Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Political Cuckolding: Obama, Trump, and the Roots of White Rage*

On the eve of President Barack Obama's inauguration, as the Inauguration Ball was underway, a group of fourteen humiliated Republican white males gathered symbolically at a steak house to plot a strategy of total obstruction against anything that the handsome, youthful, virile black man attempted as president.

 Present were fat, disheveled Frank Luntz.

Is that Truman Capote? Sorry, no, Paul Ryan.

Penn State incoming freshman, Eric Cantor.

Pedophile-eyed Jim Sessions.

Weak, cross-dresser candidate Jeb Hensarling.

Kevin McCarthy: played too many football games without his helmet on.

"Candy little girl" Dan Lungren.

And so on. As a group the fourteen had had heterosexual sex seventeen times in the preceding year, half with Rudolphina Giuliani.
Republicans are obsessed with sexual perversion, they practice the "lifestyle." They have short stumpy, limp appendages.

Barack Obama, the fit, handsome, exotic, BLACK, heterosexual, was this group of inverts racial, psycho-sexual nightmare. "Their" women, white women, were "Obama girls" who had crushes on the president. These, "give me nine inches and make me bleed, so I fucked her three times and punched her in the mouth," Republican "men" were confronted with a suave, elegant, masculine, humorous, sexually attractive BLACK man (with a "perfectly creased pant leg") who could play basketball and be president at the same time. Obama was their worst thing that could happen to their self-image and he had to be stopped. To do anything other was to admit that there was such a black man in America, which they denied. 

And so they hated him. They hated him for his race and his ability and his looks and his beautiful black wife and so they portrayed him as a primitive African witch doctor. And when they got their chance they chose as his successor a "man" who had "never punched anybody in his life" but who personified all that they fantasized about, who spoke in racist code, who "grabbed them by the pussy," which is the Republican white man's fantasized right except when they tried the women beat them up or they couldn't get it up. Hillary Clinton never stood a chance.

Republican white males felt cuckolded by Barack Obama and they weren't going to permit Hillary Clinton to cuckold them all over again. The word has in fact become a staple of the American fascist right. Steve Bannon, spokesman for these impotents and sexually dysfunctionals, adviser to the Leader, openly uses the portmanteau "cuckservative" to refer to a "fake conservative," and to Trump son-in-law, soon to be federal prisoner, Jared Kushner. 

Hitler had his fat drug addict Goering; the American fascist right has their fat drug addict Limbaugh (and Luntz). Hitler was a sexual dysfunctional, Trump is a sexual dysfunctional. Goebbels was a psychologically damaged clubfoot who "proved" his manhood by fathering six children (who he then had murdered). The Nazis proved their machismo by violence. The Trumpists prove their machismo by violence. Hitler's inner circle was a collection of misfits, crackpots, sadists and crooks. Trump's a collection of crooks, sadists, crackpots, and misfits. Hitler never won an election but stole power. Trump lost the only one he contested and stole power.

Trump's America 2.0 has more in common with the Third Reich, or with the Soviet Union, than with the America that existed from July 4, 1776-November 8, 2016.

*The inspiration, and that is what it was, for this post was an email I received from one of my closest,
oldest friends. It was, as I wrote to him, paradigm shifting for me. I had long concluded that the Trump phenomenon was racist (Don't say, "Duh!" Very few outside the American fascist websites themselves unequivocally termed it racist.) but I couldn't comfortably fit the Hillary hatred under the
racist umbrella; had to shoehorn it in--racism, sexism, it's all one. The cuckolding rubric fits like a glove. I told my friend it's like E=mc2, simple and perfect. Here is his email:
i hate to get all psychological here but it almost seems like they feel that the president cuckolded all republican white men. they have reacted so viciously, emotionally and unreasonably that you would think that they were all tied up and made to watch their blonde cheerleader wives get the money shot in the face after an hour long anal fuckfest. 
You can see why I like this guy, right?