Sunday, May 27, 2018

Torn Between Two Lovers

China will not let North Korea get lights. South Korea and America 2.0 will.


It was the return of the Splash Brothers that inundated Houston last night. Klay Thompson was 13/23, 9/14 from range, 35 and the Elf Magician 12/23, 5/14, 29. Do it every time, that will. Chris Paul didn't play.

Lovey Dovey Turtle Dovey (concussion protocol) will not play today for Lake Mistake and that is enough for me to change my Official Prediction: Bawston will win Game 7.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Obviously a Major Malfunction

Dear JEsus. Golden Pond just FLOODED the Houston launch pad. They followed their 3Q 33-16 beatdown with an unbelievable 31-9 4th, outscoring H 64-25 in the second half. Houston led by 17 after 1. Were outscored 93-47 after that. :o and :o :o.

Wait...Houston, You Have a Problem

Golden Pond splashed their bodily essence all over the faces of the "Rockettes" in the 3Q, outscoring the latter by 33-17 in the 3Q to take an eight point lead, 84-77, heading into the final quarter. Well, that certainly escalated quickly.

Elimination Weekend

It is Elimination Weekend in some world sports. Exorable Liverpool went splat in the Champions League embarrassing England and giving cause for anti-Livers like moi to change our underwear a couple of times since the glorious result came in.

On the Left Coast of the colonies the Houston "Rockettes" are laying some wood on Golden State. They lead at the half by 10 and led in the 1Q by 17.

And tomorrow we have a double elimination. Will the Beans break wind and cause the Sword to go limp or will the Sword the slice and dice the Beans. The adage that playoff series are won by the team with the best player is firmly on the cutting edge. Predictions here: a cheater's boldness in the Houston-GS series, the Rockets will rise and end Golden State's spectacular run. And in Beans, I'm going with the adage. The Beanies are too young, too inexperienced, and are missing their two best players. LBJ does not want to have another Humiliation in Boston. One caveat: LeBron is bushed, has only one full day rest between his 46 in 46 supernova Friday and manana. Does he have enough left? Yes, barely. Cleveland wins the game and the series. It will be Cleveland-Houston in the Finals and with Chris Paul undoubtedly back the "Rockets" red glare will turn the wine and gold into blood and pus.

Ah. Is somebody sad because they suck at life?
How did that happen?

Kalamity Karius Parte Une


Kalamity Karius Parte Dos
Liverpool?...Did you win?...Anybody home in Liverpool?
Oh! The Champions League Final was today. Who won? I've been working all day.

Trump, Go to the Fucking Summit

Kim and Moon had a surprise meeting on the DPRK side of the border today. Looks like things went well.

And yet...The right wing is saying things like "Trump must stick to his snub." That is utter bullshit. Trump's Dear John letter was caused by China telling Kim to slow the fuck down. The Chinese were aftaid all peace was goin to break out. Can't have that! Trump and Kim win Nobels, the U.S. gets the credit, China a wallflower: not in China's interests. Learn who your real friends are, whippersnapper! Kim took notes and obeyed.

Trump's letter had the effect of peeling China and the DPRK apart. It caused Kim to pause and think, "Who really has my and my country's best interests at heart?" Kim's answer to those questions is photographically depicted above.

Friday, May 25, 2018

LeBron Had 46 of C's 109 Points.

He scored more than the next three Mistakers combined. 46 points in 46 minutes played. That's efficient! 17/33 from the field. Over 50% shooting is pretty good!. 11 boards, 9 assists. What, no treble-double? Da bum. He played 8 more minutes than anybody else on his team. Game 7 Sunday at 8:30 p.m. in the night time, Normal Cop Time. Listen, Beans: take some Immodium game day, K? Brad Auerbach, see if you can figure out a way to keep That Man from scoring 42% of his team's fucking points. It's really important.

Oh, it's now 11, 1:40.

Okay, thank you Boston very not much. Later, Chowder Heads.

9, the second of two free throws.

8. 8 Hate. 1:42


B has outscored them every quarter but the second. But that second: 34-18.

9, 2:48


9, 3:10. Looks like Cleve's Going to Get Away with It.

7, 3:54.

7 Points, Whoops now 9 again, 8 mins left

Man, Boston fans are arrogant about their "Celtics." Coach Brad Stevens is fucking Red Auerbach. They think they are going to run LBJ out of Mistake Land again. May be right. Cleve is up 10 at the end of 3Q after being down 5 at the end of the first. Went on a big run in the second. B outscored them by one in the third. Game 7 would be in Beans.

I just have the hardest time seeing this team, without Bed Bugs and without Gordon Hayward, beating C in this series. Which is stupid of me because they've done it three times already. If they come back in the 4th and beat them I'll be a sonofabitch. They're 1-6 on the road in these 'loffs, they've callow as hell, missing their two best players, and playing against the best baller in the world. And if Bawston doesn't win tonight I don't see that young, inexperienced team winning a Game 7, even at home (where they're 10-0) against Cleveland-cum-LeBron. If I see it then I'll see it.

Trump: North Korea summit could still happen on 12 June


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Finally tonight, congratulations to the Wershington "Capitals." Now that's what an expansion team should be in its first year: 8 wins, 67 losses, 5 ties. GAWD, they were dreadful. And in year two and three and. Didn't make the playoffs or finish with more W's than L's until year ten. Now in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in, gulp, 45 years. Against first year Vegan. Go "Caps."
Houston led by as many as 11 points in the 2Q and by eight with 3:15 to play but Golden Pond closed on an 8-0 run sparked by KD's trey at 2:12. His two free throws at :51.8 cut the lead to one and Draymond Green made one of two with :24 seconds left to even it. Steph Curry even had a three-point shot at the buzzer that would have give GS the lead. They never had the lead in the first half, which is frustrating for the "Rockettes". 45-45 half time and all the momentum with The City.
Somebody just clicked on this post. this post. The cite in Blogger stats appears only as "I can't get over that photograph" and I didn't remember what photograph it was or what the post was about. So I clicked on it my ownself. I reprint the text sans photo (of Liu Shaoqi and granddaughter) below. Everything I wrote then I could write now, could have written on any day from 2004 on. It is true. I was surprised that that post was as recent as 2016. I had dropped the Cultural Revolution as a frequent writing topic years before. What that 2016 post means is that the pain of China writing stayed with me years after I stopped writing about it regularly. Yes, I mean that. Writing about China caused me pain.

And this is the thing with China. China does that. There is so much beauty, kindness, love, greatness, history but always admixed with the most exquisite pain. That photograph could be on a Hallmark card, right? "Ah," it just makes you want to go, "Ah." It is adorable. And yet...

It's always there. The pain is always there; you meet a Chinese person, (s)he seems perfectly normal-happy or well-adjusted or content. Intelligent, personable. Get to know them a little: there is pain inside there. Every Chinese has got pain inside. Pain of a kind you have never experienced. Pain of an intensity that, mercifully, few of us ever know. Just remember: no matter how normal they seem, there is pain inside.

Harvey Weinstein To Be Arrested Friday

He is surrendering to the Manhattan D.A.'s office on rape charges.
"...the Singapore summit, for the good of both parties, but to the detriment of the world, will not take place."

You sad, hun Trumpie.

Kimmy sad too.

You can have other play date with Kimmy, k?

Trumpie, did you proof read that letter before you sent it? It's only three paragraphs long.

In the second paragraph, the "Big" one, you wrote "...I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting."

In the last paragraph you wrote "If you change your mind having to do with this most important summit, please do not hesitate to call me or write."

What is the fucking matter with you, you loon?

Melt Down The Coins

Trump canceled the summit with Kim Jong-un.

And the medal.
Trumpie, put on some clothes.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Boston leads Mistake Land by 19 with under 11' left in the game.

The first two games in this series were in Beans and the "Celts" won by 15 and 13.

The next to in Lake Mistake. The "Cavs" won by 30 and 9.

The home team in professorial tackle football gets three points by Las Vegas. Doesn't matter if you're FIU playing in front of 6,000 or Michigan playing in front of 106,000, you're given a field goal over the line in the same game played at a neutral venue. Okay, that's college kids, and that isn't much. I don't think it's the same in the NBA but there is some bonus you're going to be given, even in the NBA, just for playing at home.

This series is unusual in the drastic swings between home and away but the home team does have an advantage even in the NBA, even after playing two or three games every year in the same building on the same floor year after year. It bothers and puzzles me that these creme de la creme professionals are bothered detectably by playing in someone else's gym. It exasperates me that this Cleveland team, a veteran championship team and THE GREATEST PLAYER ON EARTH is effected to this degree...By what? The hostile crowd? LeBron James gets that about 50 times a year. This is, I think, his 15th year. Serious?--The lead is now 16 with 2:53 to play--That makes no sense to me. It can't be that. It has to be psychological but then why would not this Einstein of the Hardwood be able to figure out, in consultation with psychological professionals, how to overcome it? I just don't get it and the usual explanations leave me cold. Final: Boston 96 Cleveland 83. Friday night in Cleveland.

Unai Emery Named Arsenal Manager

A Spaniard, Emery managed Paris the last two seasons. He replaces legend Arsene Wenger. I am not an Arsenal fan yet even I feel better just seeing a fresh, new face next to "Arsenal manager." 
Another adage pertaining to the NBA is that a playoff series hasn't really started until one team loses a game at home.

According to that adage, therefore, the Mistake-Chowder series hasn't started yet. Cleve destroyed Boston in their two games in the Pawn Shop just as Boston had them in Beans. Series tied 2-2. Game 5 tonight in Boston.

Following that adage the Houston-Golden State series has started twice in four games. GS won one in Houston and last night the "Rockettes" won in The Town. Series tied 2-2. Game 5 manana night-o in Tex.

WHAT Is The Matter With The Chosen People?

Phillip Roth died. This is from The New York Times obituary:

"...more than just about any other writer of his time he was tireless in his exploration of male sexuality. His creations include Alexander Portnoy, a teenager so libidinous he has sex with both his baseball mitt and the family dinner...

...almost against his will sometimes, he was drawn again and again to writing about themes of Jewish identity, anti-Semitism and the Jewish experience in America. 

...some of Mr. Roth’s preoccupations, women especially. 
Mr. Roth’s other great theme was sex, or male lust, which in his books is both a life force and a principle of rage and disorder. It is sex, the uncontrollable need to have it, that torments poor, guilt-ridden Portnoy, probably Mr. Roth’s most famous character, who desperately wants to “be bad — and to enjoy it.” And Mickey Sabbath, the protagonist of “Sabbath’s Theater,” one of Mr. Roth’s major late-career novels, is in many ways Portnoy grown old but still in the grip of lust and longing...

...Portnoy’s Complaint,” the novel for which he may be best known and which surely set a record for most masturbation scenes per page. 

It was a breakthrough not just for Mr. Roth but for American letters, which had never known anything like it: an extended, unhinged monologue, at once filthy and hilarious, by a neurotic young Jewish man trying to break free of his suffocating parents and tormented by a longing to have sex with gentile women, shiksas.
Josh Greenfeld, writing in The New York Times Book Review, called it “the very novel that every American-Jewish writer has been trying to write in one guise or another since the end of World War II.” 
...And once again the rabbis complained. Gershom Scholem, the great kabbalah scholar, declared that the book was more harmful to Jews than “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”
[In] Sabbath’s Theater...His voice is nothing if not American: an angry, comic, lustful harangue.
“In this new book life is represented as anarchic horniness on the rampage against death and its harbingers, old age and impotence,” Frank Kermode wrote in The New York Review of Books, adding, “There is really only one way for him to tell the story — defiantly with outraged phallic energy.”


Now, analysts want to know what caused the North’s return to the dark side, which took senior Trump officials by complete surprise. But the new hostility should have been anticipated. It was evident that Xi Jinping, whom Trump called a “friend” yesterday, put the North Koreans up to their new bristling posture.
..."I will say I’m a little disappointed, because when Kim Jong Un had the meeting with President Xi, in China, the second meeting—the first meeting we knew about—the second meeting—I think there was a little change in attitude from Kim Jong Un,” Trump said. “So I don’t like that. I don’t like that.”

...Xi obviously has been up to no good. In addition to openly violating U.N. sanctions in recent months, Xi has undoubtedly been schooling Kim in the art of defiance of the international community, especially the United States. That second Xi-Kim meeting—held May 7 and 8 in the Chinese city of Dalian—preceded North Korea’s return to bad behavior.

It took some time for Trump to recognize what was going on...

Over the last two months, China’s sanctions enforcement has markedly deteriorated. Moreover, Beijing has ramped up support for the North Korean economy. In the last few weeks, for instance, gas and diesel prices in the northern part of North Korea have fallen dramatically, which could not have happened unless China had been pumping substantially more oil into the North through its pipeline.

Beijing says it wants North Korea to denuclearize, and that may be true, but most of all it does not want to be left out of decision-making affecting the region. “China’s biggest nightmare is North Korea having a closer relationship with the United States and South Korea than it does with China,” prominent China-watcher Bonnie Glaser of the Center for Strategic and International Studies told The Washington Post.

...Xi Jinping has been trying to convince Trump—and Moon—that every plan to denuclearize North Korea runs through the Chinese capital. Xi apparently got Kim to act up to create a need to consult Beijing...


Twelve North Korean waitresses are now now holding up the Trump-Kim summitt. That's how stupid this has gotten.

The Waitstaff 12 defected to the South--Between courses? Could I at least have a doggy bag?--the North claims they were kidnapped and is demanding their return. Moon is red and has passed on the compliments to the co-chef, Trump, who now says there is "substantial" possibility those coins will have to be melted down.

That Was Fun!

Had a dream last night my son had been killed. Woke up. So realistic I couldn't shake it. Thought about going to his house to check on him but thought he would kill me.Walked around the abode, wept. Went back to sleep. Dreamed my daughter had been killed. Never had a double header before.

Only got two kids but wasn't chancing going back to sleep again. God damn the dark blessed night.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Moon Blew? Orange Loon Red

Man. The Summit of the Buttoneers is not looking buttoned down. At all. This weekend was definitely not baked in drama. The DPRK nuclear negotiater made that statement and Trump called South Korean president Moon Jae-in Saturday night to ask WTF? According to the former Quasi's Trump is now canvassing his advisers on whether to go at all.

The Orange Loon is red with embarrassment. Korean War Over! My Nobel! My Nobel! And red with anger. He's pissed at Moon. He doesn't know if Moon misunderstood Kim, put his own optimistic gloss on Kim's willingness to give up his nuclear arsenal or misled him when Moon flew to D.C. to deliver the message to Trump personally. (That message was not in writing and was not from official DPRK.) "Was I scammed?" Trump wonders and there is nothing that makes his orange head redder than being scammed.

Trump is also red at Red China. Was this a plot hatched together by fiendish yellow brains (Revenge of the Pink Panther, 1978)? Kim went to China recently. Again. The first time he went he was obsequious to Xi Jinping. Hardly talked at all. Took notes! Sat there and took notes as Xi spoke. Now, Trump wonders if Xi didn't man-splain some things to the whippersnapper. Wouldn't be a bit surprised, as my father used to say. Today the Orange Loon tweeted that the "word" that he heard was that the Chinese-DPRK "Border," like wife's vajeen, had become "porous"and "more has been filtering in" from Red Chinese Yellow Hordes. "China must continue" to have "strong & tight" vajeen border. "I" want vajeen "porous" "but only after signing!" Vajeen Free Use nukes agreement. Me and Kim. First me and Kim sign then Red Chinese Hordes may use Kim's "porous" border to fienish yellow brain delight till it hang like wizard sleeve and China nuts ache and Kim leak with overflow filter. It was a tweet by Trump pregnant with meaning. Or innuendo. It distracted me.

Having been told by a tiny few people (including some real Chinese) that he understands a tiny few things about China, about its soul, the undersigned makes bold to share with a tiny few others his "thoughts" on this chroma study.

The soul, the animating principle, of China is survival.

Chinese fear encirclement as Donald Trump fears being scammed.

China has stuck by and propped up the DPRK dictatorship of racist dwarfs for nigh 70 years because of that soul and that fear.

China only lost 1,000,000 men fighting the U.S. in the Korean War. It was worth it to them.

Chinese, including the Communist leadership, are a highly intelligent people in a super-computing sense.Their intelligence is close and dense. They crunch. They study matters very intensely, they memorize.

Chinese knowledge is insular. Limited to China and what they must learn from "The Foreigner" for China to survive.

Chinese are short of intuition because of their insularity.

They are intelligent enough to know when they don't know.

Chinese leadership is cautious.

Chinese intelligence is neither creative nor curious. They don't invent, they copy. They don't explore, they stay home.

They are indirect, not direct.

China is ~94% ethnic Han. They are far--far, far, far--the most racially/ethnically homogenuous of the  world's major nations.

Chinese are racist.

Chimese are not happy.

You will never be Chinese. Chinese do not want you or your land. They have enough of both. They will never invade you.

Chinese are not religious.

Chinese leadership is pragmatic. They will do only what is in China's interests.

Chinese have made a close study of Donald Trump and have consulted with others about Trump because they are cautious in making judgments of foreigners. They have concluded that Trump is an interesting, dangerous moron who can be scammed. They have shared their conclusions with Kim Jong-un.

China has use for the DPRK. DPRK leadership is like their leadership. The DPRK keeps China from being encircled to the east. China does not want to see the DPRK "totally destroyed." Neither does China wish to have a Western-like, South Korea-ish DPRK. That would be giving in to encirclement.

Chinese leadership is of two minds about the U.S. presence in southeast Asia. In one part of their fiendish yellow brains they see danger of encirclement. In another part they do not see danger from the U.S. presence. They do not believe that the U.S. is trying to encircle them militarily. Mao even told Kissinger "You take it," referring to Taiwan.

In the no-danger part of their brain Chinese have use of the U.S. in its presence in Korea: it is the DPRK's raison d'etre. No U.S. in Korea, no DPRK. No DPRK~encirclement of China. In this version of wei chi it is the DPRK and the U.S. who are encircled. The former is totally dependent on China and the U.S. has troops, 30,000 of them, in South Korea pinned down from the north by the DPRK and to the west by China with their backs to the sea. In any new Korean war 30,000 U.S. men and women and millions of South Koreans would be killed. Ultimately in any such war the DPRK would be totally destroyed and the wei chi board flipped. China would then be encircled. So, China does not want a full scale war. But, they like the possibility. China will act in its interests and its alone and China loses the game if the DPRK is totally destroyed or if the DPRK becomes McDPRK with porous, infiltrated wizard sleeve border. In either case China would lose its buffer against encirclement. China went along with every recent sanction, every recent U.N. resolution against the DPRK proposed by Trump because they believed that the dangerous moron would totally destroy the DPRK. Xi Jinping convinced Kim Jong-un that Trump would totally destroy the DPRK. Kim stopped his nuclear tests and his missile flights. China did not want the DPRK to have a nuclear capability, the DPRK got one anyway, Kim began threatening the U.S. and China had to step in.

However, China is not down with the Kim-Moon hand-holding. They do not want a unified Korea because that would mean a South Korea and a McDPRK. They do not want a porous border, they do not want the DPRK to be "VERY successful" or to get rich. So, China is of two minds about the Trump-Kim summit. They want the DPRK to be denuclearized but do not want the DPRK to be rewarded by the U.S. for it. China is thus tacking back, "filtering in" food, materiel, and supplies, demonstrating Chinese support, control, easing the pressure on Kim, rewarding Kim, preempting Trump. Kim is taking notes. Both Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un want Kim Jong-un and the DPRK to survive and ahead of the summit they have gotten the moron Trump to go along: Libya and Qaddafi will not be the model. That preserves the DPRK qua DPRK. The summit will go ahead. Kim will sign a very strong denuclearization agreement, Trump will trumpet "Korean War Over!," collect a Nobel, Kim will refuse to attend or to accept, and Kim will begin cheating, violating the agreement just enough so that the U.S. restores its own sanctions but not enough to court total destruction. China will not go along with the new sanctions, will keep filtering in supplies and U.S. troops will remain in Korea and remain encircled.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Lord Stanley Is Living in the Castle

Vegan grounded the "Fast Planes" 2-1 in Manitoba just now. Won the series 4-1 and advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals. 

Yuja Wang

I am ashamed to say that I had never heard of Ms. Wang before yesterday. Stumbled upon her yesterday. Was reading an article in the ex-Quasi's and saw a blurb: "Yuja Wang Plays Dazed Chaos, Then Seven Encores." Obviously Chinese and what intrigued me enough to click on the blurb and read my first article EVER on Ms. Wang was the obvious, to me, Chinese-ness in the lede for "dazed" is what Chinese often have been and "chaos" often has been what has dazed them. The phrase "Dazed Chaos" as applied to China conjures in me, obviously, the Cultural Revolution. "Chaos" (混沌)is the dirtiest word in the Chinese language today but back then it was a good, sort of. "Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent" (在天堂下的一切都完全混乱;情况非常好) . Good in a Maoie kind of way. I instantly could picture in my head what it would mean to interpret a score and to play the piano as Red Guards played politics and I felt a frisson. I thrilled to read and my heart pace quickened. This is from the Times:

Through her concert’s uncompromisingly grim first half and its wary, stunned second, Ms. Wang charted wholly dark, private emotions.

After the playbills had been printed, Ms. Wang...revised her program. That's 混沌.

Ms. Wang played none of these pieces in a way that made them seem grounded or orderly; (Of course not!) she even seemed to want to run the seven together in an unbroken, heady minor-key span...these pieces blurred into and stretched toward one another. Ms. Wang emphasized unsettled harmonies and de-emphasized melodic integrity. [In] the Étude-Tableau...she was telling two surreal tales at once. The martial opening of the Prelude in G Minor...swiftly unraveled into something woozy and bewildering. The washes of sound in the Étude-Tableau in C Minor (Op. 39, No. 1) were set alongside insectlike fingerwork — neurotic, insistent, claustrophobic.

Her bending of the line in the Étude-Tableau in B Minor (Op. 39, No. 4) felt like the turning of a widening gyre, infusing the evocation of aristocratic nostalgia with anxiety. (Rachmaninoff composed most of the works Ms. Wang played as World War I loomed and unfolded...The stretched-out, washed-out quality of melancholy in her account of the Étude-Tableau in C Minor...made that sorrow seem more like resignation: The loneliness she depicted felt familiar to her, even comfortable.

The prevailing mood — dreamlike sadness; a feeling of being lost; rushing through darkness...The relentless trills...glittered angrily.

There was the sense that more time than just 20 minutes — decades, perhaps — had elapsed during intermission, after which Ms. Wang played Prokofiev’s Sonata No. 8, composed during World War II. Here...Ms. Wang seemed to inhabit a kind of aftermath of the dazed chaos she had depicted in the early-20th-century works on the first half...The effect was still unnerving.

...her ominous vision of this music.

a demented arrangement of Mozart’s “Rondo alla Turca”...

And with this from Classical Scene, the undersigned rests his case:

 Does she radiate pure joy?... Not her style.
Time condensed.
[Chopin B Minor Sonata, Op. 58]: She danced over the keyboard for the 2nd movement scherzo and barely slowed down for the middle section, then sped up for the reprise! Which was a bit otherworldly...
Her abilities so far exceed mere mortal ones that it just doesn’t occur to ponder what it might be like to play like that.
[Stravinsky’s Three Movements from Petrouchka]: She had us thinking of inner voices (musically) [No! Not only musically] while hearing music that was at once brittle, harsh (both good things), bright, and dark. [Those are the contradictions with which Mao Zedong challenged the Chinese people.] And at times, were there sounds of innocence. Really? Yes, for lack of a better word. And pain.
Shimmery playing... And bell sounds... Wang took us for a great ride in the 3rd movement, covering so much ground (and keyboard), galloping then thudding (another good thing) to conclusion.