Sunday, September 04, 2016

I've been tracking the Notre Dame du Lac-Texas du Austin tackle football game. Two fine coaches, Brian Kelly and Charlie Strong. Strong has had a tough go of it at Texas. I think it's his third year and he has gotten rid of a number of players in his time there. That has told on his record and they're not sure in Austin if Charlie's the man to return them to national contention.

Fine coach, Charlie Strong, but if this one gets away from him...

Texas led 31-14 with 9 1/2 minutes left in the third quarter. Six minutes of game time later and ND made it 31-28 and they've got the ball again.

Fine coach Charlie Strong, but Brian Kelly is an excellent coach. You can never count a Brian Kelly-coached team out. I saw that first-hand, well, second-hand when he coached at Cincinnati. One year, a very important year for both Cincy and Pitt, Pitt had them by two or more touchdowns in the third quarter and Cincy came back to win the game. Kept Pitt from going to one of those big bowls. Put Cincinnati in one of those big bowls. Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt's firing, a year later, I think, came for failure to win big ball games. It was true. It was right there for Pitt that year! Wannstedt lost the final two games, Cincinnati and some other. No Brian Kelly was Dave Wannstedt.

Kelly has a cobra's quickness to strike. He can see, although his team is down big, that this is the moment, and he strikes. His teams don't seem to hang their heads when they're down, because when opportunity presents to Kelly, his players go get it. Kelly and his teams are far less susceptible to the force of momentum than are other teams, otherly coached.

It is tough to keep college-age players playing such an intense, emotional game as tackle football from succumbing to Big Mo. Kelly won't let 'em and that is a big factor in making him such an excellent coach. Cobra Kelly.

That encomium took about 25 minutes so I'll go back to tracking the game and Texas will be up twenty.