Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Yeah Man

This photograph of former General now White House Chief of Staff John Kelly "went viral," as they say, during De Facto's holocaust of a press conference and it is said, "says it all" Kelly embarrassed, in shock at Trump's performance

I did not post the photograph yesterday because I knew how a single photo can be, literally is, a snapshot, 1/16 second, of time and therefore might not "say it all," may in fact be misleading. I wanted to see a video and I looked for a video but could not find one. 

Then I found, on Bill Kristol's twitter account, a 20-something second clip. Trump was at the time giving his "facts" part of his speech, saying that he had wanted to wait "for the facts" before making a statement on Charlottesville---so before he went all White Power, and just a few seconds into the clip, Kelly is seen to NOD his head in agreement and to mouth something. This morning I saw an NBC feed of Kelly's reaction and he clearly can be seen to say to himself, "Yeah," wordage congruent with the head-nod body language, both approving of Trump's remarks. 
The still at top, therefore, is misleading and the commentary of those who saw only it, is wrong.

No one should have expected to see disapproval from a "yes men." John Kelly knew the views and the character of the man he agreed so recently to work for. He got what he expected, and he approves.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Un Blinked

Kim Jong un, briefed on Guam attack plans, paused today, "to watch the Yankees further." Credit is due the enormous pressure by the UN, China, and ultimately Trump.
Folks, I don't know what this is about, I don't understand half of it but it sounds important!

After «glamming» reporters with disinfo over whether or not psychometrics were used, Cruz campaign’s carried over.

Ha! After months of disinformation, Cambridge Analytica admits it used 'legacy' psychometrics on Trump campaign. 1/3
How else could this authoritarian monster be uncaged? Did psychometrics & TAA re-id decisive authoritarian voters?