Monday, June 19, 2017

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One Muslim man dead in the London mosque van attack and, cringe, a teenage Muslim girl was murdered in Virginia. That is being investigated as a hate crime.

**The second sentence is NOT true according to the latest. The Virginia perp, Darwin Torres, accidentally struck and killed 17-year old Nabra Hassanen, in road rage directed at somebody else on a bike! Torres is still charged with murder ("transferred intent") but the incident is NOT A HATE CRIME. The twists in these two incidents are UNbelievable.

*Those two sentences remain true (no thanks to yours truly). Unbelievably, the "one Muslim man dead," Markram Ali, suffered a heart attack and collapsed on the street before the perp, Darren Osborne, drove his van into the crowd. It is not known at this writing if Osborne's van struck Mr. Ali nor what his cause of death was!