Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Dude, Whaddup?

New York Daily News reporter Frank Isola is a veteran, respected basketball writer who covers the New York "Knicks" as well as anyone, according to many people. Monday, Mr. Isola wrote that
LeBron James was pushing hard for Cleveland to trade all-star big man Kevin Love to the "Knicks" for one of £'s BFF's, Carmelo Anthony.

There have been rumors of this trade happening for a couple of weeks, or since £ made his ill-tempered, ill-considered remarks about Cleveland needing another "playmaker."

The trade has always struck me as ludicrous. Carmelo Anthony is not a playmaker. He is a scorer. He is a black hole to basketballs. Basketballs go in but never come out. 'Melo finishes plays is a kinder, gentler way of putting it, he does not make plays.
£ badgered Cleveland management to trade for Love before Year One. It took the famous poolside summitt for £ to convince Love to stay in Mistakeland after the unfulfilled Year One. Now, half way through Year Three £ wants to push Love into the pool?

Anthony is not a big man and trading Love for him would create a hole in Cleveland's roster where none exists now. You trade Love for Anthony you get two holes not a whole.

So, I never gave these rumors any credence and I have infinite respect for £'s basketball IQ and vision and cannot fathom what he would think and see that would make this trade other than NUTS. Apparently, I was correct for once for £ vehemently denied Isola's report. This is the problem though: £ said,

“It’s trash, and the guy who wrote it is trash too for writing that."

What are you Donald Trump? 

LeBron James' comment was both personally vituperative and factually incorrect. Frank Isola is not trash. And if a person is trash you don't call him or her trash unless he or she is Donald Trump, or works for Donald Trump, or voted for Donald Trump, or knows Donald Trump, or likes Donald Trump.

Some see a pattern here. They see a three-dot pattern: the comments about needing a playmaker and suggesting that Cleve management had grown complacent; his rebuttal last week to Charles Barkley calling him "whiny," and tonight's trash talk. I don't see a pattern. I see two dots, "playmaker/complacent," and "trash," and the best people say two dots make a line, not a pattern, you need at least three dots for a pattern. I believe the best people.

Two dots do permit, however, a question as these are highly uncharacteristic dots for £. He has some bug of undetermined entomology up his ass. I don't have any idea what is bugging him to distraction and I am not looking up his ass to see but this bug seems to be contagious. Right after his "playmaker/complacent" dot his BFF-F, Dwyane Wade, went even more bat shit on his own teammates. So...Dude, whaddup?