch anybody out today. Which is good. Arsenal is 6th in the table but only 2 points out of their coveted and customary 4th place. Chevrolet United of Manchester who have been playing very well of late and sit 5th in the table, play at #14 West Bromwich Albion but not until Monday. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mr. President, when does Ron Klain start?

"Ebola lapses persisted for days at Dallas hospital."-Washington Times.

"More than 100 monitored for Ebola symptoms in Ohio."-Detroit Free Press.

"Ebola fears: Airline contacts 800 passengers; Belize blocks travel."-CNN.

Hong Kong Protests.

The kids retook Mong Kok and last night there was violence. Fifteen cops and "dozens" of protesters injured as well as 26 arrests per Telegraph.

Remarks on "Remarks of President Barack Obama. Weekly Address, October 18, 2014."

"...meeting a public health challenge like this isn't just a job for government."

Have you noticed that nothing is ever "just a job for government" with this guy? He means it isn't just HIS job--and if the bird hits the air pump it's not HIS fault. No matter what it is he has to get a coalition of "partners" involved, to spread responsibility. He will not simply ACT.

 "All of us-citizens, leaders, the media-have a responsibility and a role to play.  This is a serious disease, but we can't give in to hysteria or fear..."

I, "citizen," blogger ("media"), I have failed the president because I have given in to hysteria. See? And because I and other citizens and pencils have failed the president he has named Ron Klaim as Minister of Propoganda Ebola Czar: to counter the hysteria, to get the "right" message out, which message is below, and to keep us "on message." See?

"We have to remember the basic facts."


"First, what we're seeing now is not an "outbreak" or an "epidemic..." 

It doesn't seem this would be classified as an "epidemic," that seems to be true. It's not an "outbreak," though? It would seem this is an outbreak. But, even if it's not, the president doesn't say then what it IS. What would he call this? What do the experts call it?

"To date, we've seen three cases..."

 Good point. Yes, three cases, only three cases. In under a month. 

"Now, even one infection is too many.  At the same time, we have to keep this in perspective.  As our public health experts point out, every year thousands of Americans die from the flu."

Good point. According to CDC flu kills about 30,000 Americans on average each year, and like Ebola influenza has no cure. Ebola has killed ONE in the U.S. but Ebola just got here. The "government" is as PREPARED for flu season as the state of the art allows it to be, and the government has prepared Americans, who are hyper-aware, hyper-prepared for flu, every drug store reminds us that "It's flu season" and "Get your shots!" The average flu death toll in the United States is as low as it reasonably can be at this stage of medical science.

How many people have died from Ebola worldwide in 2014? More than 4,500 but that is still 1/7th the flu death toll just in the United States. 

What is the mortality rate for the two viruses? Wouldn't that be an important statistic also since Ebola just arrived in the U.S.? According to Wikipedia: 

"The [Ebola] disease has a high risk of death, killing between 25% and 90% of those infected with the virus (average is 50%)."

And influenza's mortality rate in the U.S.? 6.15% according to the same CDC study cited above.

"...Ebola is actually a difficult disease to catch It's not transmitted through the air like the flu.  You cannot get it from just riding on a plane or a bus.  The only way that a person can contract the disease is by coming into direct contact with the bodily fluids of somebody who is already showing symptoms."

That's his message and he's sticking to it. That's the CDC's message also and it is close to the World Health Organization's message. This is what has bugged me all throughout this Ebola thing in the U.S.: Then why are you tracking all the airline passengers? All the cruise ship passengers? Unless Amber Vinson joined the "mile-high club" or spit into somebody's mouth on her Dallas-Cleveland round-trip nobody on those flights could have had "direct contact with her bodily fluids." The "government," Barack Obama's government, is speaking one way and acting another. That is why there is so much mistrust, that is why there is "hysteria."

Remarks of President Barack Obama Weekly Address The White House October 18, 2014

The undersigned here provides brief abstract to his own "Remarks," which he's workin' on, on the above "Remarks." As a Doctor of Law I cite to the authority of my esteemed colleague My Cousin Vinnie and say, "Everything that guy just said, it's all bullshit."
Remarks of President Barack Obama
Weekly Address
The White House
October 18, 2014
Today, I want to take a few minutes to speak with you-directly and clearly-about Ebola: what we're doing about it, and what you need to know.  Because meeting a public health challenge like this isn't just a job for government.  All of us-citizens, leaders, the media-have a responsibility and a role to play.  This is a serious disease, but we can't give in to hysteria or fear-because that only makes it harder to get people the accurate information they need.  We have to be guided by the science.  We have to remember the basic facts.
First, what we're seeing now is not an "outbreak" or an "epidemic" of Ebola in America.  We're a nation of more than 300 million people.  To date, we've seen three cases of Ebola diagnosed here-the man who contracted the disease in Liberia, came here and sadly died; the two courageous nurses who were infected while they were treating him.  Our thoughts and our prayers are with them, and we're doing everything we can to give them the best care possible.  Now, even one infection is too many.  At the same time, we have to keep this in perspective.  As our public health experts point out, every year thousands of Americans die from the flu.
Second, Ebola is actually a difficult disease to catch.  It's not transmitted through the air like the flu.  You cannot get it from just riding on a plane or a bus.  The only way that a person can contract the disease is by coming into direct contact with the bodily fluids of somebody who is already showing symptoms.  I've met and hugged some of the doctors and nurses who've treated Ebola patients.  I've met with an Ebola patient who recovered, right in the Oval Office.  And I'm fine.
Third, we know how to fight this disease.  We know the protocols.  And we know that when they're followed, they work.  So far, five Americans who got infected with Ebola in West Africa have been brought back to the United States-and all five have been treated safely, without infecting healthcare workers. 
And this week, at my direction, we're stepping up our efforts.  Additional CDC personnel are on the scene in Dallas and Cleveland.  We're working quickly to track and monitor anyone who may have been in close contact with someone showing symptoms.  We're sharing lessons learned so other hospitals don't repeat the mistakes that happened in Dallas.  The CDC's new Ebola rapid response teams will deploy quickly to help hospitals implement the right protocols.  New screening measures are now in place at airports that receive nearly all passengers arriving from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.  And we'll continue to constantly review our measures, and update them as needed, to make sure we're doing everything we can to keep Americans safe.
Finally, we can't just cut ourselves off from West Africa, where this disease is raging.  Our medical experts tell us that the best way to stop this disease is to stop it at its source-before it spreads even wider and becomes even more difficult to contain.  Trying to seal off an entire region of the world-if that were even possible-could actually make the situation worse.  It would make it harder to move health workers and supplies back and forth.  Experience shows that it could also cause people in the affected region to change their travel, to evade screening, and make the disease even harder to track.
So the United States will continue to help lead the global response in West Africa.  Because if we want to protect Americans from Ebola here at home, we have to end it over there.  And as our civilian and military personnel serve in the region, their safety and health will remain a top priority.
As I've said before, fighting this disease will take time.  Before this is over, we may see more isolated cases here in America.  But we know how to wage this fight.  And if we take the steps that are necessary, if we're guided by the science-the facts, not fear-then I am absolutely confident that we can prevent a serious outbreak here in the United States, and we can continue to lead the world in this urgent effort.
Obama says I'm being hysterical. :(

Nina Pham's condition, once "good" is now "fair" after trip to Bethesda.

She's "resting comfortably" though. Don't treat it as non-comprehending sheep. We're familiar with that hospital-speak terminology. "Fair" is not as good as "good." Her condition has deteriorated. 

The Day.

-Gasoline prices are at their lowest levels in four years. In the United States, the fall is partly due to increased energy production, the Marcellus shale natural gas boom.

-The chaplain of the University of Oklahoma tackle football team has been arrested for stealing prescription drugs, Oxycodone and Hydrocodone.

-Posts. Old. Read:,

Friday, October 17, 2014

"Ron Klain, Chief of Staff to 2 Vice Presidents, Is Named Ebola Czar."-New York Times.

The American public will not get the truth from Ron Klain. He is a lawyer who has a client, the president; his role as a lawyer with a client is to do whatever is in his client's best interests. He is a political operative; his role as a political operative is to spin the facts. In neither role is his job to report the facts in the public interest. If CDC is wrong about how Ebola is transmitted, Czar Klain will report it--if it is in the president's best interests. If the nurses and hospitals didn't receive proper training in treating Ebola patients we will know that only if it doesn't cast his client the president in a bad political light.

A lawyer with a client has no duty to report facts that are unfavorable to his client. A good lawyer keeps quiet about bad facts. Ron Klain is supposed to be a very good lawyer. To a political operative there are no unfavorable facts, just good facts and not-bad facts, it's all in how you spin them. That's all the American public is going to get from Ebola Czar Ron Klain.

Barack Obama did not want Dr. Thomas Frieden holding any more press conferences. Didn't want his CDC head admitting any more mistakes. Isn't interested in bad facts. Ron Klain will be holding the press conferences now.

Ebola Czar.

You know who would have been a great choice here? Mitt Romney. That mother-fucker'd get this thing organized--like he did the Salt Lake Olympics--and although not a doc, he did author Massachusett's health-care plan.

I thought Obama would name Dr. Fauci. If not I thought a general. This whole Ebola fight looks like it needs some military discipline and a general in charge to kick some asses. Romney, no general either, would have kicked asses.

Never in my nightmares did I imagine Obama to be so craven as to pick a political hack to massage his message. 

"Ron Klain, Chief of Staff to 2 Vice Presidents, Is Named Ebola Czar."-New York Times.

“Obviously right now, the news is dominated by Ebola, and we’ve got an all-hands-on-deck approach across government to make sure that we’re keeping the American people safe,” Mr. Obama said on Friday...[Yes]

Mr. Klain’s appointment, announced by a White House official, came as Mr. Obama and his team increased their efforts to monitor and contain Ebola, which has sown mounting fear among the public...[Yes]

The virus has also threatened to raise questions about the Obama administration’s competence...[Yes]

Mr. Klain is uniquely positioned to help Mr. Obama counter such questions and rein in a story that has sometimes seemed to spiral out of the White House’s control, said one Democratic operative.

He’ll control the message better than most people would, which is really important from an economic standpoint, from a health standpoint, but it’s also important from a political perspective,” the operative said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

If anybody can get the way this is being reported and discussed under control in a short period of time, he’s the one,” the operative added.

No, he's not the one, President Ebola. The American people needed a doctor with administrative and organizational skills--like Dr. Anthony Fauci at NIH-- to deal with this public health crisis. You gave the American people a political hack.

"Ron Klain, Chief of Staff to 2 Vice Presidents, Is Named Ebola Czar."-New York Times.

Obama, what is the meaning of this? That you view this as a political issue, not a public health issue? That there's nothing been done wrongly here, that Frieden and CDC have handled this competently but that that "message" hasn't gotten out? All you need is a guy to manage your message? What, was James Carville unavailable? 
Anything else? 

"Health Worker Who May Have Had Contact With Ebola Is on Cruise Ship."-New York Times.

"Adding a new and troubling dimension to the search for Americans possibly exposed to the Ebola virus, the State Department said Friday that an employee of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who might have had contact with specimens of the disease had left the United States aboard a cruise ship."

"Ron Klain, Chief of Staff to 2 Vice Presidents, Is Named Ebola Czar."-New York Times.

"President Obama on Friday named Ron Klain, a seasoned Democratic crisis-response operative and White House veteran, to manage the government’s response to the deadly virus as public anxiety grows over its possible spread.

Mr. Klain, a former chief of staff for Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joseph R. Biden Jr., is known for his ability to handle high-stakes and fast-moving political challenges. He was the lead Democratic lawyer for Mr. Gore during the 2000 election recount, and was later played by Kevin Spacey in the HBO drama “Recount” about the disputed contest."

No, he didn't just do this, name a political guy, not a doc. Stunned. Stolen sunshine, get off the header.
There. I stole the Smithsonian's logo and put it on the header.

Scholarly Types.

Presbyterians--and Texans--you are absolved of responsibility for Ebola. Apologize for any inconvenience.
Nice color scheme. Same designer as University of Amsterdam? Why a coat hanger? 

Like the tangled sun logo. Think I'll steal it.
It's Friday.

"Ebola crisis: Second flight alert in US."-BBC

According to the BBC Amber Vinson was sick four days, not one day, prior to her hospitalization and  now passengers on her outgoing flight to Cleveland are being tracked down. Previously only those on her return flight to Dallas were being contacted.

Fox News reports that the chief epidemiologist in Dallas visited Thomas Duncan while he was hospitalized and is now on the list of those exposed to Ebola. 

The Day.

-Obama may appoint an Ebola "Czar."

-Russian "Czar" Vladimir Putin's popularity is at 86%.

-Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter, 42 years old, was discharged from the United States Naval Reserves in February (revealed by Wall Street Journal just today) after testing positive for...cocaine.

-Police in Hong Kong cleared the Mong Kok district of protesters in a surprise raid.

Pageviews by Country

Iraq, 1.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Hong Kong leader confesses that real democracy is 'impossible'.-Christian Science Monitor.

But he's willing to talk to the kids anyway.

That is the Monitor's sub-head.

So much pain in China. 

I have written that, of course, it is true that the protests will not bring democracy, that the students surely know this, but to see it put so starkly in a headline--not to fault the Monitor--it is, I don't know, discouraging, painful. Painful: There is, there always has been, so much pain in China. 

The statement from which the Christian Science Monitor took its headline, by CY Leung, the chief executive of Hong Kong is:

"The Hong Kong … government cannot make something that is not in the Basic Law possible. Politics is the art of the possible and we have to draw a line between possibilities and impossibilities."

This Basic Law thing...I don't know this Basic Law thing but the students are being advised by a Michael Davis who the Monitor says is a constitutional law scholar at Hong Kong University and Professor Davis says Leung's statement is "ridiculous," which strongly implies that he has advised the students that real democracy is reasonably possible under the Basic Law. I defer to Professor Davis.

T'AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. My concern is for the students. My concern is for the students' safety and for their souls. They are sleeping on roadways and they believe that it is reasonably possible that their protests will bring about real democracy. Both their physical beings and their dreams are going to get crushed. I defer to Professor Davis any feelings of responsibility when that happens.

"13 Ohio Nurses Are Being Monitored for Ebola."-Wall Street Journal.

They were on the Frontier Airlines flight with Amber Vinson, the flight CDC told Ms. Vinson she could take. After Ms. Vinson called them several times. The Ohio nurses have been put on paid leave by their hospitals.
Some ASSHOLE Ok, I'm mad named "Terrence" "McCoy" writes today in the Washington Post:

It’s an unprecedented situation, to be sure, and it’s in the very early stages. But people rely on agencies to be prepared for the unknown. When they’re not, it sometimes leads to the perception that government is failing, which can be especially damaging to agencies such as the CDC that depend on an aura of confident expertise to keep a jittery public calm. Why weren’t they prepared? the thinking goes. Why didn’t they know? But here, as in other cases, officials said it has been difficult to prepare for something that wasn’t imagined.

Crap, crap, crap.

1. The Ebola crisis is not "unprecedented," it has been going on in west Africa this entire year. CDC had nine months to study the disease and prepare for its appearance in the United States. They FAILED.

2. AIDS was unprecedented. It had never been seen before. Doctors with gay clienteles began comparing notes, they first dubbed it "Gay Bowel Syndrome," then victims were part of some ghastly "4H Club" of Homosexuals, Heroin users, hemophiliacs, Haitians. Doctors didn't know wtf and were struggling to find some common denominator.

By contrast, this is the same Ebola virus that first appeared, along the Ebola River,  in 1976! The same year that AIDS got its start in the U.S. Doctors knew what this was when it reappeared in December, 2013.

It would be as if someone today, in 2014, walked into a hospital with Kaposi's sarcoma and doctors and nurses said "This is unprecedented."

3. "Why weren't they prepared?"  In the same article McCoy mentions Hurricane Katrina. Precisely. Louisiana and New Orleans were unprepared in 2005 despite New Orleans vulnerability, despite weather forecasts and hurricane tracking.

By contrast, "Texas was ready" as the storm passed on and the death toll in the two states was something like 779-0. Louisiana and New Orleans weren't ready because of its boob governor and boob mayor.

4. "Perception that government is failing." No. No, not the perception, the reality. Government failed in Louisiana and New Orleans in 2005, it failed in Atlanta during "unprecedented," meteorologist-forecasted ice storms in 2012 and 2013, it has failed at the Secret Service repeatedly since 2009, it failed at CDC.

5. "It has been difficult to prepare for something that wasn't imagined." Yeah. Just look at Ray Nagin, Kathleen Blanco, Kasim Reed, Nathan Deal, Julia Pierson.

America doesn't work.
A tip of the hat today to the Kansas City "Royals" American baseball team who will be playing in the World Series for the first time in 29 years.

The Binding Moment.

Mr. President, this is your binding moment. You will forever be bound to this crisis. How you respond tonight will bind you and your presidency. You have all the information you need: Cut those bonds, cut yourself loose from these bonds that tighten and tighten and increasingly make you the "Ebola President." Cut the binds that are now constricting the American people in fear, spreading across the country, making these Americans the Ebola Generation. The decision you make tonight will either sever these bonds and allow the country to begin anew or continue to let the bonds tighten on the American people and bind them irrevocably to the Ebola virus. This is the moment. You must act.
President Barack Obama
The White House

Dear President Obama,

You have a public health catastrophe on your hands, sir. Under Dr. Thomas Frieden the Centers for Disease Control is directly responsible for the Ebola infections of Nina Pham and Amber Vinson and the exposure of now hundreds of other Americans to the disease. Literally, at nearly every step in this unfolding catastrophe, Dr. Frieden and CDC have stepped wrongly. Please, Mr. President, do not deliberate any longer. Replace Dr. Frieden tonight.


Benjamin Harris

Frieden Must Go.

CDC: Ebola Patient Traveled By Air With “Low-Grade” Fever


“Although she (Vinson) did not report any symptoms and she did not meet the fever threshold of 100.4, she did report at that time she took her temperature and found it to be 99.5,” said CDC Director Tom Frieden.  Her temperature coupled with the fact that she had been exposed to the virus should have prevented her from getting on the plane, he said.  “I don’t think that changes the level of risk of people around her.  She did not vomit, she was not bleeding, so the level of risk of people around her would be extremely low.”

CBS News Medical Correspondent Dr. John LaPook reports that Vinson called the CDC several times before boarding the plane concerned about her fever.

“This nurse, Nurse Vinson,  did in fact call the CDC several times before taking that flight and said she has a temperature, a fever of 99.5, and the person at the CDC looked at a chart and because her temperature wasn’t 100.4 or higher she didn’t officially fall into the category of high risk.” [President Obama, please! Get rid of this guy. Stop this! If this was a prizefight the towel would have been thrown in. This is like Foreman-Frazier, somebody's going to get killed if you don't stop this guy! Did Frieden use to work at the Secret Service or something? This guy is that level of incompetence.]
Frieden specifically noted that the remaining 75 healthcare workers who treated Thomas Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital will not be allowed to fly. The CDC will work with local and state officials to accomplish this.
Frontier Airlines is working closely with the CDC to identify and notify all passengers on the flight. The airline also says the plane has been thoroughly cleaned and was removed from service following CDC notification early Wednesday morning.

...[A]ccording to Flighttracker, the plane was used for five additional flights on Tuesday before it was removed from service [Five additional flights!] Those flights include a return flight to Cleveland, Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport (FLL), FLL to Cleveland, Cleveland to Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), and ATL to Cleveland.

While in Ohio, Vinson visited relatives, who are employees at Kent State University.  The university is now asking Vinson’s three relatives stay off campus and self-monitor per CDC protocol for the next 21 days out of an “abundance of caution.”

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Frieden Must Go.

The CDC new "rapid response team" is already in Dallas. They won't find Amber Vinson. She is being transferred to the Ebola specialized center at Emory University in Atlanta. 

CDC Doesn't Work.

That's it. Enough. Frieden should resign or be fired. 

Patient Three.

Amber Vinson took a round-trip flight to Cleveland, Ohio and arrived back in Dallas at 8:16 pm on October 13. The morning of October 14 she checked into the hospital and tested positive for Ebola.

"The fight against Ebola in Dallas is a two-front fight now.”
                              -Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

CDC, query: That's true, isn't it? Are you going to sanitize that plane? Are you going to track down all passengers? If so, why so? If Ebola is not an airborne virus, why would you do that? Why is this a two-front fight now unless someone, quoting from your website, had,

direct contact [with Amber Vinson] (through broken skin or mucous membranes in, for example, the eyes, nose, or mouth) with:

-blood or body fluids (including but not limited to urine, saliva, sweat, feces, vomit, breast milk, and semen) of a person who is sick with Ebola.

-objects (like needles and syringes) that have been contaminated with the virus

-infected animals

CDC, query: Do you think it would be prudent to prohibit travel for all hospital guys who cared for Mr. Duncan until their observation period passes? 

Another one.

A second health care worker at the hospital has tested positive for Ebola.

"C.D.C. to Send Expert Team to Any U.S. Hospital Where Ebola Is Diagnosed."-New York Times.

Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack..."Ah, roger that Dallas, we're on our way." Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack.

Go CD...Eh. No, no "Go CDC!" This sure beats their idea of transferring patients to Nebraska, Atlanta or Montana, though. Let's put them on a plane, ok, fly them all over the country, ok, so we REALLY spread this around good, ok? Frieden actually mentioned that as something they were thinking about. It was completely back-assword. And apparently someone told Frieden he was nuts. Anybody who comes up with THAT idea is not getting a "Go CDC!" 

CDC needs to figure out how Ms. Pham got sick, figure out how Ebola gets transmitted, AND REALLY BE SURE THIS TIME! And then TELL US.

Update your website! Update your website!
Thank you. Go Nina! Go Nina! Go doctors! Go doctors! Go Presbyterians! Go Presbyterians! 

Nina Pham UDGRADED to "Good Condition"!

THAT deserves a smiley face, get off the header odd face.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

U-G-L-Y, We Ain't Got No Alibi.

I have had the misfortune to spend today viewing surveillance tapes from a Walmart store. Most of the time this is what I have stared at.

For hour upon hour. 

Occasionally, on fewer occasions than I would have imagined actually, Walmart has customers, like people, come through those doors at top, the entrance. And I have now looked at hundreds of them, people, and it becomes my disagreeable duty to report that the American people, male and female, young and old, white, black and latin, are ugly.
President Obama went to the bank to cash a check and he didn't have his ID. And the teller said, 'You've got to prove who you are.'

He said, 'How should I do that?' She said, 'the other day Phil Mickelson came in, he didn't have his ID but he set up a little cup on the ground, took a golf ball, putted it right into that cup so they knew it was Phil Mickelson. We cashed his check.

And then Andre Agassi came in. And Andre Agassi didn't have his ID either. He put a little target on the wall, took a tennis ball and racquet — hit it onto that target time and again. We knew that was Andre Agassi so we cashed his check.

And she said to him, 'Is there anything you can do to prove who you are?' And [Obama] said, 'I don't have a clue.'

And she said, 'Well, Mr. President, do you want your money in small bills or large bills?'

Come on, that's pretty good. Guess who told that joke?

"Mysterious Clowns Terrorizing California City."-ABC News.

Now this one:
That one is based on my personal search history. 
You know how Google gives you ads based on your browsing history? Just to remind you that they know EVERYTHING about you. When you have a blog you get that plus ads targeted based on what you write about. So:

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Doctors, CDC, Atlanta...Didn't say they target the ads very well but yeah, that's the explanation for that one.

CDC, Ebola.

Two things-Still not mad-striking-Oh, come on, I don't get mad THAT much-about CDC not having hospital staff who cared for Mr. Duncan on their watch list. One, it showed a helluva lot of confidence in those Ebola suits! In the training of hospital guys. You can hear CDC thinking, "No need to watch those guys. As if." You could hear that in Dr. Frieden's statement over the weekend: "Our protocol was breached."  The protocol was fail-proof, it was inconceivable to them that if protocol was followed a nurse, an American-trained nurse, could contract the virus. Second, they were as settled on their conception of transmission: Ebola could only be transmitted through direct contact through a body opening from "an object." Not "surfaces and materials." Helluva lot of confidence there, too.  They were sure, "to a reasonable scientific certainty."

So, yeah. Helluva lot of rethinking called for here.