Saturday, September 03, 2016

"Confrontations Flare as Obama’s Traveling Party Reaches China"-NYT, Mark Landler

It's the same story as in the Post with these additions, one personal, one historical. This is outrageous treatment and it really pisses me off:

In six years of covering the White House, I had never seen a foreign host prevent the news media from watching Mr. Obama disembark.
To some in Mr. Obama’s delegation, it was reminiscent of the rough treatment he received on his first trip to China, in 2009. Then the Chinese refused to broadcast on state television a town-hall-style meeting; packed the hall with Communist Party loyalists; and censored an interview he gave to a Chinese publication. At the time, many viewed the treatment as a metaphor for a rising power flexing its muscles with a young president from a superpower in decline.

This is an insult to the country. I'd a fucking got back on the plane and left. (You know I would have, too.) Once I heard about the treatment at the guest house, that would have been it. "Come on guys, we're goin' home." Official China can suck my dick.