Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Public Confessions

I wish to have speaks.                                                                        This
has been on my mind off and on all day. I must needs pyramid my speaks before getting to the main speak because these are difficult things for me to speak and I do not like what they speak about me to speak them.

First layer in the pyramid: I hate Donald Trump. I do not like to hate, but I do. He is not the only person in the world who I hate and I wish I didn't hate anyone. I have been convincing in my expressions of hatred for Trump? No further testimony needed? I need not say that I would apply the sanction of the Nine Exterminations to him and to every one of the 63,000,000 who voted for him?

Second: I "know" Melania Trump only as a beautiful bimbo plagiarizing mental midget with giant tits. Seems okay. Have felt sorry for her for Trump's boorish, insulting treatment of her, as if she were only a beautiful bimbo plagiarizing mental midget with giant tits piece of arm candy. But she married the mother-fucker.

So then. Whoa, at the top of the pyramid already. Deep breath.

If my wife treated me like that in public while I was on my (ill-gotten) job, and repeatedly treated me with that disdain in public in my first 120 days in my new job, and didn't move in with me to our new house which came with my new job, I would scream at her until I was hoarse, I would not do so in public (although some minor indicia of my inner rage, facial expression, murmured threat to murder, would probably be uncontainable), I say I would not scream at her in public but in private, but until the walls of the private enclosure reverberated, with result that security forces would, no doubt, come running in alarm, perhaps with weapons drawn, I don't know, I would banish her from my life on the spot, and might strike her a blow.

I am saying that that is how I would react, I am ashamed to say it, would not excuse that behavior in myself or anyone else, am making a prediction of my behavior with the confidence of 62 years, am not writing a prescription for behavior, wish that I was a better person not to do it. But I am not.