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The Royal Wedding.

Very nice. What? I mean it. Sheesh.

I love this photo of the second kiss and the little girl covering her ears as the RAF flies overhead.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

"An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump."

I would like to discuss that painting.

That painting is one of the dumbest paintings in the history of painting.

When searching for an illustration for the previous post I saw the thumbnail of that painting and thought I recognized it. When I enlarged it I was more convinced that I had seen it before. I may be mistaken (I frequently am) but I believe that that painting was part of David Hockney's case for the use of lenses by some painters. I have written some on Mr. Hockney's book, Secret Knowledge, on that subject and attended the NYU conference on same some years ago.

I hold that that painting is an abortion of a painting for the following reasons. First, the title:

"An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump."

Let's play Jacques Derrida and deconstruct that title:

"An Experiment..."

Okay, we know the genus "experiment." We understand that word. But "experiment" singular. There seem to be two experiments going on here.

"on a bird..."

On a bird? You're not allowed to experiment on birds anymore, at least not live ones. I don't know if that bird is alive or not. You can experiment on dead birds, like conduct the bird equivalent of an autopsy.  Whatever is going on with the bird, there's also a jar on the table that seems to have nothing to do with the contraption with the bird in it.

"in the Air Pump."

It's an air pump. It's the air pump, as distinguished from the genus air pumps. Maybe this was the first air pump, or a particularly distinguished air pump.

What's an air pump? Some thing that you squeeze or whatever and it blows air. The air pump has a crank thing that could produce blown air. Ooh, really ingenious. Let's blow air on a bird and see what happens. 

This painting was from the period in Western Man's history known as "The Enlightenment." "The Enlightenment" was an oxymoron. It was unenlightened. It was similar to that period in Western Man's history known as "the 1970's," the era of polyester, leisure suits, polyester leisure suits, disco music, the Bee Gees, professional baseball players wearing shorts, and like abortions.

Besides the title, there is the composition of the painting, viz.

What is in that jar?  From memory (but see above) it's supposed to be phosphorus. Now I, Benjamin Harris, didn't do too good in school in chemistry.  And I acknowledge that phosphorous does glow in the dark. However.  However. Unless the enlightened subjects in the painting are doing an experiment with uranium-235, nothing, I say nothing, glows in the dark like that. Look at how intense that light is.

So where are the shadows?

"An Experiment with Light in a Dark Room:"  The sun-in-a-jar u-235 or whatever it is would cast deep--deep, deep, deep, deep, deep--dark shadows. The form of the guy idiotically pointing to the bird would cast a deep--deep, deep, deep, deep, deep--dark shadow on the wall behind him. You would not be able to see the bird cage or the wooden moulding in the back. If, all of the foregoing if, this wasn't a dumb painting.

What does the u-235 have to do with the air pump?  Is it a nuclear-powered air pump? That would be ingenious.

Now look at the people. The people are not connected to each other, nor to the composition as a whole. They're a cut-and-paste job. The "artist," the renowned "Joseph Wright of Derby" (to distinguish him from the other renowned artists named Joseph Wright), seemingly has taken unrelated subjects from unrelated scenes and put them together in this painting. Like nobody would notice.

First we'll take Barry Gibb:


What is he looking at?  It looks like he's in charge of the "Experiment"--he's manning the crank--and the way his mouth's painted it looks like he's caught in mid-explanation of his Experiment, "And when Ah tuhn the crank thusly a-yuh is pro-dooosed which causes the bir-rid to flut-tuh." 

 In mid-explanation to whom? He's not looking at any of the other people in the room. Who-are-you-talk-ing-to-mo-ron?

To B-G's right are the lovebirds:

They are not paying B-G any mind. Because they are unconnected to the scene. They were in a park or drawing room and Joseph Wright of Derby cut and pasted them into this "laboratory."

Now, look at this kid down here:


Compare his face to the male lovebird's:




They're the same person. Joseph Wright (of Derby) has taken the same subject and painted him twice into the painting, like nobody would notice. That was not an uncommon occurrence in painting.  If I'm not mistaken, Leonardo da Vinci* did it in The Last Supper. Why artists, whether Leonardo or Joseph Wright da Derby, did it, I don't know because it's dumb.

If you take away the female accoutrement and just look at the facial structure the female lovebird may be the same person as the male lovebird and the kid:

Continuing counter-clockwise we encounter George Washington:

The Thinker is impressed by the B-G's experiment if no one else in this painting is. He's studying the uranium-235 in the jar. No he is not. His eyes don't line up with the jar. The great Joseph Wright of Derby has cut and pasted this guy from somewhere else and almost--but not quite--aligned his gaze properly. The Thinker's gaze actually align's with the eyes of the kid. He's leering at the kid. Maybe The Thinker's a pervert. Or maybe this is a dumb painting.

Maybe there is a deep subliminal political message here, the decapitation of George Washington. Swine Joseph Wright of Derby.

The Thinker and Barry Gibb may be the same person:

The two female cherubim are distressed about tweety-bird, the older cherub not able to look--or maybe she's blinded by the u-235. "Look, tweety's okay," the guy says, with his arm around the older cherub. The guy may be the same as The Thinker and Barry Gibb.

The blinding light of the u-235 doesn't travel very far. Junior's at the birdcage illuminated as if by a single candle on the table. And the moon--and the moonlit clouds--are clear through the window. How?  No how.

*corrected from Michelangelo May 12.
Oil painting by Joseph Wright of Derby (1768 (Enlightenment)). 

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Seeking the Soul of America.

The Englishmen in the English colonies in America in the 18th century liked being Englishmen and they liked England and they liked England’s monarchical form of government. These American Englishmen had good reason to like England and its—their—government as they were among the freest, most prosperous people on earth.

Why then did they revolt?  Partly because they were Englishmen and thus among the most ungovernable people on earth. Proximately they revolted because of a dispute with their government over taxes:

“Taxation without representation is tyranny!”

No. No, actually taxation without representation is not tyranny. Nothing close to tyranny, really. In fact that’s insulting to real tyrants.

The rallying cry of the colonists—their campaign slogan as we would say today—was, as campaign slogans often are, overheated to the point of being wrong. And dumb. But the Founding Fathers weren’t dumb were they?  Well, dumb is as dumb does but no, I don’t think the Founding Fathers were dumb. They got all lathered up as Englishmen are wont to do and James Otis’ campaign slogan struck a chord (really struck a chord) and George III was stubborn, as Englishmen are wont to be andNah, that really doesn’t explain it.

Americans have been belly-aching about taxes since, well obviously since before there was an America. America is currently in the middle of a tax rebellion. The opposition party, the Republicans, are threatening to shut down the government (again) over taxes. A new political party, or something, called the Tea Party (“Tea Party,” get it?) was formed a little while ago and elected some members to Congress and has a lot of influence. But you can’t blame (or credit) the Tea Party, or the Proposition 13 movement in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s I think it was, on ungovernable Englishmen for Englishmen—and their descendants—long ceased to be a majority or even a plurality in America. Nor can you blame or credit the original Tea Party--entirely--on Englishmen.

What was going on here?  

We are not going to spend much time on this since we are an American and another American, Henry Ford, said that history is “bunk,” which gives us the excuse not to spend much time on it and also because we want to spend more time on some things that resulted from the American Revolution, and to compare those things to China, even though we are not a Chinese.

There was this thing called the Enlightenment…well, let’s back up a little more. Renaissance (1300's-1600's). Key thing about Renaissance: Catholic Church said universe revolved around earth; Galileo looked, said no, earth revolved around sun; Catholic Church arrested Galileo; Galileo turned out to be right, Catholic Church wrong.  Boom. Done. Renaissance. 

Reformation (1517-1648). German Catholics protested (“Protestants”) against Catholic Church, said you were wrong about Galileo (Catholic Church confessed), therefore you’re not “infallible,” therefore we’re not taking orders anymore from Rome and we’re starting our own church(es). Key things about Reformation: Protestantism really struck chord with Englishmen; Englishmen became Protestants; America settled by Protestant Englishmen during Reformation.

By 1700 it had been decided to every Englishmen’s satisfaction that the Roman Catholic Church did not have a monopoly on religious truth. Every man could be a priest (“minister”) and every man could find his own religious truth. Religion had been “democratized.”

Enlightenment (1700’s). Misnomer (much dumb thought). Key point about Enlightenment: If the Pope was wrong then why should we believe you, King?  If we can find God ourselves, we can find out everything else for ourselves (wrong because we’re not smart enough but really struck chord in Englishmen). Secular thought “democratized.”

And so that’s what was going on here at the time of the American Revolution. These are the things that were in the heads of Englishmen in America that caused them to get so lathered up by James Otis’ campaign slogan. The American Revolution was an uncertain experiment by people with no experience in experimentation. Yet it changed the world, and in ways unforeseen and unintended by the Founding Fathers. It brought into being a society like no other mankind had ever seen. And by the middle of the 19th century the American Revolution had resulted in the killing of God and the killing of Truth.

Sources: Primary, The Radicalism of the American Revolution, Gordon S. Wood (1991). See also, The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution, Bernard Bailyn (1967), The Reformation of the Image, Joseph Koerner (2003).

Image: "An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump," oil painting, Joseph Wright of Derby (1768, The Enlightenment)).

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To Chris.

I dedicate this page to you. Thank you.

Modern Islam. Vol. 1, No. 4

State security forces of Bashar al-Asad, the opthamologist cum dictator of Syria, shot up crowds of people attending funerals for other people who had been murdered by State security forces yesterday. Reuters reported that "scores" have been murdered by al-Asad's thugs in anti-government protests.

There is not the reverence for life in the Islamic world as there is in the West. Nor is there in China, nor has there ever been in China.

Doctrinally and as practiced, Islam and Chinese communism are violent.  Mao Zedong threatened America and the West with attack. Mao Zedong attacked American troops in Korea. There were those, William F. Buckley was one, who urged a preemptive nuclear strike on Maoist China in the 1960's. American governments chose not to, believing that Mao would not attack, in significant part because he could not attack effectively. That turned out well for America. China is not a "friend" of America today, but it is not threatening as it was under Mao.

If Islam had been considered a doctrine, as was Maoist communism, Nazism and Japanese imperialism, all of which modern Islam closely resembles, after the attacks on America on September 11 America would have obliterated Islam as America did Nazism and Japanese imperialism, and the people, Muslims, who practice Islam in the way it is practiced and preached in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, in the same way America did the people of Germany and Japan. That is what Public Occurrences favored after September 11.

America chose not to.

The American government of President George W. Bush chose to view Islam not as a violent doctrine, and it's practitioners in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan not as practitioners of a violent doctrine who had attacked America; the American government of President Bush and now President Obama chose to view Islam as a religion and its practitioners as religious followers. America decided not to war on Islam but to pressure "extreme" practitioners and their groups, such as al Qaeda.

America's view of Islam has worked so far, and, since we are now nearly ten years removed from September 11, it has worked.

Syria is not a friend of America, but it has not attacked America. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have long been considered by American governments to be friendly. They are not. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are enemies of America. Their religion/doctrine threatens America; their practitioners/followers have attacked America; the religion/doctrine that they inculcate in the Saudi and Pakistani people is directly responsible for the attacks. But they have not been able to attack America effectively since 9/11. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

The headline de jour is:

"Gaga's sorry for using the "r" word."

Oh yes I do know who Gaga is, she's on the cover of Vogue this month and Carmen my Cuban Concubine (hereinafter C.C.C.) went to see her in el concerto recently. So there.

However, I am stumped by what the "r" word could be. 

Now I, Benjamin Harris, am not unfamiliar with words that are so bad that they need to be referred to by their first letter, or, by asterisks. In fact I thought I knew--and had used--them all. One time I went into a chapel at the University of Duke, which chapel contained exquisite wood carvings. Completely oblivious I began commenting, in appropriately hushed tones, "Look at the f****** angels."  My brother, skittish that a lightning bolt from the Heavens aimed at me might incinerate him--and the chapel--too, reminded me to my surroundings and thereafter I did my commentating in appropriate language as well as tone. 

With the above as impressive attestation to my bona fides on the subject I have thought and thought and thought about the headline. "r" word..."r" word. What the h*** could that be?  "redskins?" It sounds like the word in question is an ethnic slur of some sort but I don't think "redskins" would warrant censure of a Gaga, apology by said Gaga for using it, or a headline memorializing the entire episode. So I am stumped, but as "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously" is devoted to inscrutable headlines and Rule I prohibits reference to the article to seek meaning, I will remain stumped. The suspense is not killing me. 

Seeking the Soul.

Free will and determinism constitute the poles in the great dialectic in Western theology and are at the core of Western philosophy, including Anglo-American jurisprudence. It is from the perspective of the latter, so influenced as it is by the former two, that I examined the murder of Bian Zhongyun in Beijing, China on August 5, 1966.

The American philosopher Nelson Goodman's take on the dialectic was this: God is the collective conscience of mankind. That is, God is man's soul, not a deity. Below is another view on the dialectic. This is Leo Tolstoy in War and Peace.  It is not well-argued (or so say I) even though it is Leo Tolstoy in War and Peace. It seems to me consistent with Goodman's view:

To the question: What causes historic events? another answer presents itself, namely, that the course of world events is predetermined from on high, and depends on the coincidence of the wills of all who participate in those events, and that the influence of a Napoleon on the course of such events is purely superficial and imaginary.

...[H]uman dignity, which tells me that each of us is, if not more, at least not less a man than the great Napoleon, demands the acceptance of that solution of the question...

At the battle of Borodino Napoleon did not fire a shot and did not kill anyone.  All that was done by the soldiers. Therefore it was not he who did the killing.

Had Napoleon then forbidden them to fight the Russians, they would have killed him and would have proceeded to fight the Russians because it was inevitable. 

...[I]t was not Napoleon who directed the course of the battle, for none of his orders was executed...So the way in which those men slaughtered one another was not determined by Napoleon's will, but occurred independently of him, in accord with the wills of hundreds of thousands of men... (pp. 942-43)

Image: Battle of Borodino (artist unknown (to me)).

Thursday, April 21, 2011

On China, by Zhang Mu

Oh Dear God, what an awful story. So much pain; so, so much pain in China. 

My apologies to Mr. Mu and readers for the awkward formatting of the photos. It's the best I can do laboring with the mental handicaps I have.

14岁女生被5名男生在学生宿舍强奸 同学围观加油
20109月月16日晚21时,贵州省贵定县落北河中学14岁的初一女生小兰在晚自习后,和同学一起回到宿舍洗漱后,感觉有点饿,便一个人去10多米外的学校食堂窗口排队买饭,还有一个人就轮到她买了,突然被两个男生将她拉出食堂要陪我们玩。遭到拒绝后,一个男生说不要喊,否则明天下晚自习后把你杀死。接着,两人拉着小兰走了10多分钟路,到了学校后面的一个坟山。小兰反抗,僵持,约在2330分,小兰被拉回学校的一楼男生宿舍。小兰的宿舍就在这栋楼的二楼。该男生宿舍本来是个教室,住了20个男生。在被拉到大宿舍门口时,小兰拼命抓住门框想不进去。其他男生一起喊:加油!加油!。接着她被拖进去,门被关上,她的嘴被他们轮流捂住喊不出来只能哭,被5个初三年级男生(年龄最大的17岁,最小的15岁)强奸。其他同学围观。负责巡查的老师后来说,当时室内灯已经关了,门被抵住,推不开。他喊了一声:睡觉,不要吵了便离开了。直到凌晨5点半,她提出上厕所,终于被放出该宿舍。小兰摸黑回她住的宿舍,但是铁门锁着。她蹲在一个角落里,等到6点开门后,她才悄悄地走上楼进了她的宿舍。第二天12点,校长叫来小兰和5名男生询问情况。报案后,警察大约14时左右来到学校。校长要她好好读书,就当一切都没发生过,张扬出去对你也不好。一个老师说把事情压住,这是学校一贯的做法。918,校长到小兰家,让小兰的父亲不要把事情声张出去。该中学近年来女生受到性侵犯不止一次。其中 的一例出现在2008527,当天晚自习后,初二(1)班女生陈某被几个青年从学校拉上车,带到贵定县城火车站旁的一间旅社强奸。

A 14-year-old girl was raped by 5 male schoolmate in a student dormitory, other onlookers cheer
Zhang Mu
At the 21:00 pm of September16,2010, Xiaolan, a 14 year-old girl who is studing the first grade in Luobeihe Middle School in Guiding County, Guizhou Province, after the evening classes returned to her dormitory with her schoolmates and washed, she felt hungrily, then alone went more than 10 meters and lined up before the school canteen window to buy food. Only one person was her turn to buy, suddenly two schoolboys pulled her out of the dining hall to "play with us." She refused, one boy said, "Do not cry, otherwise after tomorrow evening study we will kill you”. Then,the two boys pulled he to run more than 10 minutes to a cemetery behind the school. Xiaolan resisted, approximately in 23:30, she was pulled back to school’s first floor male dormitory. Xiaolan's dormitory is on the second floor of this building. This male dormitory is a classroom originally, has been occupied by 20 male students. When she was pulled to the big dormitory, she desperately did not want to go in and seized the door. The other boys shouted: "Come on! Come on!." Then she was dragged inside, the door was closed, her mouth was covered in turn by them, she could only teared, and was raped by 5 boys (students of the school’s third grade, the oldest is 17 years old, the youngest 15 years old). The teacher who was responsible for inspections that evening later said “at that time the room lamp already had been turned off, the gate is resisted, cannot push open.” He shouted: "sleep, do not quarrel," and left. Until 5:30 am, she was proposed to go toilet, finally was released from the dormitory. Xiaolan was groping to return her dormitory, but the iron gate was locked. She squatted in a corner, waited until 6:00 the door open then went quietly up stairs into her dormitory. At 12 o'clock the next day, the principal called Xiaolan and the 5 male students to inquire the situation.“After reported, about 14:00 the police arrive at the school”. The principal wants her to study well and treat it as if all have not occurred, to make it widely known is not good to you”. A teacher said: “Hold the thing down, this is the school’s consistent practice.” On September 18, the principal went to Xiaolan’s home, asked her father “not to disclose the matter.” In recent years the sexual abuse of girls in this school was not more than once. One was documented case appeared on May 27, 2008, a girl Chen in the second grade of this school, after her evening class was took out on a vehicle from the school by several youths, and was raped in a hotel near Guiding County train station.

On October 8, 2010, Xiaolan stood and dazed in the dormitory where the incident happened

14岁的小兰蹲在地上痛哭。Xiaolan, the 14-year-old girl squatted on the ground crying.

People may come in and go out the Luobeihe Middle School at will. On October 2, 2010a farmer drove cattles passing the school playground.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Soul of China.


                                          That is Mt. Everest.

It's hard to climb Mt. Everest. Lots and lots of people have died climbing Mt. Everest

A Chinese was not the first to climb Mt. Everest. A New Zealander, (Sir) Edmund Hillary (and a Tibetan, Tenzing Norgay) were. However, if we conceive of climbing Mt. Everest as an Olympic sport then the Chinese team in 1960 wins the gold medal for degree of difficulty:

"The Second Step is about 30 metres (100 feet) high, with an average slope of 60 to 70 degrees...Liu [Lien-man] took the lead and made four determined attempts on the top section: each time he fell from the steep, rotten rock, exhausted. After his last try, he was so debilitated that he could barely stand."

"Why climb Everest? Because it's there."
                                 -George Mallory (who died trying).

"Why climb Everest? Because your mother got too close to a nuclear reactor when you were in utero, causing you permanent, and profound, brain damage."
                                  -Benjamin Harris.

But wait:

"A second climber, Chu Yin-hua, impatiently took over the lead and removed his heavy boots, crampons and thick woolen socks to try the rock section bare-footed."

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.  

Let's back up here. The dude took off his boots...
and crampons, whatever they are.
And he took off his socks.
And he climbed bare-footed.

Mt. Everest. Bare-footed.

Oh no, we're not done: 

"...he fell-twice...In one final, drastic attempt, Liu Lien-man (now partially recovered from his previous attempts) made use of his training as a fireman..."

Okay, now where could this be going?  What possible training could one get as a fireman that could assist in climbing Mt. Everest?

"...and crouched down to allow Chu to stand on his shoulders."

He crouched down and had Chu stand on his shoulders. J

“With a great effort,* he was able to stand up and allow Chu to reach the top of the slab and haul himself to the top.”

That was the Second Step. That was not the summit.

It was 7 p.m. when the Chinese conquered the Second Step. Liu’s training as a fireman did not speak to him about climbing Mt. Everest in the dark. Oh, and “[t]heir oxygen supplies were also running low…”

“’What was to be done?’”

What was to be done? How about “A” for effort, live to climb another day, and call a helicopter.


“'Turn back like the British climbers had done before? No!'”

See, I told you no.

“'Certainly not! The whole Chinese people and the Party were watching us.'”

So, what was to be done?

“Amazingly, the climbers decided to have a political powwow at 8595 metres (28,200 feet) to decide what to do.”

They had a political powwow at 8595 metres (28,200 feet). J

“’The three Communist Party members…then held a brief Party group meeting. It was decided that the assault group should advance to the summit as quickly as possible…Literally crawling on all fours in the final stage of the climb, the three remaining climbers reached the summit just before dawn.”

They crawled Mt. Everest at night.

“They stayed on the summit for 15 minutes, leaving a small plaster bust of Mao Tse-tung and a Chinese flag as evidence of their achievement. They picked up nine pieces of rock to present to Mao on their return…”**

** All quotes from The Search for Mallory & Irvine. Peter Firstbrook (1999), pp. 156-57.

On China, by Zhang Mu.

Writing is such an important part of China’s soul. I have previously posted here on the ancient, secret written language used by Chinese women (April 29, 2010 post). And I remember reading in Professor John W. Head’s book, China’s Legal Soul, that (I hope I get this right) the Chinese character for “civilization” means “when writing began.” Professor Head also wrote that some historians argue that one of the reasons China has never been fully conquered is the difficulty of mastering the Chinese language, in order to master Chinese.

All of this makes China’s government’s censorship of its people, what they can read and what they can write, particularly cruel. This is a people who have writing in their soul. 

Story of theSino-US Technical Collaboration Instituteand Zhazi Cave Jail
Author: Zhang Mu
1. “Sino-US Collaboration Institute Prison Camp and the Crime Exhibition of the US and Jiang” was Changed to “Geleshan Revolutionary Monument
China and US cooperated to common fight against Japan, from 1942 to 1948 set up “the US special technical collaboration institute” in Chongqing. The Propaganda Department of the CCP Central Committee transformed here and named it to be “the Sino-US Collaboration Institute Prison Camp and the Crime Exhibition of the US and Chiang”, took it as anti-American propaganda and "patriotic" education base.
There was a “the Sino-US Special Technical Collaboration Institute” former site in Chongqing's Geleshan. Since the Chinese Communist Party established government, This side has been named as “the Sino-US Collaboration Institute Prison Camp and the Crime Exhibition of the US and Chiang”, this name has used near half century. Because here the old geographic name was “Zhazi Cave”, so the people called the place “Zhazi Cave Jail”or “Zhazi Camp” as the popular name. These names of the “Sino-US Collaboration Institute”, “Crime Exhibition of the US and Jiang”, “Zhazi Cave Jail”, as a result of after Chinese Communist many year propagandas, in mainland China may say that is widely known.
But, recently in 1984 the authority changed its name to “Geleshan Revolutionary Monument”.
1984年中共把原来命名已经近40年了的“中美合作所集中营美蒋罪行展览馆”重新改名为“歌乐山革命纪念馆”(又叫歌乐山烈士陵园), 邓小平题写园名。
In 1984, Chinese Communist took original name of “the Sino-US Collaboration Institute Prison Camp and the Crime Exhibition of the US and Chiang” which has used almost 40 years to change as “Geleshan Revolutionary Monument”. Deng Xiaoping wrote the Monument Park name.

Everybody kows this reason clearly. After many years propagandas and education by the Chinese Communist Party, so in the people brains, the US is “the world people roguest enemy - US imperialism”, Kuomintang is “the people's public enemy” and “exploits the people, to oppress people's reactionary clique”. In the name of “the Sino-US Special Technical Collaboration Institute”, the “Sino(China)” means Kuomintang's the Chinese government, the “US” is the US imperialism, both of the two “cooperation”, the image with green face and ferocious fangs (ferocious features) was formed very naturally.
The Chinese Communist in 1950s and 1960s, distorted the facts , confuse right and wrong, Carried on the fraudulence and seditious “overthrows the US imperialism” propaganda to the people. In mainland China, this noun “American” or “United States”, had become the symbol of the evil, plot and the destruction.
For example, on December 26, 1950, “The People's Daily” published an article in which the topic was to "Reveal American imperialists’ conspiracy and the destruction of “Chinese agriculture” (author is unclear)it said:
The U.S. imperialistic conspiracy on China's military, political, economic and cultural aspects, almost all adopt the same formula. For example, here it used the "rural renaissance" as the grand excuse for camouflage. Originally this so-called rural renaissance work was also another form of the spy-agents’ system of the Sino-U.S. Cooperation Institute,…What is the so-called Sino-U.S. Joint Agricultural Technology Cooperation Mission? Needless to say, at the sight of the word "Sino-U.S.", add on cooperation”, we already gnash teeth in hatred! However this so-called also applies for the Chinese farmer's benefit!
Need not to mention that many years the Chinese Communist Party used each kind of media to specially propaganda such information “the Sino-US Collaboration Institute kills the revolutionary fighters” vigorously, so it created very large scale impact, could be imagined.
如今人们听到“中美技术合作”的字眼再也不会“毛骨悚然”了,大概因为现在的“中”是中共的“中”,“美”是“改革开放”后的“美”了吧?(例如“中美工业技术合作协议”、 “中美大气科学技术合作协议”于1979年由美中两国签署、“中美核技术合作”第四次联委会暨工作组会议20075月在美国首都华盛顿召开、“中美核技术合作研讨会”20078月在北京举行、“中美产业技术合作”高峰论坛200710月在深圳举行……
Now people hear the the words of "Sino-US technical cooperation" are no longer "absolutely terrified", probably because it is now “Sino” means Communist "China", "the US" is the after "reform and opening" a new “US"? (For example, the "Sino-US industrial and technological cooperation agreement", "Sino-US atmosphere science and technology cooperation agreement" in the United States signed by the two countries in 1979; the "Sino-US cooperation in nuclear technologies" and the fourth of the working group meeting in May 2007 held in Washington, DC; the "Sino-US seminar on nuclear technology cooperation" in August 2007 held in Beijing, "China-US cooperation in industrial technology Summit Forum” in October 2007 hold in Shenzhen……)
Now, it is difficult to maintain that “Sino-US special technical collaboration institute” to merge “the US and Jiang” propagandizing together, or “the Sino-US special technical collaboration institute” linked with “imprisoned and slaughtered the communists and anti-Japan populaces” and “the concentration camp” to propaganda together. Along with historic information “decipher”, and the people have more understanding of historic truth  will one day be revealed to the whole world.

2. Used each kind of media tool to propagandize the “crime” of the “Sino-US cooperation institute”
Various versions of introductions of the “Chongqing Sino-US Collaboration Institute Prison Camp and the Crime Exhibition of the US and Chiang”
The Chinese Communist has used nearly all media, such as the novel, play, poetry, the movie, reference books, dictionaries and so on, to propagandizethe “the Sino-US special technical collaboration institute” was “a massacre center in Chongqing to communists and the anti-Japanese masses by spies of America and Kuomintang”.

Ticket of the “Chongqing Sino-US Collaboration Institute Prison Camp and the Crime Exhibition of the US and Chiang” in1960s, it was anti-American propaganda and patriotism education base.
Following list only a few of those propaganda projects:
The novel "Red rock", wrote by Luo Guangbin and Yang Yiyan, published by the Chinese Youth Publishing house in 1961. Until now it has reprinted 60 times, the total quantity issued surpasses 10,000,000 volume, and was translates into many foreign languages sell in many countres, and also reorganized into movies, the plays and so on. This book is named as one of “one hundred patriotism textbookthe” by the Propaganda Department of Central Committee of the CCP, Ministry of Culture, Youth Corps Central Committee.
The opera "Sister Jiang", in 1964, according to the novel "Red Rock" storycreated and performed by the Opera Troupe of PLA Air Force. By the incomplete statistics, from 1964 to1965, at least it has performed 286 times, created the miracle in the Chinese opera history. Hereafter during 40 years, the Opera Troupe of PLA Air Force once 4 times rehearsed the opera "Sister Jiang", Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin and so on the three generation of national leaders have watched it, this is unique in the Chinese opera history.
The movie “Eternal Life In Raging Fire", Beijing Film Studio produced in 1965, reorganized and adaptated according to Luo Guangbin and Yang Yiyan’s novel "Red rock".
The lengthy modern broadcast storytelling "Soul of Red rock", performed by Yuan Kuocheng broadcasts a lecture "Red Rock Soul", the Central People's Broadcasting Station in 1998 recorded.
“The Poems Revolutionary martyres in ChongqingSino-US special technical cooperation’ Concentration Camp”, was edited and published by Chongqing People's Publishing Agency in 1963.
“Dictionary of Chinese Scenic spots”, edited by the National Cultural Relic Bureau and published by Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House in April, 2002; "Chinese Modern History", edited by Zhou Xingwang and pubulished by Chinese Encyclopedia Publishing House in August, 1996; and also there were innumerably “encyclopedia”, the elementary and middle schools history textbook, the political textbook, the dictionary and so on, has basically the same introduction about “the Sino-US special technical collaboration institute”.
There was a Nationwide Tour Exhibition “Soul of Red Rock-- History Exhibition of the struggle of Revolutionary Martyrs in Geleshan(Baigong Hall & Zhazi Cave)".  On March 13, 1997, Hefei Industrial University Attached Middle School organized all the students and the teaching and administrative staff more than 1500 people visits this display. On May 15~21, 1997, the Sichuan Wanzhou CCP Committee Propaganda Department and the Communist Youth League Wanzhou Committee jointly sponsored this display. On June 28, 2000, Beijing Cultural Palace of the Nationalities, started a 40 days of this display. On June 29, 2000, this display and the report and the performance activity held in Beijing Jingxi Hotel’s Assembly Hall, and many important CCP leaders came here, such as Li Lanqing, the Politbureau member of CPC Central committee, State Council Vice-Premier; Ding Guangen, the Politbureau member and the secretariat secretary of CPC Central committee, Propaganda Department Minister; Chi Haotian, the Politbureau member and the Central Military Committee Vice-President; Zeng Qinghong, the Politbureau alternate committee member, secretariat secretary, Organization Department of the Central Committee, and many comrades who attendanced the conference on ideological and political work, together. attended the Exhibitory activity.
In September, 2005, all the Communist members were organized to watch the Nationwide Tour Exhibition “Soul of Red Rock” by the organization of the CCP Commettee of the Economy Management College in The Northwest Farming and Forestry Scientific and Technical University. The notice (which is very impotent even in the school intenet web) is as follows.
The Notice of all Party members of the College must watch the "soul of Red Rock":
Each Branches of party members:
Party Committees of the College desided  that on pm 3:00 of September 2, all the party members have to watch the "soul of Red Rock" which is the Communist Advance Education Problem. Adress is in the college building’s 6th Floor Conference Room.  Please tell each other, everyone must be at the meeting on time.
The CCP Committee of the Economy Management College, The Northwest Farming and Forestry Scientific and Technical University.
September 2, 2005
3. The “notorious” image of the Sino-US cooperation institute
So far, the word "notorious" linked to the term of the Sino-US cooperation institute in Chinese media, and you can search on the Internet web and there are many of them.
The CCP generally propagandazed “the Sino-US Cooperation Institute” as following:
“The Sino-US Cooperation Institute” was located in northeast Chongqing under the Geleshan, more than 2000 Sino-US spy's dormitories, offices, dining rooms, dance halls, ceremonial halls, arsenal and the warehouses, as well as the jails to imprison revolutionary progressive personages' Zhazi Cave and Baigong Hall, and so on. Before 1941 the Pacific War erupted, the Chinese Bureau of Investigations and Statistics of the Military Affairs once learned that Japan attempted to attack Pearl harbor. Xiao Bo, the assistant Chinese Military Embassy in American and the leader the station of the Investigations and Statistics Affairs Bureau in the US, told the news to the US. But the American paid no attention. After the Pacific War erupted, the American then perceived that Chinese information's important, and hoped to combat to Japan can through the Investigations and Statistics Affairs Bureau of KMT government to engaged in information activity for the need of the US. In order to convenience Chiang Kai-Shek group’s spies to provide informations to the US,  the representatives of China and the US signed contractes in Chongqing in April 1943, the the Sino-US Special Technical Collaboration Institute (hereinafter referred to the Sino-US Cooperation)was formally established in July, the address was located in Chongqing Ciqikou. Dai Li, the spy chief of KMT’s Bureau of Investigation and Statistics Military Affairs, was appointed to the director of The Sino-US Cooperation. Milton Miles, spy and the Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Navy Information Bureau, was the assistant director. The Sino-US Cooperation mainly engaged in the secret activities of anti-communist and anti-people. Baigong Hall and Zhazi Cave in Chongqing were concentration camp to imprison and massacre to the communist and other progressive personages. At that time, here heavily-guarded, the Sino-US spies were very cruel and run rampant. After the Sino-Japanese War, here then completely became the Jail specially of Kuomintang Government to imprison and torture and massacre the revolutionary figures and Communists. There were more than 20 prisons, Baigong Hall and Zhazi Cave were the biggest. In these two prisons, the Sino-US spies persecuted the revolutionary people wantonly. Successively killed by the Kuomintang reactionaries there were: Luo Shiwen, secretary of the CCP Sichuan province committee; Ju Yaoxian, director of the CCP west Sichuan provincial committee and military commission; Deng Huizhong, leader of the Mt. Huaying armed uprising; Jiang ZhuJun and Xu Xiaoxuan, outstanding communist party member. Also Yang Hucheng, the famous anti-Japan and patriotic general, and his wife and son; Ye Ting,the New Fourth Army first army commander, great anti-soldier, and so on. On November 27, 1949, before Kuomintang evacuated the mainland, there 331 revolutionary figures were killed, this conducted extremely tragic “1127” murder case. After Chongqing liberation, the people's government constructed the martyr's grave in here, stood erect a revolutionary martyr monument, collected and compiledartyrs' revolutionary facts, the original “the Sino-US Cooperation” is changed to Exhibition Hall, in order to for people to cherish and memory and learn from the martyr’s spirit of devoting for the new China's birth.
Some illustrations in publicity materials for “the Sino-US Cooperation”
As for other "notorious" image of the Sino-US Cooperation created by each kind of propaganda forms such as the novels, plays, movies, soap operas, and so on,  here did not need to state.
For resisting Japanese invasion, "the Sino-US cooperation institute " had established many intelligence training classes. The photo shows the US workers trained the Chinese soldiers. But, in some propaganda materials which said the "Sino-US cooperation" was the place of "US-Chiang killing revolutionaries", uded this photo to explaine “The Sino-US Cooperation Institute's American trained the spy how to carry on assassination”.
4 The Sino-US cooperation is a transnational military information cooperating agency of International antifascist united front
China's protracted resistance, causes the Japanese bogged down in the Chinese battlefield and unable to extricate itself, as a result of the world Fascist axis powers rapid expansion in Europe, greatly stimulated Japan to take adventure and launched the Pacific War. On January 1, 1942, "United Nations Declaration" was signed in Washington by China, the US, British and Soviet as leading countries and altogether 26 countries. It stipulated: All the countries should use all their military strength and the resources to attack the common enemy, and negotiate not with any enemy about peace separately. The establishment of the United Nations, indicated that the international antifascist united front formed officially. Mao Zedong's Chinese Communist Party also advocated to form the antifascist united front with countries and the nationality such as the UK and the US. This united front has made the important contributions for the antifascist war's final victory. The Chinese people will never forget those international comrade who fought side by side with us, and even sacrificed their own lives, such as the Canadian doctor Norman Bethune, the US military Flying Tigers and the former Soviet Union help-China Aviation corps' brave warriors. The Sino-US cooperation is the transnational military information cooperating agency in the international antifascist united front.
The Soviet Embassy in China first proposed, under the consultations between the Soviet Troop General Staff Department and the Chinese National Government Troop Commission Military Department, the Sino-Soviet Information Cooperation Institute has established. Yang Xuancheng (the director of the second Hall of Chinese Troop Commission Military Department) held the head post.The concrete operations of the institute were in charge by MIB, mainly intercept communications and research Japanese force’s telecommunication password. The Soviets provided large quantities of telecommunication equipment. The institute set in Chongqing city, in addition was equipped with the telecommunication detection broadcasting station on Mt. Huang. But soon because outbreak of the Soviet Germany war, Soviet Union had no time and energy to inquire about it, approximately three years later it abolished.
Montenegrothe British intelligence officer in China, Encountered surveillance by Japanese in Shanghai, fled to Chongqing escorting by the Army of Loyalty Justice which is guerrilla belong to MIB. He proposed to set up the Sino- UK special technical collaboration institute in the name of the British Embassy commercial secretary,  carried on the information exchange. The UK side indicated willing to to aid weapons and equipment and send experts, help China to form and train a guerrilla force behind the enemy lines (after the Pacific war broke this force then decided to go to Southeast Asia battlefield coordinate with the British Forces). In January 1942, the headquarters of rangers (subordinate of MIB) established Shapingba of Chongqing, Zhou Weilong, the former chief of the Army of Loyalty Justice, took charge of the head of both the Sino- UK Cooperation and the Headquarters of Rangers.
In 1942 summer, the exiled French De Gaulle Government also once sent representatives to China, negotiated with MIB of KMT to establish the Sino-France Special Technical Cooperation Institute, mainly to detect and translate the code telegram of French Vichy Puppet government. It has not been able to establish finally.
The success of genuine cooperation, is the Sino-US Cooperation. According to the recall of Bao Zhihong, who was Major General and Director of military intelligence Department of MIB and participated to draft the Sino-US Special Technical Cooperation Agreement, the United States Air Force shooted down the Japanese Navy senior general Isoroku Yamamoto's plane, the personnels in Sino-US Cooperation and MIB detected and deciphered the telecommunication codes, had a key merit. The Sino-US Cooperation also established certain meteorological stations and observation stations and so on for the US Navy and Air Force, and these meteorological information played the influential role in the military action of the US attacks and bombs the islands in Pacific Ocean occupied by Japanese and Japanese native place. A postwar report of American Naval Department even has such appraisal: China through the Sino-US Cooperation provided the military and meteorological information to the US about Japanese occupied area, “is the only message source for the US’s Pacific fleet and the Submarine in the Chinese coast to attack the enemy navy”.
The Sino-US Cooperation was a pure intelligence agency, it had provided massive informations for Chinese fighting against Japan, It never imprisoned any Chinese, after Japan's surrendered it announced to dismiss.
5There was no relation between the Sino-US Cooperation and the Zhazi Cave Jail
“The Chinese Diplomatic History" (wrote by Wu Dongzhi, Shanghai Huangpu District Education Information Center) published by Henan People's Publishing Agency in April, 2001, the book wrote:
Although the American highest authority agreed to maintain the Sino-US Cooperation continuously in the wartime after weighing the advantages and disadvantages, but in postwar actually finished this work according to the agreement, large quantities of commodity equipments of the Sino-US Cooperation were transmited to the Bureau of Investigation of KMT and used to suppress the people. So it can say, the Sino-US Cooperation is a earliest concrete product of the supporting Chiang anti-communism policy of the US, is a crime evidence the US participation slaughters and suppresses the Chinese people and Chinese Communists. Its appearance, represented an adverse current of the American policy toward China. It has only provided few information to the American Navy and Air Force, and has no important role to fight against Japanese forces. However, Chiang Kai-Shek yet listed the Sino- US Cooperates as the "most outstanding" achievement of the US helping China; Chiang regard these American officials who opposed to the Sino-US Cooperation as the foes, and accused them of sympathizing and cooperating with the communists and “anti- Chiang”.
The arguments and the reasons for this conclusion of the book, is  quoted from the article wrote by Shen Zui. (Shen Zui: "Inside Story of the Sino-US Special Technical Collaboration”, carried on “Inside Story of KMT Military Investigation Bureau”,published by Historical Data Press,1984).
But how is the confidence of the Shen Zui’s article? Since Shen Zui wrote the article after the Reform-through-labor by Communist and during the years around the “Great Cultural Revolution”. Shen Zui and Cheng Yiming simultaneously wrote many materials and published by the CCP. These publications around years of the Great Cultural Revolution as a result of the political climate and used for political propaganda need, so there were discrepancies with the fact probably. Both Shen Zui and Cheng Yiming were members of National Political Consultative Conference Committee, and there were contradictories between the two. Shen Zui accused Cheng Yiming’s recollection article not to describe his own evil history in the 50s-60s in the overseas. But Cheng Yiming said that Shen Zui’s articles rearranged some historical data to attack other people, stemming from some kind of goal or propaganda need, had written many false situations in his articles aboput the history of the KMT Military Investigation Bureau.
Moreover, even in Shen Zui’s recollection also can explain the relation between the Sino-US Cooperation and the Zhazi Cave jail: “In 1944 (actuallly is in 1945) spring, Fei Gongying, Zhejiang University professor, (that time it was in Zunyi, Guizhou province), invited by Fudan University (that time it was in Beibei, Chongqing outer suburb) to come Chongqing to lecture. One day professor Fei took a ship from Chongqing to Beibei, when waiting for a ship Fei was missing. This matter alarmed the Chongqing educational circles, many people thought that was kidnapped by the spy. Under the public opinion pressure, Chiang Kai-Shek questions to Dai Li, Dai Li said that the Military Investigations Bureau had not grasped professor Fei. And Dai Li also asked the Central Investigation Bureau and the police corps and so on, there were nothing about grasped professor Fei.. Dozens of professors (all were once studied in UK and US) wrote a letter to Wedemeyer, the Chief of the US military Far East War Zone, requesting to investigate this matter thoroughly. Wedemeyer asked Milton Miles, the US side leader of the Sino-US Cooperation, to handle the matter. Milton Miles sent Major Clark a New York spy in the Sino-US Cooperation, to search and investigate. Dai Li arranged Shen Zui to be assistance, tell Shen Zui if had discovered any reliable clue must get professor Fei in our hands, not let Clark get Fei, in order to avoid caused Dai Li to lose face in front of Chiang Kai-Shek.
After extensive investigation, there was no result. The US side suspected that professor Fei has been arrested, because there were some clue shows that Fei has anti-government opinion. KMT has two different spy organs one is the Military Investigation Bureau, the other is the Central Investigation Bureau. The Military Investigation Bureau suspected that Fei was arrested by Central Investigation Bureau (because the Central Investigation Bureau once sent personnels to place Fei under surveillance). Therefore Dai Li ordered to check all the imformatioms and files in all the Inspection offices and police stations in Chongqing even took Fei’s picture to verify all the criminals who were arrested at this time. Shen Zui quietly asked Dai Li, if the American want to see the detention center of the Military Investigation Bureau in Geleshan (i.e. the Zhazi Cave jail), what shall we do? Dai Li immediately replied fiercely: “The Amerian want to flatter the several dozens professors who once studied in the US. What they want to do, let them do so. But if they want to see our detention center, you simply say that all he these prisoners were here very long before, and have no any one are arrested recently.” Dai Li also said to Shen Zui: “You know clearly that we have not grasped Fei, why you mention such question?” The matter was not found any result until now. (see the 261~265th pages of the Chines book “Inside Story of KMT Military Investigation Bureau”, wrote by Shen Zui, published by Historical Data Press,1984).
Thus it can be seen, during period of the Sino-US Cooperation functioning, although Zhazi Cave jail was in nearby, but the jail has non-subordination relation with the Sino-US Cooperation.
The recollection wrote by Zhou Yanghao in 1969(this time he is a “war criminal” ), who once was appointed to jail warden of the Xifeng jail of the KMT Military Investigation Bureau, Major General and the deputy chief of Southwest Special Zone Security Bureau”, it said: “The area of the former KMT Military Investigation Bureau and Chongqing Silk Factory is called ‘The Sino-US Cooperation’ after the liberation. Actually in this area there were many different organizations with different names, some were organs directly belong to the KMT Military Investigation Bureau, others were periphery organs of the Military Investigation Bureau ”. “Actually, most of the residential and office houses in this region were occupied by the Military Investigation Bureau, less than a third of the houses were occupied by the Sino-US Cooperation. For example the Silk Factory Office, the Building Engineering Department (it had a lot of staffs at that time), Baigong Hall, Zhazi Cave, elementary school, as well as several dozens spy training classes, only one special police class belong to the Sino-US Cooperation, all others belong to the Military Investigation Bureau.” “In an area so called ‘special region’, a meteorological observatory of Chennault's American Flying Tigers’ and so on units also stationed here.” “Therefore, in the Sino-Japanese War time, the Sino-US cooperation was only a cooperation unit between the Military Investigation Bureau and the information institue of the US Airl Force in this area, it cannot represent all the spy organs of the Military Investigation Bureau in the local area.” “Pre-liberation the area of the Sino-US Cooperation in Chongqing was calld MIB(Military Investigation Bureau) Chongqing Silk Factory Area...... In fact most of the organs and units in this area were MIB, the Sino-US Cooperation only has a office and special police clas. The Sino-US Cooperation had no relation with the jail of Baigong Hall and Zhazi Cave”.(Chinese book “Dai Li, Milton Miles and the Sino-US Cooperation” page 133136).
“Flees From the Sino-US Cooperation” wrote by He Hongjun and published in “Spring and Autumn of the Red rock Period” magazine, 1st issue,2002, it said that: In later period of the Sino-Japanese War, many university students were mobilized to be the allied army interpreter by the Military Committee, he was assigned the Sino-US Cooperation, after he discovered that this was a organization have relation with MIB of KMT, and he would not have relations with the  spy service, he asked to change to other work but had not been approved, so he fled away, afterward he encountered to be warrant for arrest, but soon, he known the situation was relaxed, he returned to Chongqing, and handed a letter to the Foreign Affair Bureau of the Military Committee, very easyly the warrant for arrest was abolished, and restored his work, even the Sino-US Cooperation also reissued him the wages of three month he leave away. This experience, also explained that the Sino-US Cooperation was by no means any rank of bloody terror “concentration camp”.
The Sino-US Cooperation Institute was founded in July , 1943, China got the victory of Sino-Japanese War in 1945, the US side personnels returned to homeland according to the stipulation of the Institue. In January , 1946, the Sino-US Cooperation Institute was cancelled formally, after the Investigation and Statistics Bureau reported Chiang Kai-Shek, the personnels of the Investigation and Statistics Bureau who worked in the Sino-US Cooperation Institute returned back to the Investigation and Statistics Bureau, other personnels in the Sino-US Cooperation Institute were dismissed with 3 month salary. The Sino-US Cooperation Institute is a intelligence agency which has the positive role for getting victory of the Anti-Japanese War. In the history of getting the intelligence to Japan's military operations, the personnels of KMT’s Investigation and Statistics Bureau has made important contributions. Some Data show that there were 45,000 people in the Investigation and Statistics Bureau, of which18,000 people sacrificed in the anti-Japanese front.
The White Building and Zhazi Cave under Chongqing Gele Mt., were two KMT jails specially held the political prisoners. After Sino-Japanese War victory, the communist party and Kuomintang strived for the political power, carried on the large-scale civil war in the nationwide scale, Kuomintang had been defeated. From September to the end of November in 1949, the Kuomintang authority faced collapse, it imprisoned here the Communist political prisoners and the defaulters of the KMT, and more than 200 persons were bloody killed here. But this had not related with the Sino-US Cooperation Institute which had been canceled for a few years.
Mr. Deng Youping once worked in Chongqing Gele Mt. Revolution Memorial Hall, now works in Chongqing Museum, published his article “Analysis the ‘Sino-US Cooperation Concentration Camps’” on the magazine "American Research", 1988, the 3rd issue, which has clarified a lot of historical facts. Ye Ting , Liao Chengzhi and so on persons were arrested by KMT authority, were imprisoned in Chongqing Gele Mt. jail at the time before the Sino-US Cooperation Institue set up, other persons such as Yang Hucheng and Jiang Zhuyun (Sister Jiang) were imprisoned in there after the revocation of the Sino-US Cooperation Institue. “The Sino-US Cooperation Institue are completely irrelevant with these arrests, detention, killings and other criminal activities”. “Until now, in the file of the Chongqing Gele Mt. Martyrs Cemetery Office or the Museum, cannot discover any document about the Sino-US Cooperation Institue issued to arrest or slaughter revolution persons, have no any material mentioned that the Americans personally participated in these activities”.
Spy chief Xu Pengfei in the novel “Red rock”, who’s prototype is Xu Yuanju, the Southwest spy chief at that years, But Xu never worked in the Sino-US Cooperation, when Xu transferred to Chongqing and was appointed to head of the second generalissimo's bureau and the director of the southwest special zone security bureau, the Sino-US Cooperation was already abolished. In the novel "Red rock", Xu Pengfei always said that “here was the Sino-US Cooperation”, this was totally contrary to the history.
Opera “Siste Jiang” which was reorganizes according to the novel "Red Rock", its scene was marked "Chongqing Zhazi Cave Sino-US Cooperation Concentration Camp Interrogation Room”, the guards said to Sister Jiang: “You must know, this is the Sino-US Cooperation Institute, you came in but not to want to exit!”  the interrogation personnel song: “This is the Sino-US Cooperation Institute,a black jail under the Gele Mt., there were forty-eight kinds of American corporal punishment, the dead bones were heaped in Zhazi Cave higher than Mt.!” It completely distorted the historical fact that Jiang Zhuyun (Sister Jiang) was imprisoned in Chongqing Gele Mt. Jail and was killed there at the time that the the Sino-US Cooperation Institute had been cancelled for few years, to propaganda that the Sino-US Cooperation Institute killed Sister Jiang and so on Communists.
Lü Yuan (Liu Renfu, 1922-2009) is a Chinese renowned writer, poet and literature translator, once had worked in a short time in th Sino-US cooperation Institue, he joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1948, from 1953 to 1955 he was the group leader of the International Propaganda Section of Central Committee of the CCP Propaganda Department, in 1962 worked in the People's Literature Press, in 1983 he was vice-editor-in-chief.of the People's Literature Press. During the Culture Revolution he suffered brutal persecution, one of the charges was “had done the spy to the American imperialist and cruelly harmed the revolutionary in the Sino-US Cooperation”. Renowned painter Ye Qianyu (1907-1995) once was hired in “Sino-US Cooperation Institute” to be engaged in propaganda work of opposition to Japan, was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution, on charges of “the Amercan-Chiang’s spy”.
6. Yang Yiyan: I have seen the “Sino-US cooperation institute” (selection)

194884,四名便衣特务将我从重庆菜园坝一家工厂的三楼宿舍押下楼。一副银色手铐将我铐上,我看见手铐上刻着几个英文字:Made inU.S.A。我被拖上一辆美制中型吉普车。车子摇摇晃晃,不知驶去了何方。
On August 4, 1948, four plainclothes spies detained me from third floor of a factory dormitory in a Chongqing factory to go downstairs. A pair of silver handcuffs shackled me, I saw a few English words engraved handcuffs: Made inU.S.A. I was dragged on a medium-sized American-made jeep. The small vehicle was lopping, drove to where I did not know.
Finally, I was detained to a jail in the valley where numerous being monitored booths, also all were electrical network, tall wall gathers round. When I was escorted into the prison office, my body has once again been closely searched, the spy was announcing the discipline to me, I saw indoor the tables and chairs which all have the white lacquer words “Sino-US cooperation institute”, my ears were buzzing sounded of a agent warning voice: “Listen, your number is the 258th; This is your name.”
The warning voice of the spy, the white lacquer words “Sino-US cooperation institute” on the tables and chairs, had no alternative but always to circle in my mind ...... I seem to understood, but also it seem I do not understand. Because, after all, I have not seen the place where named the “Sino-US Cooperation Institute”.
On November 30 , 1949, People's Liberation Army has liberated Chongqing.
Verified the situation of the Sino-US Cooperation Institute was one of public security bureau’s most urgent work. A large number of the Institute’s files which had not been destroyed or transported had been seized. They showed that at the liberation eve, the Sino-US Cooperation Institute slaughterd the revolutionaries, and it attempted the crime to implement big demolition in Chongqing. The former site of “Sino-US cooperation institute” once had used more than 20 kilometers electrified wire net isolated it from the outside, after the angry people masses removed the electrified wire net, the true colors of the Sino-US Cooperation Institute appeared in front of the common people.
I first saw all this in early November 1949, the first few days of Chongqing had just liberated, when I Entered this former forbidden area together with tens of thousands of angry populace. Its ten arsenals had been detonated completely by the enemy spy, everywhere left behind the US-made arms which had demolished. Its auditorium had also already been blown up by the enemy agent , Left only the broken bricks and tiles. The male Jail in Zhazi Cavehad been burnt by the enemy spy, lefe there were only some burnt and curl martyr body remains. Under the male prison wall, there were 19 martyr's remains who originally after crawling out from his cell, but were hit by enemy agents, sacrificed there……on the pine forest slope, everywhere was the blood of martyrs, and the big body burial pits one and another……At that time, a total of 331 sacrificed persons were found in the Sino-US Cooperation Institute.
The enemy spy implemented the massacre and the large explosion inside and outside in Chongqing Sino-US Cooperation Institute, once revealed to the public, shocked China and the world, had enraged the general populace enormously. The just formed Chongqing Public Security Department, under broad masses assist positively,hundred and thousand of enemy executioners, lurking spies were caught in the people's net of justice
I have seen the relevant facts of the Sino-US Cooperation Institute, all are published in the January 15, 1950 issue of “Special Memorial Service Commemorating the Martyrs”, and in February 1950’s memoir “Such Sino-US Special Technical Cooperation Institute”, all the memoir’s text have been examined and approved by the Memorial Standing Committee. These memoirs have the name list of martyrs killed in Sino-US Cooperation Institute Camp, as well as the list of factory protection martyrs. [in August 1950, The Central Revolutionary Museum has edited all the memoirs’text in a book, “The crime factual record of American imperialist and Chiang bandit in Chongqing Concentration Camp” and it publieshed by “Dazhong (Volkswagen) Bookstore”]
[Picked from "the China's youth" in May, 2003]
7 Novel "Red rock" and its author Luo Guangbin and Yang Yiyan
The novel "Red rock" published in 1961. The Chinese Communist Party media has carried on the massive propagandas to this book. The following is common publicity materials:
This is an excellent novel, theme is the communists strive heroic struggle for the liberation of the Chinese people. Author Luo Guangbin andYang Yiyan once imprisoned together in “the US Special Technical Cooperation Institute” concentration camp, had experienced enemy's all sorts of barbaric atrocities and Communist's indomitable struggle life. As the survivor and the most direct witness, these two authors had wrote the revolutionary reminiscences “The Eternal Life in Raging Fire”, and based on this, they further collected the struggle deeds of martyrs, concentrated, refined, carried on artistic re-creation. They lasted ten years time, had completed magnificent work.
After the novel "Red rock" was published in 1961, it is been called “the textbook which has the spirit of communism and the revolutionary moral courage”, and has been translated into many kinds of foreign books, massively printed and released, At present the total number of printing already have exceeded 10000000. "Red Rock" was represented as “Communistparty's history novel " once by Central Propaganda Department of CCP in that years. Until today, still some people treated the "Red rock" as the history documentary of Sichuan and Chongqing’s underground Party of the CCP.
1Novel "Red rock", author: Luo Guangbin and Yang Yiyan. Chinese Youth Publishing House, 1961 the first edition. To 2008, the printing has surpassed 10,000,000. (2) On October 13, 1964, in the People’s Great Hall, Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and so on party and state leaders watched the opera “Sister Jiang” which was was adapted from novel "Red rock".
Luo Guangbin (1925-1967), writer. was born in Chongqing Zhong County. joined the CCP in 1948, younger brother of Luo Guangwen (Commander of the 16th army corps of Kuomintang). He was arrested in 1948, once imprisoned in Chongqing Zhazi Cave Camp. After 1949 successively was the minister of United Front Department of Chongqing Municipal Youth League Committee, vice-president of Chongqing Democratic Youth Alliance. Latter he was specially engaged in the Literary creation in Chongqing Cultural Federation, author of the novel "Red rock".
Because the national enormous influence of the novel "Red rock", naturally Luo Guangbin became the hero of the national youth’s worship.But his day did not feel better at that time, the Chinese Communist inner-party struggles caused his political life actually still encounter many limits. In 1963 the Youth Corps Central Committee proposed to select him as a representative to visit Japan, was Rejected by certain people in Chongqing by the reason “individual doubt in history”. In 1964, the Communist Youth League convenes the ninth meeting, prepare to arrange him to be candidates for the CYL Central Committee, also was rejected for the same reason. During the years of “talking about class struggle every day, every month, every year”, Luo Guangbin’s experience in Zhazi Cave Camp, happened to constitute the history doubt for people do not trust him. So he is depressed mood before the Cultural Revolution. When the Cultural Revolution starts, he became one of Chongqing’s earliest rebels. This is also his tragedy life start.
In thet Cultural Revolution, there were serious differences in interior of Chongqing rebels sbout question of seizing power, therefore it had laid down the hatred seed. On January 31, 1967, the contradiction was finally imminent: Beijing Aeronautical Institute “Red Flag” Red Guards in Chongqing first wrote the bigcharacter posters, "Luo Guangbin Is Revolutionary Rebels Interior Timing Bomb", "Why We Must Clutch Luo Guangbin",  Attacks his to be many: charges were used to attack him: “Personage on black line",“reactionary gang member”, “the biggest monarchist in Chongqing literary and art circlesr”, “top politics pickpocket in the mountain city”……
因为造反派群众对毛的最高指示有不同的理解,和夺取斗争中利益的分配分歧,全国的造反派分裂,进行你死我活派别斗争,进行武斗。重庆的造反派武斗是非常激烈的。196722日,重庆红卫兵革命造反司令部发令抓捕罗;25日,建工学院红卫兵将罗从家中绑架并抄家;28日,夺权派的重庆市革命联合会宣告成立;反夺权派组织暂时失败,211日,军队暂时支持的联合会宣布重庆市文联等 (罗广斌是该派组织的头目)反革命组织,被勒令解散……
Because the masses of hair rebels have the different understanding to Mao’s highest instruction, and divergent in benefit assignment of the struggle and seizing power, the national rebellion masses splited to different factions, between the factions carried on the life and death struggle and the resort to violence. Chongqing rebels’ resorting to violence is very fierce. On February 2 , 1967, Chongqing Red Guard Revolution Rebels Headquarters issuesd order to catch Luo Guangbin, on February 5, Red Guards of the Architecture college kidnaped him from home and search his house and confiscated the property. On February 8, the seizuring- power faction, Chongqing Revolutionary  Federation was set up; the anti-seizuring-power faction temporarily failed, on February 11, the Federation which temporary supported by the army, announced that the anti-seizuring-power organization in Chongqing Literary and Art Circles (Luo Guangbin was the organization’s leader) was a "counter-revolutionary organization", must be compelled dissolving……
On February 10, 1967a news about Luo Guangbin falling down from the top floor suicide in custody came out and spreaded. The interrogate persons forced him to confess how he was discharged from Zhazi Cave jail. in 1949. From February 5 he was kidnapped, till to late night on February 9, each day several dozens hours of continual interrogating. make him to be exhausted, painfully lie awake all nights. To 10th early morning, he was been escorted and carried a washbasin to 3rd floor toilet to wash face, while people did not prepare he climb up the window, shouted loudly “long live Chairman Mao!” and jumped down, falling hit on the stair stone ladder, dies at the scence.
Jiang Qing once said: Luo Guangbin is a "traitor”, “counter-revolutionary”, “Luo Guangbin is the Luo Guangwen’s younger brother, somebody reverse a case for him, we simply ignore him. The guerrillas in Mt. Huaying were bad enough, the  betrayers had been too many ". At that time, the rumors such as “there were many traitors in the Mt. Huaying guerrillas”, “there were many traitors in eastern Sichuan province’s underground party” widely spreaded. This shows oppressing Luo Guang Bin cruelly be really not fight with finality, but be one political prosecution beginning.
Yang Yiyan, was born in 1925 in Chongqing, member of the Chinese Communist Party. In 1944 he was admitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Tongji University. In 1948, taught in Staff Night School of Chongqing China Pencil Factory. Because of participating in student movement, he was arrested by Kuomintang in August, kept in in Zhazi Cave Concentration Camp. After Chongqing“liberation” In November l949, from 1950 on he worked in the municipal Youth League Committee, held the post of the section chief , the office director, standing committee member, editor-in-chief of the "Party Branch Life" of the CCP Chongqing Municipal Committee. His work was often to go different places to carry on the revolutionary tradition education for the youth. He wrote a lot of revolutionary memoirs. For instance, Luo Guangbin and he wrote "Eternal Life in Raging Fire".
Yang Yiyan had afterward become the professional author. Because in 1958 Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party did the “Great Leap Forward”, “People's commune” and so on wrong policies, caused China’s the “big famine” around 1960, in this difficult 3 years, all the Chinese people had nothing to eat, because Luo Guangbin and Yang Yiyan worked in Government, moreover were engaged in important “revolutionary reminiscences creation” and the propaganda work, they considered to enjoy special care, per night per person could be assigned to a small black bread. Under this kind of difficult condition, they created the novel "Red rock", which was honored as "Masterpieces of communism".
Yang Yiyan wrote the article “I have seen the ‘Sino-US cooperation institute’” published in "The China's Youth" in May, 2003, which caused a lot of people questioned. For example, the author Sun Shu’s article, “Are These ‘Have Been Seen’ or were Fabricated--- Comments on Yang Yiyan’s article ‘I have seen the Sino-US cooperation institute’”(“The Book House". 2003, issue 11), all said that Yang’s article is a compiled false story. Although he also accepts merciless persecution in the Great Cultural Revolution, but his life is much better than that of Luo Guangbin's. He has obtained some titles, for instance, members of the fourth and fifth sessions of Sichuan Province Political Consultative Conference, committee member of the fourth National Federation of Literary and Art Circles, director of the third and fourth sessions of Chinese Writers Association and the Fifth, sixth and seventh sessions of honorary committee members of the Association, vice-chairman of Federation of Literary and Art Circles Sichuan, vice-chairman of Chongqing Writers Association.
8. Yuan Geng said the Sino-US information cooperation had enormous influence to victory of anti-Japanese War
Yuan Gengzeng was the former leader of Shenzhen’s reforming and openning policy carrior. When in the Sino-Japanese War, Yuan Geng was the chief of Liaison Office in Dong Jiang Column. It is said that his excellent information work directly influence the conclusion way of China’s anti-Japan war and world antifascist war. Now there is a Memorial Hall of Dong Jiang Column located in Shenzhen Longgang District, many precious pictures and data there recorded this period of history.
On October 12, 1938, the Japanese invaders landed in Huiyang County's Daya Bay, subsequently seized Guangzhou, Hong Kong and South China's general areas. The Guangdong people had organized many anti-Japan guerrillas, on December 2, 1943 these guerrilla force merged, officially changed its name to the “anti-Japanese guerrilla Guangdong Dongjiang Column”, simultaneously announced outward: This is a anti-Japanese army in South China leading by the CCP. On December 7, 1941, Japan sneakily attacked Pearl harbor, the Pacific War erupted. On December 8, the US and UK declared war to Japan; On December 9, China declared war to Japan, Germany and Italy. Henceforth China has carried on years of the Sino-Japanese War, becomes the important component of the world’s antifascist war. The Dong Jiang Column had rescued two times and 89 foreign friends successively in February and April, 1942. Since the development of the war situation, the military intelligence cooperation was started between the Dong Jiang Column and the UK and the US.
The information cooperation between the Dong Jiang Column and British Army caused the US military attention seriously. On February 9, 1944, Roosevelt sent a telegram to Chiang Kai-Shek requesting to dispatch the US military observation group to go to Yenan to inspect. General Stilwell, the senior consultant of US military in Chongqing, negotiated with Zhou Enlai, the representative of the CCP in Chongqing, the US want to send eight Observer Group to  and the Chinese Communist Party in Chongqing office's the request sends 8 observation groups to cooperate with the Chinese Communist Party. But, until the end of the Sino-Japanese War, only 2 groups of the US military did. One observation group was Charged by Colonel Devid DeanBarrett, came to Yenan in July, 1944; another observation group was chargred by Dr. Merrills Ady came to Dong Jiang on October 7,1944.
At that time, the Dong Jiang Column sent telegram to the CCP Central Committee to ask how to cooperate with the American about the informationwork on October 9, 1944. Mao received and wrote immediately: “copy this to Zhou Enlai, Ren Bishi, Liu Shaoqi, Peng Dehuai, Zhu De and Ye Jianying, please Zhou Enlai give an answer.” On October 13, the Part Central returned telegram and agreed with the Dong Jiang Column’s work plan. Yuan Geng responded immediately to arrange the establishment liaison office's work. On November 1, 1944, the Dong Jiang Column sent telegram to the CCP Central Committee to ask for instructions. The telegram said: “Military Commission: because our Army Liaison Office lack cadres, now still arrange to do preparative and to train the cadres. At present Comrade Yuan Geng is charged with the preparative task, and the work has not finished completely, only get slight scale, presently send personals to go to information agency in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and the Pearl River coast.” The Part Central agreed with the Dong Jiang Column’s instruction, set up the liaison office in Dong Jiang Column as a special intelligence department, formally appointed Yuan Geng as Director of the Liaison Office, started information cooperation with allied armies more than one year, mainly did information exchange work in Zhujiang Delta and the Guangdong coast’s enemy occupied area.
Yuan Geng recalled, since Dr. Merrills Ady is tall and has golden hair and blue eyes, it is very “striking” when he is in the crowd. In order to keep secret, the headquarters of the Dong Jiang Column shifted in Luofu Mountain, Merrills Ady’s observation group was called the security group internally, accompanied by Translator Huang Zuomei, hided in a party member’s family in the north side of Luofu Mountain, kept secret highly. Yuan Geng’s liaison office military radio station erected on Luofu Mountain. After the radio station erected ready, the Dong Jiang Column contacted directly with American 14th Air unit's General Chennault and the US Pacific Fleet Commander-in-Chief General Nimitz, Chester William (1885-1966).
The pertinent data demonstrated that Yuan Geng and the intelligence agency had provided massive important military informations, such as maps of Japanese army’s airports in Guangzhou Tianhe, Hong Kong Kaitak Afld and Shenzhen; the construction planning chart of Takoo Dock of the Japanese army, the password of South China Fleet of the Japanese, the blueprint of K2 airplane of Japanese air Kamikaze team, Japanese force’s fortification map along the Kowloon-Canton route, the Japanese coastal defense plans in Hong Kong, and so on. These caused the Dong Jiang Column first discovered where was the missing Japanese Army, which have a great impact on the way to end the Sino-Japanese War.
“129 Regiment” is Japanese forces' trump card army, committed the countless crime to the Chinese people. In 1944 Hengyang campaign, because of this regiment's crazy slaughter, caused the 10th Corps of KMT casualties serious, Fang Xianjiao, the commander of the 10th Corps was forced to order all of his forces to lay down the weapon, and surrendered. After Hengyang campaign, the Allied Armies used three radio stations to trace this Japanese massacre regiment’s trend every day, but it suddenly disappeared from the scene. The Allied Armies started a "counterattack to its each island" plan - -Japan force moved gradually from the Pacific Ocean to the Japanese native place. Although the Allied Armies won successively, but went forward every one step had paid serious price. Afterward, the Allied Armies adjusted the strategy, intended toland from the Chinese southeast coast where was seized by the Japanese, established the strategic counteroffensive base, to give a large-scale strategic air bombing to the Japanese native place, forcing Japanese forces surrenders as soon as possible.
On March 9, 1945, Mr. Ganz, the US military lieutenant, and his 6 staff members went to the Dongjiang Column with a introduction letter by General Chennault, their duty was to choice the suitable the landing beach place in Daya Bay and the Shantou coast for the US military force. Huang Kang, a student of Zhongshan University, led a information group, they discovered that the Japanese army had constructed the cavern fortification in the Shantou coast and Dongshan Island, and they drawn maps give Yuan Geng.
Yuan Geng gave the maps to the US military, which discovered that the fortifications here were very like the same as the Japanese army’s cavern fortifications constructed in the Saipan Island. Then their information posts in Guangzhou and Dongguan found the trace of Japanese “129 Regiment”. Since Dong Jiang Column got the accurate intelligence, the Allied Armies decided to avoid the crack troops of the Japanese, chose to land in China's Lianyungang. But the US authorities changed the original strategic planning, in order to speed war's conclusion, put the atomic bomb directly to the Japanese native place. South China landing plan was got over. However, the U.S. military highly praised the Dong Jiang Column, their thanking letter to Zeng Sheng, the commander of the Dong Jiang Column, said that “your reports are very superior, the headquarters expressed appreciation" , “Washington congratulates and celebrates the intelligence and the news about the 129 division's, the headquarters extend thanks”, “Washington to discovered that 129 Regiment”. (sees Han Mo: "Yuan Geng: His information changed the Allied Armies motion" carries on "Shenzhen Commercial Daily," November 28, 2003).
9. Yuan Geng became “the US strategic intelligence spy” during the “Culture Revolution”
On February 19, 1946, the pertinent department of the CCP Central Committee published the data about information cooperation between the Dong Jiang Column and the US Army and the thanking letter of the US Army on “Chinese Business View (Hua Shang Bao) in Hong Kong, proved that the communist party led the Dong Jiang Column to coordinate with the Allied Armies, attacked the Japanese invaders together, has made the contribution for the world antifascist war.
But, in “the Great Cultural Revolution” period, the Red Guards discovered this history from Hong Kong “Chinese Business View”. Therefore about 500 Red Guards came to Beijing “to uncover the American imperialist spy,Yuan Geng”. Lin Biao and Jiang Qing knew the history the Dong Jiang Column and their cooperation with the Allied Armies was agreed by Mao and CCP central clearly in fact, but they want to bring Zhou Enlai down, deliberate to charge against Yuan Geng as “the US strategic intelligence spy”. Kang Sheng ()handwritten instructions: This man has serious problem, arrest immediately, trial and interrogate together with Zeng Sheng’s case
On April 6, 1968 Yuan Gengyuis imprison in Qincheng Prison. Until September 30, 1973, after Lin Biao crashed with his plane, under Zhou Enlai's inquiry, Yuan Gengcai was released from prison. Yuan Geng said: “many years later, I run into Comrade Wang Guangmei (Liu Shaoqi’s wife) in an accidental opportunity. We chated and mentioned the Qincheng Prison, knew that originally I live that prison cell, Wang Guangmei had also lived.”(see Han Mo: "Yuan Geng: His information changed the Allied Armies motion" carries on “Shenzhen Commercial Daily” Shenzhen Business”, November 28, 2003).
10. “The Sino-US Cooperation Institute”, this is the US how to explain the democracy, freedom and human right
One author named "Lin Quan Shi Yin" published a poem on the blog which wrote by himself(submission date: on October 27, 2007), the selection is as follows:

Named the "Sino-US Cooperation Institute",
The reality is devil's lair of eating people
US-Chiang reactionaries,
In order to suppress the revolutionary people,
On the joint "cooperation",
Turned the Zhazi Cave and Chongqing’s White building,
Into the jail and slaughtering field ,
uncounted revolutionaries were suffered torment!

In the torture chambers,
inside various torture instruments were displayed,
Ropes, whips, knife and stick
Stove, iron, tiger bench ... ...
This is the US and Chiang,
to be used to cruelly injure revolutionists.
And This is
the US how to explain the democracy, freedom and human right!

We go out of the US-Chiang devil's lair,
The rain does not stop down.
Here now is the youth education base,
We must firmly remember:
the struggle of revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed
It brought us today's happiness!
11. Propaganda of the “Crime of the US and Chiang in the Sino-US Collaboration Institute Camp” has deeply rooted among the people
The author of the above poem has expressed his hate "crime of US and Chiang" and "patriotic" spirit with "Infinite affection". It can be seen obviously, as a result of the propaganda in several dozens years by the Chinese Communist Party, many persons after undergoing the “brainwashing” in their minds it is true that the Sino-US Collaboration Institute was the "concentration camp where slaughtered revolutionary martyrs”. Although some men of insight already have told truth which was the Chinese Communist carrying out the politics propagates absolutely clear, however, the enormous influence and the results of the several dozens years’ vigorous propaganda by the Chinese Communist, are impossible to clear away. The influence and effect of the political propaganda which distort the facts such as described the “Sino-US cooperation institute” to be the “Fascist concentration camp” and so on, have pretty big "inertia", some until now are also even continuing to carry on such propaganda.
From April 2008 until now, it propagandizes in Guangzhou “the Olympic Games torch transmiting city, Guangzhou’s history celebrity”, it introduced that martyr Ye Ting once was imprisoned in Chongqing “Sino-US Cooperation Institute Concentration Camp”.
In 2009, “Practice of Communism” network the "Prison Song" by martyr Ye Ting: Martyr Ye Ting once was imprisoned in Chongqing “Sino-US Cooperation Institute Concentration Camp”.
On September 25, 2009, the CCP Committee of Jiangxi Blue Sky University organized a large-scale poetry and song recitation, I and my Motherland”, gifted to the Sixty birthday of the motherland, some one recited Bai Shenfu martyr's poem, and introduced that in 1948 Bai Shenfu martyr was imprisoned and killed in Chongqing “Sino-US Cooperation Institute Concentration Camp”.
In May, 2009, on a national education meeting about the overall quality of primary and secondary schools, some one said, "focus on fostering children's overall quality of the future", in modern society, children only depend on the classroom and book study is insufficient, should also create conditions for children to go to society and nature which is the large classroom to learn, to accept the influence of national culture, to lay a solid foundation of patriotism….. to see the China-US Cooperation Institute in Chongqing to learn Red Rock martyrs’ noble and unyielding spirit.
In 2008, Jiangxi “September Third Society”Provincial Committee was engaged in a writing activities, named“Inherited the fine tradition, completed the political connection”. a civil servant of Nanchang city’s “September Third Society”published a article, “Ponder before the monument”, it wrote: In order to better study and implement the spirit of Communist Party’s 17th National Congress Congress, to better carry on and adhere the socialist political development road with Chinese characteristics,…… the “September Third Society”Provincial Committee has organized inspection group to visit mountain city Chongqing, fortunately I participate in the inspection group (note: Actually the Chinese knew that this is the typical the civil servants carry on the Red Tourism with the government money). ……more than 200 revolutionary persons cherished hatred and were killed in the Sino-US Cooperation Concentration Camp, fell before the dawn of the victory of the revolution. They used all their blood, dyed the flag of the Republic, with their own bodies, supported the brand-new sun of New China.” (The September Third Society Nanchang Municipal Committee Propaganda Department. (
12. “Hubei constructs Zhazid-cave-Jail, throw coins can urge spies to whip Martyrs"
以下是20040220日湖北《楚天都市报》刊登的题为《湖北公园建渣滓洞 投币可驱使特务鞭打先烈》的报道全文(包括附图和“小资料”)(这应该也是恶意大力宣传“中美合作所美蒋特务杀害革命先烈”的恶果吧):
The following is report on Hubei "Chutian Metropolis Newspaper", February 20, 2004, " A Park in Hubei constructs Zhazid-cave-Jail, throw coins can urge spies to whip Martyrs" the full text including attached figure and “Mini information link”. (This must be one of the consequences that the CCP intention vigorously propagandizes “the American-Chiang spies in the Sino-US Cooperation killed revolutionary martyr”)
The Jingchu online news (Chutian metropolis newspaper) (by Liu Changfeng Yang Fengzhou) , A scenic spot in Jingzhou Zhongshan Park, “Zhazi-cave-jail” presented so one unexpectedly: So long as the tourist throw coins, can perform “the American-Chiang spies whip revolutionary martyr”, caused numerous public discontent.
On the 18th of this month,after reporter respectfully receiving the complaints, goes to make secret inquiries. Spending 5 Yuan buy tickets, enter the scenic spot of “Zhazi-cave-jail”. The ticket seller said that here was original "ghost town", because business is bad, so transformed it to “Zhazi-cave-jail” and started business on the 14th of the month.
The reporter saw, the ghosts of Chinese Myth, such Hades(YanWang), resentment- woman-ghost, coffin-ghost and so on of original "ghost town", standing shoulder to shoulder with many revolutionary martyr. A female "revolutionary martyr" was being punished of “tiger stool”, behind the wall wrote "Hades"; there was a lovable and strong boy soldier - “little guy”, behind it were words of “wish you get rich, Good fortune" and so forth.
Before a female “martyr”, the tour guide introduced that, so long as tourist throw coin, “the American-Chiang spies” wield the whip to brush the “martyr”. At this time, a tourist throws a coin in the box, the electric-controled “the American-Chiang spies” really wield the whip to torture, and behind on the wall is writing  “money can make a ghost turn a millstone” (Figure).
In recent days, this scenic spot caused much discussion among the public in Jingzhoucheng City. Yesterday afternoon the Park management said the spot was rented to a private boss to manage,  and the park had no idea did not know when the "ghost town" transformed to “Zhazi-cave Jail”. After receiving the populace reflected, on 18th afternoon the park ordered the renting boss “close and reorganize”, and the scenic spot sign-board, “Zhazi-cave Jail” has been restored into "ghost town" yesterday.
mini information link
“Zhazi-cave Jail”: Located at Chongqing west under northern suburbs Geleshan. Originally here was a small coal pit of manual mine, the Chinese name “Zhazi” means here is less coal and many slags. It surrounded on three sides by mountains, the terrain is covert. in 1939 the spies of Military Investigation Bureau (MIB) of Kuomintang set up the concentration camp here, after 1943, it changed to “the Sino-US Cooperation Second Lockup”, to be used for the captivity revolution persons. Communist party member Luo Shiwen, Jiang ZhuJun (Jiang sister) and so on imprisoned here successively. At the end of November, 1949, Chongqing liberation eve, more than 200 revolutionary persons imprisoned here encountered collective slaughter, only 15 people escaped.