Sunday, May 07, 2017

It's Real

Arsenal vs Man United--for fifth?

Isn't that something. For FIFTH place. Ech.

Arsenal overtaken by Spurs; United in a years long slide. They can change managers every year if they want, the slide is just going to continue. The roster is the problem, Wayne Rooney in particular. If it wasn't for Ibrahimovic and Mourino, United would be battling for seventh place. 

And this was to be the year! This was to be the year that the EPL became an all-Manchester affair. The Second City and the second-rate. City vs United, Mou vs Pep, Oklahoma vs Nebraska. Gotta say: by my measuring of managers, who can do the mostest with the "material" he's handed, Mou wins. A battle for fifth place is the best any manager could do with that flotsam. Not so Pep. City's roster needed energized that's all, not a major overhaul. Pep did not energize it and he tweaked it, POORLY. I AGREE!, Joe Hart was a little confoundedly shaky, I supported the loan to Torino (and poor Joe has flopped in Italy) but my God man, Claudio Bravo? Could he play for Minnesota United? Disastrous. Pep's boy, Claudio. Can't take the material at hand and make it better. They HAVE to play tiki-taka. Have to! Have to play with your feet, Joe. Adios. Want "more" out of Sergio Aguero, more tiki-taka passing. Put down your crack pipe, Guardiola, you took the best striker in England, one of the best in the world, and marginalized him. Oy vey.

Arsenal. People saw this coming, hell, people have been seeing this coming for half a dozen years, even I saw it coming; I saw it coming so many times, and then GO!, I gave up on seeing it coming. "Stop worrying!" I told my Arsenal friend earlier this year, "Arsenal will be there in the end." In a compellingly reasoned email, he convinced me it was really coming this year, it had ARRIVED. And so it has. Arsenal vs Manchester United: for fifth place. Ach.