Tuesday, January 20, 2004


what is the saying, "it's always darkest before the dawn?" at near dawn today, i got awake and turned on the radio and did a fist pump at the result. dean even finished a DISTANT third. he got killed! you know, the polls definitely were on the scent of a "sea change" but they were as wrong as they notoriously have been in iowa. it was nowhere near a 4-2ay tie.

i was talking to my right-wing brother don yesterday and he was beating the "go dean!" drum. he actually said he liked kerry a lot. kerry is a great candidate and i think edwards would be too. how about that as a ticket?

dean is definitely hurt but he's got too much money to be out of it yet. his speech was emotionally weird. i think he'll stay in it to the end no matter what the results and who knows? maybe he'll run as a third-party candidate and immolate the party.

-benjamin harris

this could hardly be a better result. dean is seriously wounded. tim russert said his out-of-control post-election speech could be a defining moment, like muskie crying in the snow outside the manchester union-leader's office.

-benjamin harris