Saturday, September 03, 2016

"Obama’s China visit gets off to rocky start, reflecting current relations"-WaPo

This is unbelievable. And it is deliberate on the Chinese part. There is no way this happened by accident.

HANGZHOU, China — The problems began as soon as President Obama landed in China.

There were no stairs waiting for him to disembark from his usual door at the top of Air Force One.

On the tarmac, as Obama’s staff scrambled to get lower-level stairs in place for him to disembark, White House press photographers traveling with him tried to get in their usual position to mark his arrival in a foreign country, only to find a member of the Chinese welcoming delegation screaming at them.

He told the White House press corps they needed to leave.

A White House official tried to intervene, saying this is our president and our plane and the media isn’t moving.

The man yelled in response, “This is our country!”

The man then entered into a testy exchange with Obama’s national security adviser, Susan E. Rice, and her deputy, Ben Rhodes, while trying to block them from moving toward the front of the plane.
...the relationship between these two world powers has become frayed and fraught with frustration. Over the past seven years, that turbulence with China has colored and come to define Obama’s foreign policy at-large in Asia.

Saturday, several White House protocol officers and other staff arriving at a diplomatic compound ahead of Obama’s meetings were stopped from entering and had heated arguments with Chinese officials in order to get in.
Twenty minutes before the arrival of Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping, the two sides were still arguing in the room where the two leaders would soon be touting their cooperation. The Chinese insisted there was not enough space for the 12 American journalists traveling with Obama. U.S. officials insisted there was, pointing to a spacious area sectioned off for the media and citing arrangements negotiated long in advance.

I do not know that President Obama has ever done anything wrong toward the Chinese or the Russians. All I know is American relations with both have deteriorated under his presidency and each has rushed into the arms of the other. Sino-Russo relations have improved under Obama.

Really bothers me. Puzzles me. I don't understand why.