Sunday, September 04, 2016

BEIJING — President Obama tried to downplay talk of an orchestrated diplomatic snub by China on Sunday as leaders from the G-20 major world economies began a summit in the east Chinese city of Hangzhou.
Tensions over protocol began almost as soon as Air Force One touched down in Hangzhou on Saturday. No mobile staircase was prepared for the U.S. president to exit the front door of the plane, forcing him to leave via the lower back door, which has its own stairs.

He also was the only national leader not to be provided with red carpet on arrival.

It was an orchestrated diplomatic snub. Obama is in the last few months of his presidency. To China and Russia and Trump, Obama is illegitimate. He's Black. No leader of a major country can be Black. It's against Nature's racial laws. They don't even bother going through the form of diplomatic respect now. He'll be gone soon. That's how they think. Now they can do and say what they really want to. Get off the back of your plane, nigger. No red carpet for you. "Fuck that nigger!" shouted a Trump low-life in Cleveland in March. That's what they have wanted to say and do for eight years.