Sunday, May 07, 2017

Edmonton-Anaheim Series

The most compelling, excruciating sports event in the world right now, I betcha, is that in this post lede.

First two games in the San Fernando Valley and Edmonton won both. Were named faves to win the Stanley Cup.

Game 3 in Edmonton the "Quacks" scored 25 seconds into the game. Ah jeez. Led 3-0 halfway through the first period. Poopy heads. Edmonton scored with 40 seconds left in the period to make it 3-1. They opened the second by scoring in the first minute and a half. 3-2! At 8:40 teen star Connor McDavid tied it up! Oh! the prairie must a been rockin'. All "Ducks" from then on. Boom! at 9:28 of the second. Boom! at 4:56 of the third. Boom! at 10:38. Final 6-3.

Game 4. Stick a knife in my veins. 2-0 Edmonton after one. 3-2 "Ducks" after two. With less than two minutes left in the game Drake Caggiula sent it into overtime. :45 into OT, "Ducks" scored to win it.

Edmonton won the first two in Anaheim, Anaheim the next two in Edmonton. Series tied.

Back to the Valley. Game 5...Game 5 was NSFW. Don't let sensitive women folk or the young, under 30, read this. Nil-nil after one. 15 seconds into period two Ed scored. Three minutes in, Ed led two-zip. By the end of the period 3-0. Third period (look away). With four minutes left in the game it was still 3-0 Edmonton. With three minutes left it was 3-1. With two minutes remaining it was 3-2. With :20 left it was still 3-2. With15secondsleftitwas3-3. Oh! OT a-gain. No scoring. Oh! SECOND OT. 6:57 into the second overtime period Corey Perry won it for Ana...They don't MAKE enough alcohol!

"Ducks" led series 3-2 after being down 2-0 at home.

Game 6 was today in Alberta and the "Oil Kings" fucking drenched those foul fowl in petrol and lit 'em on fire, 7-1.

Surviving spectators may want to tune in Wednesday night, time TBA, for the Game 7 finale. Or not.