Friday, September 09, 2016

T-24: "This is Manchester"

They make things here. Things you can touch and feel and things that exist only in your mind and sometimes in your soul.

This is where the Industrial Revolution took off and where non-religious vegetarianism was conceived.

This is where John Dalton helped define atomic theory and where Oasis helped define '90s rock.

This is where they built and operated the world's first passenger railroad and where, after an IRA bomb flattened the city center 20 years ago, they picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and rebuilt the heart of a metropolis from scratch.

This is Manchester. This is where on Saturday, a red club with a bloody nose and hurt pride will continue its attempt to scale back to a status befitting the enormous size of its fan base.

And this is where a blue club with a Muhammad Ali-like ambition to "shake up the world" takes its next step on its well-funded but tortuous path to the top of the football world.


Wonderful writing by Gabriele Marcotti for ESPNFC.