Saturday, August 05, 2017

It doesn’t seem as though Kyrie Irving is all that close to leaving the Cavs but at least now it seems we know what the Suns are prepared to give up...

Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN in Minnesota:

“...Now, they won’t offer Josh Jackson plus that Miami 2018 first and Eric Bledsoe. I’m told they’ll do Bledsoe. They’ll do the pick. Plus, Dragan Bender.”

Bledsoe isn’t on Kyrie’s level...


...and has missed 67 games over the past two seasons with knee trouble.

Sounds perfect!

When he’s on the court, though, he’s proven to be one of the better point guards in the NBA. Bledsoe averaged 21.1 points and 6.3 assists in 66 games last season before a reoccurrence of knee soreness forced him to the bench down the stretch...

Bender, 19, was the No. 4 pick in 2016 and played only sparingly as a rookie


 ...but at 7'1" has people intrigued by his potential.

[This] would make this...a future-oriented deal for the Cavs. It would certainly hurt their title chances in 2018...


...but it would be tough to find a trade for Irving that wouldn’t.

[Bed Bugs] doesn’t have a no-trade clause so the Cavs can move him for whatever package they value most.

Hurts least, more like it!

Irving also said he’s not willing to commit to any team past his current two-year contract.