Monday, February 29, 2016

That is a GREAT email, the most interesting email I have received in a long, long time. 
"In your heart don't you want to see what exactly a Trump presidency would be like. 

"Are you so much stuck in the status quo that you don't want to even dip your toe into the unknown. I know Trump is more than dipping your toe in, but it sure would be interesting.

"Come on, try a little LSD expand your horizons. Try some quinoa, try some kale, eat a raw oyster, live a little before it is too late.

"Can you imagine holding your 6 year old grandson and telling him, yes I was there when Donald Trump was elected president. Let me tell you how it was. And then write your ending to that scene.
"I am so fearful of that lunatic, but am willing to give it a try."
Friends, not yet friends, enemies, you're sincerely interesting to me. 117 118 pageviews on that Marco Rubio quote post "Donald Trump portrays himself..." I'm stumped (pun intended).

Justice Thomas Speaks: First Time in 10 Years

Asked questions and everything today during oral argument. Last time: February 22, 2006. 
Post and pageviews February 28:

"Curry tied..." 5.
"What is going on here..." 6.
"Is this the guy..." 6.
"WHOA, Hillary Clinton..." 5.
"Bear Anus" 5.
"Donald Trump has portrayed himself..." 81.
"Born on Third Base." 5.
"If he hadn't inherited $200 million..." 8
"Hi." 5.


Happy Leap Year...Day.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Curry tied an NBA record with twelve three-point baskets last night, the twelth being the game winner from the moon. Here's all twelve if you've got the stomach for it.

If I was an OKC fanatic at that game I'd a walked out. WHAT are we supposed to do? If he's gonna SWISH a 38-footer, what are we supposed to do, come out of the stands and kneecap him when he steps over center court? Mother-fucker doesn't even look like he sight's the basket sometimes, just THROWS the fucking ball UP. His first made three, the arc of that shot was so high when it came down the ball had icicles on it. N-b-n. In fact, that I remember, there was only one of the shots that drew iron, or hit anything other than nylon, in his twelve-pack.


@StephenCurry30 needs to stop it man!! He's ridiculous man! Never before seen someone like him in the history of ball!
is this real life?
No way
Are u kidding me :) unbelievable @StephenCurry30 is not human!!!🔥🔥🔥
Curry is UNREAL!!!!
He can't be human.
8:26 PM - 27 Feb 2016
Those are all NBA PLAY-ERZZZZZ not dopes like me.
What is going on here? Oh for godssake give me a fucking break, this is absurd. Tired of this shit. I've been tired of this shit.

Look, there is a real problem in America. One man. Breaking every rule of civilized conduct. No sense of fairness. Just to win. He will do anything to screw you over just to win. Is there no solution to the Stephen Curry problem? I'm done! Good luck.


I shan't tell no false lies. The "execrable Capital One Cup" is more aggravation than honor but hey, someone has to win it and today The Angels done did beating Liverpool "Red Sox" at Wembley in a penalty shootout.

In a competition I do care a good deal about, the Champions League, City beat Dynamo Kiev 3-1 Wednesday in Dynamo. Two wins and one piece of silverware, not bad work in five days.

"Is this the guy you would trust with the nuclear codes?"

Hillary and the Dems are now preparing for November and "daisy" is one of the angles of attack they are contemplating.
Whoa, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders 73.5%-26% in the Dems South Carolina primary. Jeez. There was concern Bernie would peel off Black support for Hillary there and hold her margin down, wasn't there?


Ted Cruz Speculates Donald Trump's Taxes Could Show Mafia Ties-ABC

I don't believe that and I don't believe speculation or anything else when it comes from Ted Cruz.

No Ordinary Audit: Donald Trump Is Facing The IRS `Wealth Squad'-Forbes

Yeah, Trump is being audited, he mentioned that as a reason why he wasn't releasing his tax return. Mitt Romney countered with, "Okay, last year's." Reasonable counter. Trump hasn't done it.

Donald Trump: Republican Party "not treating me right"-CBS

Really? Trump, you're the luckiest mother-fucker on the planet to have those morons not treating you right.

Donald Trump declines to disavow David Duke and the KKK-Vox

Yeah, he did. He appeared on "State of the Union, CNN, Jake Tapper. Vox claimed the question was sort of unfair so I listened to the actual exchange. Duke and the Klan, and other white supremacist groups, have endorsed Trump, so Tapper asked him in the first question, if he would disavow the support of "David Duke and white supremacists." Trump responded that he didn't know anything about Duke, white supremacists and endorsements. Okay, taking his ignorance at face value, he is told in the question there are white supremacist groups who have endorsed him, is there anything more he needs to know? Of course you disavow! Immediately. Tapper then repeats the question: there are white supremacist groups who have endorsed you, will you disavow. Trump answers that he'd "have to look at the group." No you don't have to look at the group you muttonhead, if they're white supremacist groups what refined distinctions might you be looking to discover? Trump does sound sincerely ignorant here. Again, granting him that, he should still immediately disavow. If this was the Black Panthers or IS, would Trump have answered the same way? "I'll have to look at this particular chapter of the Panthers, this particular IS group"? May be! He welcomed Putin's endorsement.

And then finally Tapper says,

Tapper: Ok. I'm just talking about David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan here, but —

Trump: Honestly, I don't know David Duke. I don't believe I've ever met him. I'm pretty sure I didn't meet him. And I just don't know anything about him.

No. It strains credulity that Trump doesn't "know anything" about David Duke, who has been in the public eye for decades, he was the first "blow-dried" Klan leader, but Trump chooses to answer only about Duke not about the Klan. He knows what the KKK is and refuses to disavow it's support.

I really don't know the basis for the claim that the questioning was "somewhat unfair" but Vox led into the subject with a delicious bit of wryness:

Trump, being a cautious sort and not one to just talk without gathering all the facts and giving a matter serious consideration, said he would have to do more research because at the moment he lacked sufficient information to disavow them.
What you think I say I like that Bear Anus?

How you say, "endorse." 
Would help Mrs. Hillary?

She lose moron vote!
She win without moron vote, yes? I no win without moron vote.

We make agree. I endorse Bear Anus. We good friends.

Good job, V!

"Donald Trump has portrayed himself now consistently as fighting for the working people. And he has a record of sticking it to working people for 35 years. If any other candidate in this race had his record, there would be nonstop reporting on it. Unfortunately Trump’s being pumped up because many in the media with a bias know that he’ll be easy to beat in a general election."

Born on Third Base, Thinks He Hit a Triple

"If he hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be right now? Selling watches in Manhattan."


I had the strangest dream last night--Moses, Marco Rubio, Joe Frazier, the Bhagavad Gita...It wasn't a dream! Donald Trump really is a pussy! Well, it is a Blessed Sunday is all I gotta say to THAT!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

"He’s not a tough guy!"

"He’s never punched anyone in the face!"

"Donald Trump has never punched anyone in the face, okay?

"The other day he told a protester, ‘I wish I could punch you in the face.’"

That was an act, he was acting, he was reading lines like an actor does, he was playing the role of a tough guy, on a stage too, a real stage but a fake tough guy, it was all an act.

He even said, and I quote,

"I wish I could punch you in the face."

"Wish" is key. He wishes he could punch someone in the face. Why didn't he? Huh? WHY DIDN'T YOU TRUMP?!

(Hint: Psst, because he's not a tough guy. Because his fingers are too short and stumpy to even make a fist. Even if they were normal he couldn't. Know why? Huh, ya wanna know why? Because he's not a tough guy. Because, you know what he really is? Not a tough guy, that's an act, he he-he-he


"This isn’t a tough guy."

It is all an ACT. He ISN'T a tough guy. That's the key, "n't."

“He acts like he’s some sort of tough guy."

He DOES. He ACTS like it. That's the key, "acts."

"Donald Trump has never punched anyone in the face, okay? He's not a tough guy!"

“He acts like he’s some sort of tough guy. This isn’t a tough guy. The other day he told a protester, ‘I wish I could punch you in the face.’ Donald Trump has never punched anyone in the face, okay? This guy was born into money, inherited $200 million — he’s never punched anyone in the face! He’s not a tough guy!"

Let us pause for a moment in silent admiration.

“He acts like he’s some sort of tough guy.

For these are immortal words.

The other day he told a protester, ‘I wish I could punch you in the face.’

Set up.

Donald Trump has never punched anyone in the face, okay?

Did you see the follow-through on that swing? Fluid, Oh! so smooth. Did you hear the thwack when he hit it? Did you see how that ball just disappeared, like it was shot out of a cannon. Look at it again.

He’s never punched anyone in the face! 

"Never." He has "never." In his whole life. It is true. His fingers are too short to make an effective ball of a fist.

He's not a tough guy!

No...No...He Is Not.

Those words should be chiseled onto a monument. Trump Tower: "HE'S NOT A TOUGH GUY!"

It's Time. They're Out of Time

I don't understand the lower life forms.

Why did Marco Rubio wait so long? He says "I don't like attacking other Republicans." Then why are you doing it now? "Because I don't want the conservative party to get hijacked by a 'con artist.'" What was he two months ago?

Ted Cruz said he would NOT attack Trump. EVER. Said that a couple months ago. Immediately after Iowa Trump began wasting Cruz--"STOLE IOWA!," "LIAR!" "SICK!"--Cruz didn't respond in kind, characterized them as "trumpertantrums." Trump got 'im, killed Cruz dead, Trump has been laying off him to go after Rubio. Cruz has only been attacking back since right before South Carolina. NOW Cruz is going after Trump.

I read earlier today that so far Trump's attacks on the other Republican candidates have outnumbered anti-Trump attacks by 9-1.

Better late than never! True that and there is still time, but my God, what do they think this is, Olympic diving, where you get extra points for degree of difficulty? Rubio has got some great material, That is going to dent Trump, too!, but he waits until the last week in February to roll it out?

The so-called Republican establishment, Is there really such a thing? I don't think so., Anti-Trump office-holders, big donors, long-time Republicans, the "intelligentsia," an oxymoron when applied to lower life forms, have got hives they're so worried. Mitch McConnell even took time away from shutting down the Supreme Court to send a memo to other senate Republicans that they should feel free to attack Trump this summer to save their own skins. McConnell's resigned to Trump as the nominee. More and more big donors are resigned to it. Only the intelligentsia acted timely.

There is still time, and as a fervent anti-Republican--I think I have mentioned that previously, no? I WANT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY DEAD!-- I wish there weren't time but even I am catching myself looking ahead. Okay, the case for "there's still time:" On February 19 I wrote that the time was between March 9 (by which time 50% of all GOP delegates will have been allocated) and on or about April 26, the 75% threshold date. After March 8, "Super Tuesday," delegates are awarded winner-take-all. I wrote that, in my judgment, there were two conditions precedent to that being "the time:" Uno, that Trump be shown to have a low ceiling of support between 30%-40%; Dos, that it becomes a two-man race, and it ain't lookin' too peppy for either of those conditions. 

Trump won 46% in the Nevada caucuses, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's a caucus, okay fine, but he didn't win 26% either!  Trump picked up his first few endorsements from party office-holders including one big FAT one in Chris Krispy Kreme. That hurt Rubio. I have not looked at the polls but I bet Trump still averages within his presumed ceiling range on Super Tuesday.

The race is not going to be down to two men by March 9. Rubio, Cruz and Kasich will all still be in the race, Kasich to the greatest degree of exasperation to anti-Trump GOPers.

So one of the two conditions precedent is DOA and the other is a firm "maybe."

Ergo, there is not time.

Rubio, you coulda been a contenda if you wasn't a lower life form.

Let the Extermination begin! Onward to November! (Rubio, lay off now, okay?) "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." DEATH TO COCKROACHES! Somebody call Scalia to administer last rites, oh right.

Rubio on Trump

"He says five things: 'Everyone's dumb, he's gonna make America great again, we're gonna win, win, win, he's winning in the polls, and the lines around the state.'"

Rubio, Rubio, Where For Art Thou Rubio

Rubio: Trump would be 'selling watches'

“Here’s the guy that inherited $200 million. If he hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be right now? Selling watches in Manhattan," Rubio said...

"Selling watches in Manhattan!" OHHH. I am jealous of Marco Rubio for that one. That is brilliant.

Marco, where have you been all of these months? If you had started this way in the Fall, you would have saved your party and perhaps made it your own. "Sad!" lol.

Strongman Cant Spel

He took them down! These little things, spelling errors here, get to Trump. They embarrass him and strongmen cannot be embarrassed! Rubio is mocking him, laughing at him, strongmen cannot be laughed at. They're exposed, like the Wizard of Oz who was only "the man behind the curtain." 

Trump has the cowardly lion's "courage," Bill James courage: the cowardly lion will growl at you threateningly, Trump insults and demeans, but when Dorothy whacked the lion on the nose he started crying! Oh lolol. They are both bullies, push back! 

Rubio is right also, Trump is a lion without bite, he hasn't punched anybody in this whole life. 

Oh, this is priceless stuff. Marco Rubio is to be congratulated. 

It is too late though. Fortunately. Trump is going to win the GOP nomination. Which is going to prevent me from registering Republican so I can vote for Trump to help make him the GOP nominee. Marco Rubio is to be thanked. :)

Lightweight Marco Rubio was working hard last night. The problem is, he is a choker, and once a choker, always a chocker! Mr. Meltdown.
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 26, 2016

Trump deleted misspelt tweets after Rubio called him out. The tweets will forever live compliments of @politwoops

Rubio mocks Trump for spelling, 'spray tan,' 'Hair Force One' plane

“You guys wanna have a little fun today?” Rubio mischievously asked the crowd, holding up his cell phone.

“He’s learning how to spell, I guess. But he’s flying around on Hair Force One and tweeting.”
“So here’s the one tweet he put out, he put out a picture of me having makeup put on me at the debate,” Rubio said, referring to another Trump tweet from Friday.

“Which is amazing me to me, that the guy with the worst spray tan in America is attacking me for putting on makeup.”

The kicker: “Donald Trump likes to sue people; he should sue whoever did that to his face.”
-The Hill

Rubio's Attacks

“He acts like he’s some sort of tough guy. This isn’t a tough guy. The other day he told a protester, ‘I wish I could punch you in the face.’ Donald Trump has never punched anyone in the face, okay? This guy was born into money, inherited $200 million — he’s never punched anyone in the face! He’s not a tough guy!"

Lolol. THAT is true! And it goes right to the heart of Trump's appeal. It is an attack on Trump's character. Stuff like this gets to Trump, strangely, like his 30-year obsession that someone said he had short, stumpy fingers. 

If you can get people to laugh at a strongman--that is devastating; it's devastating to them personally and to the aura they have with supporters. I've related this anecdote before: Fidel Castro, Strongman, is supposed to have a really good sense of humor--except when it comes to himself. He and his cronies were sitting around joking, even poking fun at one another, Fidel poking fun at the others, everybody laughing, until someone poked fun at Fidel. Fidel did not laugh.

Racism Attack Ad

Go right at this mother-fucker. Make David Duke his running mate.