Thursday, August 03, 2017


I TOLD ja! I fucking told ja! The Mistakers are in dream land on this. If they had any brains, which they don't, they have Dan Gilbert, they would have taken the best offer they had when the trade request became public. It was such a shock--THAT is when people are going to make irrational decisions. But NOO! Lake Mistake took the "considered" approach. It's like if you see a car that you fall in love with (not that I would know), it looks all shiny and sparkily sitting there on the showroom floor batting its headlights at you. THAT is when the salesman moves in for the kill. If you walk out, to talk it over with the wife or check Consumers Reports, the salesman is fucked.

Here, Cleveland is so stupid, they told the in-love car buyer, "Why don't you think about it? Don't write me a check now! Come back next week." And so that's what Wojarnowski's "dozen suitors", "and it will be more!" did. Cleve gave them time to talk it over, to think it over, do some research, to fall out of LOVE.

"Oh yeah, he was Cleveland's star before they had LeBron James and they SUCKED. Just like we do now. He wants his own team again! See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!"

"Oh yeah, why wouldn't he want to play with LeBron? Oh yeah, because he doesn't want to WIN. Rather be the star on a shitty team. Like US."

"Oh. They were a minus 5,000,000 when he was on the floor without LeBron. I just remember The Shot".

"Oh. Kyrie says he will NOT sign an extension with any new team? So, we give up the best we have PERMANENTLY and he auto-drives outta our garage in two years? Thank ye, Cavs, thank ye. We will call ya. Don't yinz call us."

Time decidedly was NOT on Cleve's side in this thing so what do they do? "Take your time!" Stupid. STOOPID!