Saturday, February 18, 2017

As a life-long conservative who has plenty of battle scars from very real skirmishes with the liberally-biased and truth-challenged news media, Trump’s attacks on them are, for me, by far the most conflicting and ultimately demoralizing element of his presidency. Normally, the enemy of your enemy is your friend, but I see Trump as being the very unworthy beneficiary of the righteous suffering of others. [WHOSE righteous suffering? The Foxes? To whom are you referring "life-long conservative"? "Suffering"? Are you a professional victim?]
...I have seen Trump masterfully manipulate conservatives who have been trained for decades to rightfully distrust the news media and use that sentiment for his own selfish purposes, all at the long-term cost of their own cause. [He manipulated the CONSERVATIVES. I see.]
I have great personal disdain for the mainstream news media. I think they have allowed journalism and our culture’s value of the truth to die in an evil exchange for their own fame and fortune...[Oh, you bitter, paranoid, twee shit.]

All that being said, there are indeed times when Trump’s analysis of the news media is EFFECTIVELY true. [Trump's "analysis" of the media? That it produces "fake news? Honestly don't know.] Ironically, I can’t think of a better example of this than their treatment of Trump himself.

Can we please not forget that NONE of which we are currently facing [sic] ever comes close to happening if the news media hadn’t done at least the following things:

•Pretended for years that Trump was a real billionaire (and thus an important person) simply because he was a good character to use in their stories. [Is he NOT a "real billionaire"? If not, I missed that memo. Or you are missing facts? I give you the benefit of the doubt. So what is he, upper-middle class?]

•Sucked up so much to Barack Obama for eight years [I think they were pretty gentle on Obama] and personally portrayed two very fine Republican opponents as monsters, [Portrayed McCain and Romney as "monsters"?  I think they were tough on the Mittster. I honestly don't remember the 2008 coverage of McCain. But "monsters"?  NO!] so that they lost all credibility for [sic] when it really mattered.

•Allowed Trump’s absurd presidential candidacy to take off unrestricted because he was good for ratings during a slow news period in the summer of 2015.

•Gave Trump over two billion dollars in free air time during the primaries because he was good for ratings [True] and because they figured he couldn’t win the nomination and if he did, that would still be cool because it would ensure a Hillary Clinton victory. [Ditto true.]

•Grossly overhyped the letter by FBI Director James Comey eleven days before the election because they thought the conclusion had already been decided and they wanted to squeeze out some more drama all the way up until the end (and boy did they get it!). ["Grossly overhyped"?]

What is most interesting to me about this “war” between Trump and the news media is that they both need each other so very badly. Without the media to kick around, Trump would have to focus his ire on Democrats, which would be difficult both because they are in the minority, and in reality he is one of them. [A Democrat? No.] Similarly, the news media on the one hand is horrified by Trump, but on the other they love him because he provides the two of the elements they carve [sic! Dude, take remedial writing. Or hire a fucking editor. Three "sics" and you're out.] most: easy content and big audiences. [I believe that is true. Consider how Trump always refers to the New York Times as "the failing New York Times." The charge sucks the Times in and they believe they give a conclusive reply with "Umm, actually Trump, our subscriptions and revenues are up HAHAHAH." They are up SINCE NOVEMBER 8. So, Trump HAS been good for the NYT's bottom line.]

In a sense, Trump is like a dirt-bag drug dealer giving the news media their fix or a rich boyfriend who abuses his partner. They despise him for what he is doing, but they simply can’t quit him. [Where did an enlightened pageviewership numbering about 300 read the identical analogy just this morning? Oh, right.]
...One of the reasons that Trump is so positive that the media is dumb and corrupt is that he is amazed at what they have allowed him to get away with through the years. [Oh. That is bullshit. So, Trump knows his life is a lie, knows that the media have abetted him, and is not "really" at war with the media, that's all a front, he "really" likes the media: Mental illness is a BIG problem in the U.S.] The fact that they have now helped him become President of the United States, all while pretending to oppose him [No. The media that "opposed" Trump {Let's take "the percentage of newspapers who didn't endorse him" as a rough, synonym to work with.} did so sincerely because they thought his election would mean the end of America as we know it.] (I'm still convinced much of the news media was conflicted because they knew how awesome his presidency would be for them personally) [I'm convinced you are a moron who gets a few things correct as occur randomly in empty space.] has probably solidified in his mind forever that he is right about the media. [That the media are "dumb and corrupt"? Honestly am not sure.]

Okay,  that has been "John Ziegler" and I have no idea who that is.