Saturday, May 13, 2017

"There fate of the Republic rests on your shoulders. The fate of the world teeters."

True words, those. America is in an existential crisis. We are now America 2.0. The speaker, Barack Obama, was the last American president.

"What do you do daddy when America and the world hung in the balance?"

That question will be asked their father by the children of Ben Sasse, who declined to run when non-disabled Republicans tried desperately to get a credible candidate to stop the American autocrat from stealing the election, and stealing America's soul.

The soul is mutable--with a mutating agent. Sasse declined that role in 2016. Why is he not now an announced candidate for president in 2020? It is unprecedented for a serious candidate for the presidency to announce his candidacy for the next election after 110 days, but these are unique times. America has never undergone the wrenching change it did in the catastrophe of 11/8/16. Unique times call for unique measures.

We cannot wait. Will this illegitimate de facto president see out his first four-year term? Or will impeachment, indictment, assassination (God forbid), suicide (God willing), physical disability, a crack-up in his disturbed mind, bring sudden change, and if so, who is prepared to step forward? It doesn't look like anyone. Ben Sasse will answer his children's question with, "I went smiling and tweeting through the apocalypse, kids."

Where is Washington, Lincoln, FDR? Where is the American Churchill? Certainly not among the Democrats who are too demoralized to think of stepping up. Many must. The more the better. There should be a dozen Democrats already declared, intent on ending the Trump catastrophe before four years if possible, at the end of four years if that is not too late. No, 2020 risks being too late. Donald Trump must be destroyed and the Democrats should have a dozen candidates surrounding the beast nipping at his heels, then his flanks until they have him disemboweled.

But none of this is forthcoming, neither from the Democrats nor the Republicans. The fate of the Republic is on their shoulders and they are unable to bear the load, and government of the people, by the people, for the people is perishing.