Sunday, February 05, 2017


I know he won the match for us! And I just watched the replays of the goals:

                                                Directly under the globe in DIRECTV is Jesus. That would be pretty much "unmarked," isn't that the soccer term, unmarked? There are a bunch of Swans swimming around there, two "marking" David Silva but Jesus is unmarked.
Nice work by David Silva there, no?

That's what Silva does, has always done, for years, create something out of nothing for someone else, in this case, for Raheem Sterling.

Raheem kick ball in air, fall down. Ball in air.

Too late "marking" of Jesus by that Swan there. 
So, that's Jesus' first goal.


                                          Some Angel has made a nice pass toward the box, always a good place to pass things. The Angel Gabriel is in front of his man.

Good header.

But right at the yellow Swan who saves it.

But can't hold it! The bug is loose on the rug!

Would that be considered a "high-probability shot"?
For Helen Keller?

Me thinks so. I know he won the match for us! I wouldn't give him the Golden Boot yet, even so.