Monday, September 05, 2016


It becomes my disagreeable duty to take the "We Are the World" image off the header. Some president of the Philippines called President Obama a "son of a bitch" on his country's one television. That because Obama said he was going to raise the subject of thousands of "extra-judicial," malapropism there guys, come on, killings of drug sellers, real or not. Previously, this interesting individual had used the same term of endearment toward Pope Francis and an Australian missionary who had been gang-raped and murdered. ? Which...Whatever.

That followed the excellent G20 in China where the president had such an excellent time meeting with Xi, Putin and Erdogan.

Maybe it's time we all came home, America that is.

Do we have to deal with Russia and China? Yes, right? Remind me again why?

Because of our security agreements with Japan and South Korea and because of markets.

Oh, right.

And because of Japan and South Korea, the Philippines.

In other words, if we just stopped the world and hopped off, Russia or China would invade Japan and South Korea, China via its excellent friend North Korea?

The DKRP, on behalf of China, would obliterate South Korea and Japan. Remember, North and South Korea are technically still at war. Have you been paying attention to the North's nuclear sabre-rattling?

Yeah, sort of, the subs.

Remember, too: Japan and Russia fought a war. And were on opposite sides in WWII, Japan and China fought a war. Russia and China fought those mini-wars over the border in the 60's. China poured a million men into the Korean War against us. The Philippines was key to our defeat of Japan in World War II. We still have a major air base there.

ENOUGH! If any of these invasion things happened couldn't we just nuke Russia or China/DPRK?

Now you're talking like Trump.

Son of a bitch, you really know how to hurt a guy. Alright, since you put it that way.

Do we have to play with Russia and China; we may have to fight them but do we have to play with them?

One word for you, son: markets.

Ah, yes. Markets. The old pursuit-of-happiness ploy, eh? Can I still take the image off the header? Can I dream? Of  "Come Home, America"?