Monday, July 30, 2007

Ward Churchill=Clair Hull="Mistress Kenis," Dominatrix?

We have uncovered evidence that
supports our preliminary conclusion
that Dr. Ward Churchill did
misrepresent himself as an American Indian as alleged by the
University of Colorado.

As in our last post we here offer evidence that as regards being trans gendered Dr. Churchill did not misrepresent and that his name as a woman may have been "Clair Hull." At top left is the infamous photo of the militarist male Churchill brandishing an
assault rifle. Next to it is a photo that we believe shows Churchill in his previous life as a 6'5"female dominatrix. Note the similarity in facial structure, the chin, and the eye
glasses as well as the Indian-like body painting. We believe that the name Churchill went by in his fetish was "Mistress Kenis."
The third newly-published photograph purports to be Churchill as a woman. Again note the similarities in facial structure and glasses as well as the large pendant breasts
which would be difficult to remove in their entirety, leading to the photograph at bottom which seems to show breast remnants.
Allegedly, Churchill's female name was "Clair Hull," all the letters of which are contained in the male name "Ward Churchill."
On this evidence we believe that the University
of Colorado was wrong in concluding that
Churchill misrepresented. This is Public

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dr. Ward Churchill Transgendered? The Photographic Evidence

Dr. Ward Churchill, recently
fired by the University of
Colorado for various alleged
misrepresentations, has
claimed to be an American
Indian. Many people have
disputed that claim not least
because of his stereotypical
Anglo name and because he does
not share any of the physical
attributes of American Indians.
In our last post we examined that
claim through the photographic
evidence. That evidence strongly
suggested that Dr. Churchill had
misrepresented himself as an
American Indian.
Above is the photographic evidence
on Dr. Churchill's alleged trans-sexuality.
At top is a recent photograph that seems
to show the remnants of breasts, presumably
from the sex change operation. The photo
at bottom left was published here previously
and shows an older photograph in which Dr.
Churchill has the soft facial features of a
woman. Photograph number three is also
old and again shows Dr. Churchill with
very feminine facial characteristics and
shoulder-length hair that obviously has
been coiffed into a stylish flip. The eye-
glasses are also a popular female style
from the 1970's. The older photographs
are important because as men and women
age they often take on uni-sexual features
while in comparative youth the gender
differences are more pronounced.
These evidence in these photographs
clearly would be inconsistent with any
allegation by the University of Colorado
that Dr.Churchill's trans-sexuality was
misrepresented. This is Public Occurrences.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ward Churchill an American Indian? The Photographic Evidence

The issue before
the University of Colorado Regents was whether militarist academic Ward Churchill
had misrepresented his work and himself. Dr. Churchill
claims to be an American Indian but that claim has come
under increasing scrutiny. Many writers on the Internet
say flatly that he is not. In the absence of a genetic test, if
such a thing exists,we have admittedly circumstantial
photographic evidence. As we posted yesterday,
Dr. Churchill certainly doesn't have the physical
features typical--or stereotypical--of American
Indians, and he couldn't have a more non-Indian,
Anglo name. The above photos were taken from
Google Images by entering the search terms
"American Indian," "Native American" and
"American Indian Movement," of which Dr.
Churchill is a member.
Pick the non-Indian. I defy anyone to look at
this group of photographs and not pick Dr.
Churchill. The photo of the bikini-clad girl is not
intended to be prurient or disrespectful of
Indians or Dr. Churchill. It is included simply to
have an example of a female since Dr. Churchill
is supposedly transgendered also. The widely-
known photograph of Dr. Churchill holding
an assault rifle can be offered to support his
contention that he is an Indian given the
historical evidence of the American Indians
war-like culture. However that is not enough
in the face of the evidence presented here.
In the absence of any other evidence this
photographic contrast is compelling that Dr.
Churchill did misrepresent himself as an
American Indian. This is Public Occurrences.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ward Churchill With A.I.M. Body Guards

A picture of militarist Dr. Ward

Churchill from Google Images. The

caption to the photo identifies the

armed, black-clad men in back of

Churchill as security guards from

the American Indian Movement.

The rostrum indicates that the site of

this--I presume speech--as some university.

There is no way that a private security force

should have been allowed at a speech by a university-

employeed professor on a public university campus

site. This is like Hell's Angels providing security for

The Rolling Stones. If Dr. Churchill feared violence

then he should have requested and most importantly

the university, should have provided him with campus

police protection.

The focus of the posts here on the Churchill firing has

been on the conduct and lack of action taken by

the University of Colorado in the face of compelling

evidence that they negligently hired Dr. Churchill

and then compounding that error retained him and

did nothing in the face of compelling evidence that

Churchill was psychologically unbalanced and

potentially dangerous. In a previous post we

published a photo of Dr. Churchill carrying an

assault rifle and dressed in combat fatigues and

a beret. The photo above is more evidence that

Dr. Churchill's flagrant militarism was flagrantly

ignored by the University. This is Public Occurrences.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is Ward Churchill Really an American Indian?

He doesn't have the physical features. And the name,

Ward Churchill?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Ward Churchill Scandal Gets Worse

This is Ward Churchill holding an assault
rifle. Churchill, a tenured professor and
department head, was recently fired by
the University of Colorado over allegations
of misrepresentation. In a post yesterday
we criticized the university for hiring him
in the first place and linked this scandal to
others there as evincing what in the sports
field would be termed a "lack of institutional
The State of Colorado will be forever linked
with the Columbine High School massacre.
Now we have a militarist tenured professor
and department head at the state's flagship
university posing with an assault rifle wearing
a beret and dressed in fatigues. In yesterday's
post we did not criticize the university for hiring
a trans-sexual. Universities should be tolerant,
we said. But they must not be ignorant. Trans-
sexuality can be seen as a sign of psychological
unbalance. Trans-sexuality together with a fetish
for assault rifles are surely signs of a potentially
dangerous individual who the university might
not want holding forth in front of a "captive"
audience of students.
What if anything did the university admini-
strators do about Prof. Churchill when they
saw this photograph? They did see this
photograph didn't they?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Professor Fired by University of Colorado for Misrepresentation

Professor Ward Churchill, above, has been fired
by the University of Colorado for various mis-
representations. Not only was Churchill a
tenured professor but he was the head of an
entire department, the Ethnic Studies program.

Of course Churchill, supposedly a transgen-
dered American Indian, should not have been
denied employment because of his ethnic
identity and gender choice. Universities
should be tolerant. More importantly how-
ever they must be wise in their faculty hiring

Whether the allegations against Professor
Churchill are true or not, the University's
administration obviously believes that they

are and that is a damning condemnation of
their own hiring judgment.

Perhaps for other universities this scandal
would not have gotten the publicity that it
has. But this is merely the latest at Colorado.
In the 1990's the university was embarrassed
when it was revealed that the daughter of the
football team's deeply religious head coach
was pregnant by the team's starting quarter-
back. The coach subsequently resigned to
spend more time with his family.

More recently a successor head coach, Gary
Barnett, left the university amid allegations
of sexual harassment by players of co-eds and
the use of girls as sex lures in recruiting,
although none of those allegations were
ever proven.

C.U. is the face of the state's higher education

system. Yet time and again it has embarrassed

its state. This is Public Occurrences.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Michael Vick

I do not believe that Michael Vick, a human
being, should be jailed for doing this, even this,
to a dog or any sub-human species.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"When eventually [Hitler] came to power there was no book

which deserved more careful study from the rulers, political

and military, of the Allied Powers [than Mein Kampf]. All was

there--the programme of German resurrection, the technique

of party propaganda; the plan for combating Marxism; the

concept of a National-Socialist State; the rightful position of

Germany at the summit of the world. Here was the new

Koran of faith and war: turgid, verbose, shapeless, but

pregnant with its message."

-Winston Churchill, The Gathering Storm.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Derek Fisher

Mr. Fisher, an NBA player has resigned/quit basketball to
care for his baby daughter who has a rare form of eye cancer.
Good guy. And God care for you, little one. This is Public

Monday, July 02, 2007

Religion Harms American Iraq Policy

This page strongly supported the attack on Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein. We supported it as a battle in the larger struggle with Islam. We strongly opposed the Bush Administration's policy of using American soldiers to nation build post-war Iraq and so we opposed continuation of the war after Saddam Hussein was captured. In our view that was the mission to be accomplished and American lives lost since then have been in vain.

We opposed the mission of creating a democratic state in Iraq to serve as a beacon for the rest of the Arab world not because we dislike democracies or beacons but because we felt that even a casual survey of the terrain revealed the Tigris and Euphrates Valley to be infertile soil for planting democratic seeds.

President Bush has continued with his policy. We hope that he succeeds but see less chance of that now than we did when Hussein was captured. The cover story on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the June issue of The Atlantic reveals the religious-like faith that the president and Secretary Rice have in democracy--for Iraq and everybody else. The president is a born-again Christian and Rice, whose nomination for Secretary of State we opposed, is strongly religious also. Their religious views have effected their foreign policy, to its detriment, in the view here.

Philip Zelikow a member of the administration's National Security Council, "often described as the secretary's 'intellectual soul mate' is quoted in The Atlantic as saying,

"Democracy, for Secretary Rice, I think, and for [the administration] is a universal safety valve for social conflict. And as they confront parts of the world in profound social and political crisis, they prescribe democracy."

That is the problem, or rather those are the problems. A humbler foreign policy team would not conclude that our way is necessarily the best way for all people, nor would a wiser team. As the article points out Secretary Rice need look no further for evidence against her universal prescription of democracy than the disastrous elections on the West Bank that brought Hamas to power, elections that Rice insisted on despite counsel that they were premature. Or she could ask her personal Arabic interpreter Gamel Helal. When asked by The Atlantic's writer what it's like to translate words like "freedom" and "democracy" which are so loaded with western meaning into Arabic, Mr. Helal said,

"In the Middle East, they look at things and ask, Is it halal or haram, Is it approved by the religion or not? If you go to a Bedouin society and you tell them that the state will determine how you're going to settle a conflict between you and your cousin, you must be out of your mind, because the most important and powerful tool to them will be tribal law, which is unwritten."

The problems with the Administration's Iraq policy are a lack of American humility, and religion--the religious zeal of the President and the Secretary of State, and the religious zeal of the Iraqis. Religious zeal demands faith in the face of conflicting evidence. It prescribes its way for other people who might be unreceptive. There is also a fundamental tension between religious faith and democracy, as evidenced in Mr. Helal's Bedouin example.

Winston Churchill wrote in his history of World War II that one of the causes of the war was American insistence on a democracy for post-Versailles Germany rather than a constitutional monarchy, which was preferred by Hindenburg. In Churchill's view the monarchy would have provided a stabilizing anchor for an angry people and would have lessened the chance that that anger would be translated into the election of angry leaders. The United States did not make that same mistake with post-World War II Japan. For just Churchill's reasons Japan was allowed to retain its emperor. Humility and wisdom would make today's facts and history's lessons the guides for our foreign policy but humility and wisdom are not guides for the fervently faithful. Only faith is. This is Public Occurrences.