Friday, May 05, 2017

"Habitual drunkard" is another one of those frigging "conditional bars" to showing "good moral character" when applying for citizenship to this frigging country. Along with adultery. I'd be in some hot water if I was an immigrant! Glad I was born here, sorry I was born in Barnesboro, but glad I was born in the U.S.

...Pisses me off...Define "habitual." Define "drunkard"...Why do you have to use "drunkard"? Wtf? "Frequent imbiber to excess," what would be wrong with that? "Drunkard." You have to label us "drunkards?" That's offensive. It stigmatizes me. I already grew up in Barnesboro, you have to further stigmatize me by labeling me an "habitual drunkard"? Under conditional bars, why couldn't you just have the label "Barnesboro"? Everybody'd know what it means! C'mon man, don't do me like that, "habitual drunkard."

This has been a disturbing day legal research-wise.