Friday, June 23, 2017

Wrote two long posts today. Took some time. Hurt my back. Tuckered me out.

Hadn't been on again until about a half hour ago. Got up off my bed, got something to eat. The thoughts often come to me when I've been away for a few hours. First thing that came to mind was

Obama's Legacy: He Didn't Do Enough to Prevent America 2.0

His legacy will be that he was the last American president, however. The fate of the republic was on his shoulders and he shirked it.

I believe what I write here. I wrote that; that's what I believe...He Didn't Do Enough...No, he didn't..."he shirked" the responsibility. Yes...."he was the last American president..." Yes, he was president of a country that is now gone. And then the thought came to me all at once, the unavoidable, logical conclusion.

Barack Obama was the worst president in the history of the original America.