Thursday, February 16, 2017

Choose, Don't Echo

I caught quite a bit of De Facto's first news conference on his own today (captive audience in car). And I wrote the post, "Today is boring, no?" after listening to the presser. It sounded just like his campaign speeches. Nothing new-sounding to me and so I appeal to my betters again: Why are you a willing partner in this man's propaganda? He decided on the spur of the moment this morning to hold this press conference. You know that you are being played. You willingly served as plants for him. He played you during his campaign, you gave him hundreds of millions of dollars in free advertising by hanging on his every lie and factual misstatement, now you are doing it again. When you report his lies and misstatements, his attacks on you, you are serving as his amplifier. Did you learn anything new today? If so, report that and leave his standard bullshit out. If not, then don't report it! You are not a captive audience. You don't have to go to these things. He summons you. And you go running to suck at his teat. Don't do it. That is my appeal to our better pencils.