Thursday, May 18, 2017

Have We Been Had?

Congressional probes related to alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election are likely to be complicated or stalled by the appointment of former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III as a special counsel investigating the same topic, despite pledges by some lawmakers Thursday to forge ahead.

Mueller has resources and a mandate lawmakers know they cannot match, and is the only one who can bring criminal charges — except against the president himself. Not responding to his subpoenas also comes with the real threat of criminal prosecution.
If Mueller’s investigation were to lead to Trump himself, the legislative branch’s role could become more significant if it came to consideration of impeachment proceedings.

Okay now wait...No, I understand--I think I understand--that correctly as it is written: Mueller cannot bring criminal charges against De Facto. If so then we have been had. This was a subterfuge to insulate Trump, not inveatigate him.

Could that be read as "Mueller can bring charges against the illegitimate de facto POTUS AND Congress may ALSO charge De Facto but none other than De Facto?" Not with that last paragraph. If  the evidence leads Mueller to Trump personally then he has to turn it over to Congress: he gets stonewalled.