Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Miami "Heat", they of the 11-30 first half season and 30-11 second half, were completely shut out of any NBA awards. All star team? Not one, nobody even close. All defense team, nada. Rookie of the year, no, coach of the year, Erik Spoelstra came in second.

Miami has, however, the Most Delightful Soul. He is known universally as #Youngwhiteside. Hassan Whiteside is young, but he is forever young at heart, has a 1,000 watt smile and those make him a delight. #Youngwhiteside went to Paris recently and gave a #Youngwhiteside tour of the Louvre. It was like no other tour the world's greatest museum had ever seen, and a delight.

Standing in front of the statue of Athena #Youngwhiteside offered this critique:

“Athena – you ain’t got no arms. So I know you can’t feel me.”

Before Mona Lisa:

"Mona Lisa who doin’ it with blocks?"

Hassan Whiteside loves life, as the young do, and I hope he never grows old in soul.