Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Do you realize, Trump is such a loser he is that rare individual to lose an election twice.

He endorsed Luther Strange in this primary. At Mitch McConnell's urging. Against Brannon's urging, who was Moore's most prominent and enthusiastic backer. Moore was the anti-establishment authentic Trump candidate. Then Strange went and lost. Trump was so humiliated by his impotency he deleted his Strange-endorsing tweets, remember that? Had a hissy fit on McConnell. Was reluctant to get burned twice so didn't endorse Moore for awhile. Then did. Tweeted "No! Doug Jones." Told everybody at a Klan rally in Pensacola last weekend to go vote for Moore. Now Moore has lost.

Trump is political anti-matter. Lost his own election to a girl by almost three million votes. Loser. LOSER! Impotent, Illegitimate Trump.

"Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are politically impotent."

That's what I've been saying. But nobody listens to me. Mother-fuckers are literally impotent, too.That's the subconscious origin of cuckservative. Like my Klansman brother. All of them politically cuckolded by the BLACK MAN, Barack Obama, and m-b-t-k literally by his wife's former boyfriend, a Black guy.
Happiness in 2017 is 48.4% of Alabamians voting for a serial child sex offender.
You know why this was so close? Check the exit polls, very few said their decision was based on Roy Moore's predeliction for pedophilia. It was so close (they say) because Doug Jones was pro-choice. What they don't say is that Doug made his mark as a public figure by prosecuting the Ku Klux Klan. That cuts close to home for many Alabamians. For my-brother-the-Klansman it woulda. Mother-fucker probably drove from North Carlolina to Alabama and clandestinely registered to vote so he could do his part to take out an existential threat to him.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Trump Job Approval

RCP Average11/27 - 12/1137.657.6-20.0

And it looks like that is the highest disapproval it has ever been.
Shaun King

I’ve counted at least 25 times where Steve Bannon said in speeches that “This election is a referendum on Donald Trump. A vote for Roy Moore is a vote for or against Donald Trump.” OK.

11:29 PM · Dec 12, 2017
Ana Navarro
@ananavarro ·

Thank You, Alabama.

Ana Navarro

Roy Moore lost. 
Steve Bannon lost. 
Donald Trump lost. 
Pedophilia lost. 
Bigotry lost. 
Homophobia lost. 
Racism lost. 

Doug Jones won. 
Mitch McConnell won. 
African-Americans won. 
Women won. 
Victims won. 
Justice won. 
Morality won. 
Values won. 
Sanity won. 
Decency won. 
Gary Shteyngart

Somewhere Steve Bannon is having an especially difficult bowel movement.

Gary Shteyngart

Today Moore, tomorrow Trump, one day Putin.
Doug Jones wins!! In spite of suppression efforts. In spite of Trump. In spite of Bannon. In spite of fear mongering. Virginia, New Jersey, Alabama = trend. See you in 2018 —- in every race in every part of this great nation.

Alabama Senate Election Results- The Polls Have Closed and the Numbers are In- OFFICIAL! - The New York Times is reporting that Doug Jones is leading in the Alabama Senate race, with all the votes in. The race is over! Watch the live campaign election...

Alabama Senate Election Results- The Polls Have Closed and the Numbers are In- OFFICIAL! - The...

Dan Barry


People on a New Jersey Transit train are cheering the results of a Senate race in Alabama. “In your face, Trump.” “Thank you, Jesus.” “Roll Tide.”

10:41 PM · Dec 12, 2017


The Democrats pick up a Senate seat in Ala-Frigging-BAMA!!!🕺🎉 A total DEFEAT for Russian-Republicans Trump and Bannon


Bitcoin futures trading began Monday on one mainstream exchange. The price opened at ~$15,400. At the moment it's $17,601.

"Next week in Whales against Swans": Nope. Tomorrow in Whales against Swans. Fixture congestion.

City drew Art Basel in the knockout round of 16 in the UCL, the lowest ranked opponent they could have drawn. Basel qualified this past weekend in Miami.

The Miami "Dolphins" beat the New England "Giselle Bunchens" last night.

The Miami "Tepids" blew out Memphis last night in VolsLand. Miami is a 13-13 disappointment.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Manchester City fans heading into work this morning...

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Chippy post-game, too:

Police officers and stewards had to separate up to 20 players and members of staff from Manchester United and City after an extraordinary bust-up in which bottles and punches were thrown and Mikel Arteta, one of Pep Guardiola’s assistants, was left with blood streaming down his face.
Arteta’s eyebrow was split open during a melee in a narrow corridor outside City’s dressing room and there were unconfirmed reports that another member of Guardiola’s backroom staff needed medical treatment after a confrontation sparked by José Mourinho apparently telling the victorious players to keep their music down.

Mourinho became embroiled in a row with Ederson, City’s Brazilian goalkeeper, who was standing just inside the dressing-room door and the two started shouting insults at one another in Portuguese. Mourinho is said to have accused Ederson of play-acting to waste time and then reverted to English, screaming “you fucking show respect. Who are you?”

...Romelu Lukaku was said to be prominently involved as the confrontation escalated into something much more serious, described by one person on the scene as being reminiscent of a pub fight. 

...United’s players are understood to feel like the noise from the away dressing room was provocatively loud and, with the door continually being opened, Mourinho appears to have been asking more respect to be shown to the losing team.

...City players were clearly incensed by Mourinho’s behaviour and the fact that several players, most notably Lukaku, had become involved. ManUre

Absolute horse-shit there by United and especially Jose Mourinho, absolute horse-shit.
Arsenal tied Southampton 1-1. Southie scored in the third minute. The "Gunners" popped in the equalizer in the 88th. Arsene Wenger no doubt will settle for the draw.

Everton salvaged a point at Fenway. A late "soft" penalty call enabled Wayne Rooney to secure the draw. Sam Aldaryce exasperates Jurgen Klopp and Klopp was so exasperated after the match that he ended an interview when he insisted that the reporter tell him if he thought the call was appropriate and the reporter replied "Soft, but yes."
Fifth straight 2-1 result for City. No lack of intensity here or cocky playing down to the competition, though.

City 2 United 1

Aguero did not play. So strange. He was available. Was on the sideline warming up but Pep never put him in.

This was a snippy, chippy, dirty match throughout and the "Bucs" crowd was forever "AHH!'ing in bitchiness. There were elbows to the head, knees to the legs, diving, a lot of stuttering play; the match did not flow, it stuttered between starts. The refs called it as well as could be expected, they signaled "play on" a number of times but when a guy is on the pitch writhing or pretending and the crowd is bellowing "AHHH!" the game does not flow and then the players start bitching to the refs rather than playing. I didn't like that at all. It was not "beautiful" football. 
City break tie the record for most consecutive wins in the Premier League. This was their fourteenth.

FT Manchester City 2 Manchester United 1

Watched this one, too. My second ever.

After we went up 2-1 United had two glorious opportunities in the same sequence. The United guy shot from close range right into Ederson's throat stunning Ederson, the ball of course bounced free to another United guy who shot from even closer range but Ederson recovered and got a hand on the second shot to keep it out. The ball then bounced to an Angel who cleared. (Mourinho looked like he was going to cry.) Oh my goodness!, I was sure United were going to score.

That's what happens when you're Angels and you're playing devils.


FT City 2 United 1. United are now 11 points back. They're done.

1-1 HT

Great goal by Silva on the first goal. Bird pump by Delph gave United the tying goal. FUCK me.

Game time.

Vietnamese television promotional for Manchester Derby.
I shall withhold my incremental contribution to World Happiness until I receive a living temperature.
I demand an immediate increase in the number of Kelvins in the immediate vicinity of my personal person.
City I love you
It's 50 degrees. I vigorously shiveringly object.
Baker Mayfield of Oklahoma won the Heisman Trophy Saturday night as the outstanding college tackle football player in America. There's a story here.

Mayfield won the award as an original walk-on, that is someone who was not offered a scholarship to play tackle football. He is the first walk-on to win the Heisman since colleges were permitted to give athletic scholarships in 1950.

Mayfield was born and raised in Texas but his heart was always in Norman, Oklahoma. He initially went to Texas Tech and (as a walk-on) won the starting quarterback position. Considerable achievement, that. In fact, Mayfield is the first walk-on ever to win the starting quarterback job in the first game of his freshman year at a major football school. Mayfield immediately took that considerable achievement and cold-called on then Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops. Just showed up and pleaded with Stoops to give him a shot at quarterbacking the "Sooners." Stoops said okay. As a walk-on of course. And you have to sit out a year. NCAA rules.

When Mayfield finally got a shot (and a scholarship) at OU in 2015 he merely was a Heisman finalist and finished fourth in the balloting. In 2016 he finished third. This year he won it. He is the first Heisman Trophy winner to be a three-time finalist. He won this year's award with the third highest percentage of voted points since 1950. Not bad. Not bad 'tall for a two-time walk-on.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

And Army beat Navy 14-13. Navy's kicker missed a 47 yard field goal at the end. Have to think he would have made it had the game been played at sea.

Oh my goodness, Army-Navy in the snow.
Coinbase‏Verified account 
Please invest responsibly — an important message from the Coinbase team.

No! I disagree. 


I disagree with "invest" and "responsibly"...Well, I'll tell you why...yes, I am nuts...Do NOT use financial terms like "invest" in reference to bitcoin. When you insist on using financial terms with Bitcoin, you are not only getting it wrong, you are separating process and outcome, which Bitcoin collapsed, you are degrading what Bitcoin is. Nobody can make a rational case for Bitcoin as an investment vehicle. Can NOT. Stop it. Bitcoiners, Bitcoin critics, just stop it. Instead, I entirely agree with the person who answered this question:

Can you teach me on how to invest in bitcoin wisely? I have a tight budget for it!

That is a very simple question...just buy, hold what you buy and just smile and then go to the beach...enjoy your life...unless you are referring to bitcoin trading then...[buy low sell high]

You see? There is a humongous difference between "investing"/"trading," and "buying." You buy because you WANT the thing. You invest because you want the thing to do something for you. What we know about Bitcoin, what it is, what it is not, how much it's worth, we know only through the behavior of Bitcoiners. We know that a significant portion of them are "hodlers" who buy, hold, enjoy their lives. The hodlers bought Bitcoin because they wanted a Bitcoin. They wanted a Bitcoin because it gave them satisfaction, pleasure. Not because they wanted Bitcoin to do anything for them. 

One of the academics interviewed for the story yesterday in Ars Technica made the analogy (CAUTION: remember the Prophet Muhammad) to the guy who pays $47 million for a painting. That is not financial decision making based upon reason. The art collector would agree. He's spending his money on something based upon his his feelings. Just to have it. Not to decorate his wall, not as an "investment" (he does not mind if it increases in value, he rather thinks it will but that is not his motivation), because it gives him a pleasure, he may not be able to put into words fully why it gives him pleasure, it just does; it just makes him "smile, go to the beach, enjoy life." He does not ask the painting to do anything for him. Coinbase is pleading with people to use their reason. The art collector and the Bitcoin hodlers are telling Coinbase "It's not all about reason, man, it's about emotions too."

The art collector analogy seems to explain the psychology of the hodlers but it Bitcoin is not a collectible. Like, you can't even look at it. "Ah, look at that thing," can't do that. You cannot "hold" Bitcoin, like buy-and-hold, you cannot like "hold" a Bitcoin on accounta it doesn't exist. It's a fucking string of code. "Ah, look at that string of code." 

Bitcoin is a virtual...thing...that gives hodlers virtual pleasure. If that's your thing, buy it. Do not invest in it; do not trade it. Process and outcome are one. We are all Epicureans.
Premier League

It is a cold one out there Wrap up and join us at Matchday Live (link:

9:59 AM · Dec 9, 2017

Cold all over Merry Old. America is so BIG. My Angel Child comes home today. It's snowing and 30 degrees in North Carolina right now, 75 on Miami Beach.

Poulan Weedeater Christmas Day

Americans will gladly rename Christmas for the highest bidding sponsor.

Legal Prostitution

Professorial tackle football bowl names:

-Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl
-Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl
-Dollar General Bowl
-Walk On's Independence Bowl
-Camping World Bowl
-Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Bowl
-Belk Bowl
-Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl
-NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl
-TaxSlayer Bowl
-PlayStation Fiesta Bowl

There is no humiliation, no indignity that Americans will not suffer for a buck.
Oh my God, what a stinky lineup of matches today.

Crystal Palace-Bournemouth
Swansea-West Brom

All the big clubs save Chelsea play manana. Arsenal is at Southie, the Merseyside Derby is at Fenway, and of course the Manchester Derby. City is 5-4 favorites at Raymond James! Wow.

They Did It!

West Ham United hold on to defeat the defending champs 1-0. Crucial three points for West Ham to stay up and an embarrassing, dreadful loss for Chelsea.
Mark Sands

Fair play to #Whufc They have worked harder than #Chelsea pretty much everywhere. Even a point for us would be daylight robbery at this rate. #whuche
9:13 AM · Dec 9, 2017 from Lambeth, London

Yeah, we devastated them with that late goal and they out-worked us, too. Hope it doesn't happen again to them.
Hammerheads holdin' on! Still 1-0 in 85'. They scored in the 6th. Goooo Hambones.


West Ham leads Swine Chelsea 1-0 at the half if any yinz care.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Hodlers Are People*

This is from an ArsTechnica article based on interviews with "Brent Goldfarb...a business professor at the University of Maryland, and William Deringer...a historian at MIT."

"Uncertainty of valuation is often a huge issue in bubbles," Deringer told Ars. Unlike a stock or bond, Bitcoin pays no interest or dividends, making it hard to figure out how much the currency ought to be worth. "It is hard to pinpoint exactly what the fundamentals of Bitcoin are," Deringer said.

[I'm tellin' ya, ya ain't gonna get nowheres analyzing Bitcoin with financial analogs like "fundamentals." Bitcoiners are culpable here, too. You cannot justify Bitcoin or its worth with the blockchain technology. Stop!]

Deringer also sees parallels between tulip mania and today's Bitcoin boom. In both cases, he told us, "the value of the thing was not just about a calculation of its economic return but also about the aesthetic value of its coolness."

[I'm tellin ya...]
Bitcoin owners don't get interest, dividends, or other benefits from holding bitcoins. It's like a technology stock that's going to be pre-revenue forever. And this makes it less obvious what kind of developments could cause investors to have second thoughts.

["The first person to reason by analogy was the devil," The Prophet Muhammad.]

Goldfarb compares bitcoins to assets with "artificial scarcity" like fine art. "It'll have value so long as people believe it has value," Goldfarb says.

[Okay! Professor Goldfarb has stumbled uncontrollably into the truth! It IS the people.]

We shouldn't take this line of argument too far, however. Bitcoins don't pay dividends, but their value can be pushed upward if a lot of people start using the Bitcoin network. The supply of bitcoins is permanently capped at 21 million. So if a lot of people want to make payments over the Bitcoin network, the value of bitcoins will need to rise (or at least stay at high levels) to accommodate that demand.

[I disagree with the Ars writer there but I don't know enough to say he is wrong. Imo, the price of Bitcoin has to fall if people are going to use it. Why? Because who's going to spend a $16,020 coin?]

The other, weirder possibility is that bitcoins could prove to be a digital version of gold. Gold's value defies conventional market analysis in much the same way bitcoin's value does. Gold doesn't pay a dividend and only about half of the world's gold supply is devoted to jewelry or industrial use.

[I disagree. Gold does not defy economics. Gold has had stable value for hundreds of years: it's "correct" price is about what it takes to buy a really good men's suit. Gold has had that valuation for so long because it is actually, like, used, in jewelry, in industry, Bitcoin Is. Not. Used. Period there. Therefore, Bitcoin has no "correct" price based on such "fundamentals" because Bitcoin is based on people.]

A lot of gold is held in vaults and under floorboards as a long-term store of value and a hedge against inflation and global turmoil—and this kind of speculative trading has a big impact on gold's price. If enough people continue believing that gold is a good investment, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

[That is true.]

Something similar could be happening with Bitcoin. Bitcoin now has a large subculture of "hodlers"—a deliberate, whimsical misspelling of "holders"—who make it a point of pride that they hold on to their bitcoins as a long-term investment regardless of short-term market fluctuations. The hodler ideology could be self-fulfilling in much the same way that goldbug ideology is: the more people who come to believe that bitcoins are a good long-term store of wealth, the more it will be a good long-term store of wealth.

*Update: Bitcoin is the new China here. I write something clever about it and the board lights up. This post got 18 readers in just over an hour. The gestalt shifting "I have a new idea" had 11 in about the same time but got drowned out by subsequent posts and is now at 20, still one of the most read posts in about the last 100.


They're giving City the title again. Some guy on ESPNFC writes that the next three matches will determine if the rest of the season has meaning. Well okay that would put us at 18 out of 38 matches. City lead United by eight points and ten goals going into Sunday's match at Buccaneer Stadium, the fifteenth of the season. I would say if City beat the "Bucs" Sunday that is it. Eleven points up on number two, albeit with 32 to play, that is too much. If United win however, that puts them five out with 32 to play. That ain't nuttin. A draw, eight back with 32 to play, that's doable for United. Why did that guy include the following two matches? We play Swansea, frigging dead. last., in Whales and then are home to Hottsie Tottsie, a disappointing sixth, and eighteen points behind us. The guy could just as compellingly have written, hey, City's next ten matches are really crucial. The key to the season is Sunday.

They're also saying City is going to go unbeaten in the league this year. Have been saying that. I just don't see it. In their last four matches, three in the league and one in the UCL, City have not been "a tremendous machine." 2-1, 2-1, 2-1, against two bottom feeders and mid-table Southie and 1-2 in Ukraine. Two come-from-behinds. I followed those four matches and there are some themes. All four opponents wanted it more, their intensity was greater, Huddersfield were particularly physical, Southampton played particularly good defense, the Hammerheads 'keeper. "Adrian" (sub for former Angel Joe Hart) played out of his mind, we get easily frustrated against physical good defenses, we continue to be bothered tremendously by set pieces, by speed, and we are subject to panic on defense, never our strong side.

So what is United? Mourinho "parks the bus," they are big and strong (although without Pogba not as big or as strong), David De Gea had jaws dropping against Arsenal, they have an excellent manager and their record so far is 11-2-2. That's a good team who have strengths in our weak areas. Finally, there is this:

Heavy snow 

Six to eight inches by game time Sunday. No, United are not going to have to selectively use a snow plow but the pitch is going to be slick at a minimum. Who would a slick surface more likely affect, the pass-happy, tiki-taki'ing, speedy little guys or the big physical brutes? Next question.

I think all three major college tackle football teams who were looking for a head coach found one this week. The #LolVols got Alabama defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt, Arkansas got SMU head coach Chad Morris and the University of Nike promoted from within today, naming Mario Cristobal their next coach. I especially like the Cristobal choice.

Mario Cristobal was head coach of Florida International in Miami for six years. He was only the second coach in school history. Came from the University of Miami. Born and raised in Miami. I have never seen a man so giddy at a job opportunity as he was when he was named head at FIU. I still remember the press conference. Cristobal's six year record at FIU was 27-47 but man, he was only their second coach ever, give the guy a break. He recruited well and was 7-6 and 8-5 in years four and five and took the "Golden Panthers" to bowls both years. He cratered in year six. Maybe because his early recruiting success had run its course?! FIU's athletic director, Asshole Pete Garcia, his Christian name, fired Cristobal after that 3-9 sixth season. It was a mistake. Garcia was roundly and severely criticized and Mario Cristobal was absolutely crushed. Poor guy. He went right back to school, though. Spent the next four years at Alabama as an assistant coach, was their top recruiter, and spent the last year at Oregon. I'm very happy for Mario Cristobal and I think Oregon has gotten a good coach.

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Last Call

Bitcoin equals
16809.99 US Dollar

Last Price

One son who bought a little of both a year and a half ago: priceless.

"Argentine ex-president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner charged with treason"-WaPo


That is disturbing.That's not dry throat, the White House's explanation. That's not dentures, the comedians' explanation. If he had a tooth pulled and his jaw was still numb, that could be it, but he didn't. It is not mental illness, dementia, as some have suggested. It's impairment, like when you're drunk. I can't believe that lunatic took a belt before going on air to deliver the most consequential speech of his life but I don't know anything else but alcohol that causes that. That is disturbing.

Senator Al Franken Resigns

Sexual harassment.

"This is what democracy looks like"

Bought 1,500 bitcoin in 2011 for $2.87 each. I will pick 5 random people who retweet this and give one to each of you. Merry Christmas. 🎅

Telll me what democracy looks like...


Bitcoin approaches $19,000, popular exchange Coinbase crashes under buying pressure.

...This is what democracy looks like.
Bitcoin equals
15366.22 US Dollar

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Last Call

Bitcoin equals
14066.67 US Dollar

My son's going to be able to retire before he starts working.

City were already booked to the round of 16. Shakhar were not. City have a match Sunday against Manchester United. Shakhar have a match Sunday against Donetsk United or something. So.

From The Guardian:

Manchester City’s winning run ends as makeshift side fall to Shakhtar

[See, "makeshift"! We had to make do with shift.]

...Guardiola has chucked a couple of rookies into his starting lineup. Tosin Adarabioyo is a 20-year-old centreback who has been at City since the age of five; and Phil Foden is one of the 17-year-olds who scaled to the top of the world with England recently...The element of surprise is strong with this one ...

[17 YEARS OLD! Shakhtar is guilty of CHILD ABUSE!]

“I want to win the game. We have prepared seriously for that, with respect for the opponents and everybody.” [Pep]

[Oh, puh-LEEZE]

“Any idea why Pep has burdened several of his first XI with the long trip, even if they are probably going to remain on the bench ?” parps hristopher Jollife. “It seems a missed opportunity to rest about eight players but only De Bruyne (suspension) and Magic Dave (phantom injury certain to heal by Sunday) are given a complete rest.” He’s targeting invincibility, I fancy: he couldn’t bring himself to just throw this game.

It sounds like a splendid atmosphere in Kharkiv, where many Shakhtar fans are wearing Zoro masks after their manager declared that he would run around the town dressed as Zoro if Shakhtar

7 min: A nimble move takes Shakhtar sweeping forward and into the box, where their speed sparks panic among City’s defence.

[Zoro is fast]

15 min: City are starting to dominate. But they still haven’t created a real chance...

20 min: Taison, whose hamstring seems to have healed, bursts through midfield, leaving Toure lumbering in his week.


GOAL! Shakhtar 1-0 City (Bernard 26)

28 min: Taison romps through midfield again, leading a swift counter-attack. he fizzes the ball wide to Bernard, who rips into the left-hand side of the box again. Can he make it 2-0? He lashes a low shot .... straight at Ederson, who reacts smartly to keep it out.

[They "romp"; we "lumber."]

30 min: Shakhtar are going for the kill here and their fans are loving it! City, on the other hand, are reeling. They’re finding it difficult to cope with the home side’s speed and slickness, especially on the counter. Good game!

GOAL! Shakhtar 2-0 City (Ismaily 32)

39 min: Toure looked a tad sluggish earlier in the game but he’s up to speed now and starting to exert an encouraging influence for City.

43 min: Shakhtar one-two their way through City again before Taison dashes past Toure and curls a shot inches over from the edge of the box. There aren’t many teams who make this City side look clunky, but that’s what Shakhtar are doing: they’re tremendously slick.

[Yaya went from "a tad sluggish" to "up to speed" to being "dashed past" in four minutes. Slow down, Yaya.]

Half-time: Shakhtar 2-0 City

Thanks to two fine goals and a sizzling performance, Shakthar are on the verge of reaching the knockout stages and ruining this City’s invincible run. What’s Pep going to do about it? He has a strong bench - and he has the Manchester derby on Sunday.

46 min: No substitutions during the break. Let’s see if Guardiola has at least managed to stimulate an increase in his players’ intensity.

54 min: Taison runs at the City defence again. They’re properly frightened of him. But he shoots over from 20 yards.

[Taison "runs,' Yaya "lumbers."]

59 min: City are getting well on top now. Shakhtar remains dangerous on the counter...

60 min: There’s one of those counters! When they break at speed, City can’t keep up with them. Poor old Toure is being bypassed in midfield. 

City substitution: Diaz on, Sane off. Guess that’s more about Sunday than today.

65 min: Azevedo blazes down the left...

68 min: Shakhtar are coming on strong again and look the more likely scorers. So Guardiola has told Aguero to warm up...

74 min: Taison shimmies past Danilo...

77 min:...another fast counter-attack by Shakhtar.

90 min: Most of the crowd now appears to be wearing Zoro masks.

Penalty to City

[CHEATERS! ANYBODY can win if they CHEAT! We play an infirm, aged Ivorian with an oxygen mask to make the game competitive and STILL THEY CHEAT!]

Butko brings down Jesus, whose feet were too nimble for him.

[SEE! NIMBLE. The Arch Angel is "NIMBLE," you couldn't handle him could you? You had to "dash" and "blaze" by "Poor OLD" "clunky," "sluggish," "lumbering" Yaya. Happy birthday, Yaya. Cheaters. Pep if you ever play that mother-fucker in a meaningful I will be mad at you Very mad.

GOAL! Shakhtar 2-1 City (Aguero pen 90+2)

Perfectly executed by Aguero...

Full-time: Shakhar 2-1 City

City lose for the first time this season - and it was a deserved defeat, as Shakhtar were superb: they’ll be tough opponents for someone in the last 16; and City will be very different next time we see them, back to full strength.
And we lost. Shakhtar Donetsk beat City 2-1. Pert near shut us out! Didn't score until 90+2. 
God's Righteous (not cocky) Team of Angels in Blue kickoff right now in Ukraine against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League. 

Monero Price Chart US Dollar (XMR/USD)

Oh my fucking fucking fuck. My son bought me one for Christmas a year ago for $7.50.
Bitcoin equals
12825.00 US Dollar

Oh my fucking God.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Monday, December 04, 2017

Midnight of American Sanity: Ray Anderson and Herm Edwards at Arizona State

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Arizona State University and Vice President of University Athletics Ray Anderson has [sic] unveiled plans for a restructured ASU football model and named former NFL head coach Herman Edwards as the 24th head coach of Sun Devil Football, pending approval by the Arizona Board of Regents. [Which are hopefully in the early afternoon of American sanity and will reject this hire.]

The department's New Leadership Model will be similar to an NFL approach using a general manager structure. It's a collaborative approach to managing the ASU football program that includes sport and administrative divisions, which will operate as distinct, but collective units focused on elevating all aspects of Sun Devil Football. This structure will allow the department to form a multi-layered method to the talent evaluation and recruiting processes, increase its emphasis on both student-athlete and coach development and retention, and provide a boost in resource allocation and generation.

"Our goal for this football program is to reach unprecedented heights, and therefore we need to find a way to operate more innovatively and efficiently than we have in the past," Anderson said. "In the spirit of innovation, our vision for this program is to have a head coach who serves as a CEO and is the central leader with a collaborative staff around him that will elevate the performance of players and coaches on the field, in the classroom and in our community. Equally important, the head coach will be a dynamic and tireless recruiter."

Edwards, who will oversee the first New Leadership Model, [Is Herm going to coach, like coach-coach] arrives in Tempe with a football legacy that has impacted thousands, whether as a player, coach, analyst, motivational speaker and author, or community advocate and philanthropist.
The New Leadership Model will allow for resource sharing and strategic planning between the football staff and administrators who are directly involved with the program. The administrative division will be primarily composed of Anderson, Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director Jean Boyd and Senior Associate Athletics Director Scottie Graham. The sport division will operate with an experienced and senior football administrator, Senior Associate Athletic Director Tim Cassidy, helping to manage day-to-day operations, along with a variety of staffers responsible for player development, player personnel, and recruiting, among other areas.  

Sun Devil Football's existing recruiting infrastructure will be upgraded through additional staff support and evaluation resources, by instilling a culture of accountability at all levels, and building long-term relationships in communities across the country to help ensure recruiting quality and consistency. Both the sport and administrative divisions will play key roles in student-athlete development.

The New Leadership Model affords coordinators and assistant coaches more flexibility in how they develop student-athletes on the field, and enables Sun Devil Football to build on the 'Championship Life' program already in place through the Office of Student-Athlete Development to better equip student-athletes with the tools and skills necessary to succeed in their respective future endeavors.
I feel confident that Arizona State will never live this down.
I have a new take on Bitcoin.

It's the people. Unhelpful! I acknowledge that is an unhelpful take. The truth is not always helpful.

It's the people who determine what Bitcoin is and it's the people who determine its value. Right now the people have determined that Bitcoin's value is $11,416. Momentarily they will determine its value differently, higher or lower. Some day they will determine that its value is zero. We all die sometime.

Bitcoin is democratic and decentralized. Nobody forces it on anybody, as governments do their national currencies. Bitcoin's demand comes from the people; its supply is determined by the people. Bitcoin is many things to many people but the crucial point is that Bitcoin is what they say it is. We make a completely understandable but fatal mistake when we ask Bitcoin existential questions: "What are you?" "What do you do?" and try to pigeon-hole it into categories, currency, store of value, collectible, that we are familiar with.

It is wrong-headed to say that Bitcoin's technology provides sufficient--or insufficient (as I did)--basis for its value. Bitcoin, like democracy, like trial by jury, is process-determinative, not outcome-determinative. In democracies the people always make the "right" choice by the act of choosing. In trial by jury justice is what the jury says it is. There is no external standard: not for the legitimacy of an elected official in a democracy nor for whether the jury made the "right" decision. Nor for what Bitcoin is or what Bitcoin is worth. In each case, it's the people. The candidate gets his legitimacy by the election process; the defendant gets justice by "due process;" Bitcoin gets its legitimacy from its number of buyers and sellers. In all three, process and outcome are collapsed.

The people who buy Bitcoin are always right; The people who sell Bitcoin are always right. The price of Bitcoin is always right. 

Sunday, December 03, 2017

White House lawyer Ty Cobb has repeatedly promised the president that Mueller's investigation will be over soon, a pledge that outside Trump advisers worry is divorced from reality. Nonetheless, Trump has internalized Cobb's comments, telling friends that he isn't worried about the probe.

I write here as a criminal defense attorney, not a blogger on public occurrences. That is not effective assistance of counsel, which every person has a right to, that is advice counter-productive to a client's best interests, which an attorney as an obligation to advance. 
I have never seen a more egregiously dirty play than this one in the NFL today.

Tre’Davious White, the victim, for that is what he is, the victim of a crime, had to leave the game and suffered a concussion. The perp, Rob Gronkowski, ought to be arrested.

Committee Gets It Right: Alabama Makes Top Four

1. Clemson
2. Oklahoma
3. Georgia
4. Alabama

Clemson will play 'Bama in one semi-final game and Oklahoma will play Georgia in the other. Good work. Good, good work.
Angels, you're getting obnoxious. Three straight nervy 2-1 matches against clearly inferior teams. You're reading your headlines and think you have won the league already. You have not. You think you can just turn it on whenever you want. You cannot. You're professionals, you should respect your profession more than that. The other guys are professionals, too. They are going to bite you in the ass if you get cocky. You have NO REASON to be "cocky." You should be playing "like a tremendous machine" and BLOWING THESE TEAMS OUT, not like a defective car that won't start in the morning. Stop fucking around.

Full-time: Manchester City 2-1 West Ham

                     City have done it again.

Look, Tiny Trump, City is Blue and you are Orange.

Manchester City 2 West Ham United 1. FT

Don't like that.
Which kind Manchester City be this sef... Lose, you no gree lose... Oya draw, you no wan still draw...

Correct Bro, do you have any weed?

GOAL! Manchester City 2-1 West Ham (Silva, 83 min)

Manchester City 2 West Ham 1. 83'

Nine minutes left.
I backed 'Man City-Man City'. They usually let me down, along with Liverpool, so dunno why I did that 🤔

Thank you, Duncan.