Saturday, May 06, 2017

It's Derby Day

Not "Darby." It's Derby Day in Lexington, Kentucky, the 143rd edition of the Kentucky Derby. Here is the field...

1. Lookin At Lee (27-1)
2. Thunder Snow (17-1)
3. Fast and Accurate (38-1)
4. Untrapped (62-1)
5. Always Dreaming (4-1)
6. State of Honor (54-1)
7. Girvin (21-1)
8. Hence (14-1)
9. Irap (39-1)
10. Gunnevera (9-1)
11. Battle of Midway (38-1)
12. Sonneteer (35-1)
13. J Boys Echo (44-1)
14. Classic Empire (8-1)
15. McCracken (7-1)
16. Tapwrite (26-1)
17. Irish War Cry (5-1)
18. Gormley (21-1),
19. Practical Joke (30-1)
20. Patch (15-1).

...20 horses? Is that a mistake? I have never known a horse race to have that many entrants. Une momento por favor...As of four hours ago that is the field. Unwieldy, no that is a train wreck. Horses bump, you know. I'm sorry, that is absurd. That gives an immense advantage to the inside horses. How is Patch or Practical Joke or Gormley or Irish War Cry supposed to win racing over such a longer course than the rail horses?  But look at the odds! 27-1, 17-1, 38-1, 62-1 for the four closest. Goodness gracious, the strategy of every jockey is going to be, "BREAK QUICKLY!" If not, they're going to get caught in the jam and have no chance. The favorite, Always Dreaming, is 4-1, that's pretty long odds for a favorite, no? Hope he breaks quickly. Next shortest odds is Irish War Cry at 5-1 but racing out of the 17th slot. I would not bet Irish War Cry.

Goodness gracious, never seen anything like that.