Sunday, February 05, 2017

No! NE Wins in Stoppage Time 34-28!

Oh my Lord, the Chinese are good as their word! There is nothing Trump can't do. The Art of the Steal. He gets the W for his butt-buddy, gets to shtup Gisele Bundchen, ends the Taiwan Strait crisis by recognizing One China. The PRC promises not to invade for at least four years.

Mexico is shitting. What can they for Trump that can top China? Pay for The Wall. They can consult with the Chinese on how much Walls go for these days. They'll have to take back all rapists, ALL rapists, not just Mexicans. Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Trump. Provide them with as many females, of a WIDE range of ages, as they want. Remember, these Leaders don't ask! They just grab them by the pussy! Daunting task for the Mexicans. Daunting task. If Mexico does all that maybe Trump will give them Jawga. God, what a bunch of Losers! Up 28-3 and they lose the whole cricket match. Who wants them? Go!