Friday, May 19, 2017

"God Bless The New York Times and the Washington Post."-Publocc May 18

Holy hell, I didn't know this was really a "thing". I read just today the column that Kristof wrote with the "aside" below but forgot about it until just now. So I googled Kristof, found it again, and then googled "newspaper war between new york times and washington post." I got all of this:

'Locked in battle': Times and Post in an epic race for the truth


‘This is the great newspaper war of my career’


The New York Times and The Washington Post are at war, and everyone’s winning


Washington Post, Breaking News, Is Also Breaking New Ground


And this was Kristof's "aside":

(An aside: Thank God for the battle unfolding between The Washington Post and The New York Times. This is the best kind of newspaper war, keeping America straight. I’ve been very critical of media coverage of the presidential campaign, but the rigorous coverage of Trump since he took office has made me proud to be a journalist. And thanks to all those citizens who have subscribed to news outlets in recent months, recognizing that subscriptions are the price for a democracy.)

Initially I was alarmed at this "war" talk, I have a soft spot for wars, they cause my tear ducts to leak, but I REALLY hoped this was not a war-war. It's not and I wish these nom de crayons would leave the macho metaphors to, like, sports. The far more accurate characterization is CNN's: "an epic race for the truth." But I had noticed this and with predictable effects on my emotions. I have NEVER seen a more honorable competition. These two have stood up and it has truly, really truly been inspirational for me. "Something in my eyes..."