Friday, May 05, 2017

Habitual drunkard

HABITUAL DRUNKARD. A person given to ebriety or the excessive use of intoxicating drink, who has lost the power or the will, by frequent indulgence, to control his appetite for it.

See! That's from an actual "LAW DICTIONARY." Maybe INA DIDN'T READ "A Law Dictionary" from 1856. Okay, fine, if you don't want to replace "habitual drunkard" with "Barnesboro" and you may have good reasons not to, then why not "a person given to ebriety." That's perfect. It sounds like you could do that online. 

2. By the laws of Pennsylvania an habitual drunkard is put nearly upon the same footing with a lunatic; he is deprived of his property, and a committee is appointed by the court to take care of his person and estate. Act of June 13, 1836, Pamph.p. 589. Vide 6 Watts' Rep. 139; 1 Ashm. R. 71. 

See! See! Pennsylvania. I was disadvantaged. Why do you think the "A Law Dictionary" only cites to the "laws of Pennsylvania"? They KNOW Pennsylvania has like sharia when it comes to persons "given to ebriety." 

3. Habitual drunkenness, by statutory provisions in some of the states, is a sufficient cause for divorce. 1 Bouv. Inst. n.296.

And that would excuse adultery, I bet. Don't know, but I'd bet. Be an argument, anyway: "Knowing that as an habitual drunkard under sharia he would be going from the lunatic asylum of marriage to the lunatic asylum for drunks, my client engaged in "preemptive adulterous behavior" to escape both, Your Honor." I LIKE that argument. May not work. Might, but maybe not.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier.. (1856).