Saturday, May 06, 2017

Obama Should Have Done More

-"I know what you're doing in our election. Now stop it."
-After the election he closed certain known Russian spy houses in the U.S.
-Ordered the intelligence report to be ready for public dissemination before he left office.

That was it. Obama took no cyber counter measures against the Russians and, not wanting to be seen having his "hand on the scales" let the original America of which he was the last American president to be transformed into America 2.0, a Russian-compromised state.

The Obamas admitted they were slow to see the extent of the Russian influence, didn't recognize it and were cowed from a reciprocal attack because of greater American vulnerability as a hyper-connected country. So they effectively conceded the election was rigged and let it stand.

Now we are left with the "unwitting tool of the Russian Federation" in the White House and no hope that he, the beneficiary of Russian influence, will respond to the theft of the election.

The Obamas could always present a reasoned argument for their actions and inactions. They stand naked before history's judgment on the surrender of American electoral legitimacy.

Yes, I will say it, I have said it: in light of Russian destabilization efforts in France, the Netherlands, the United States, American private hackers should infiltrate Russia physically and attack and kill the Russian people in retaliatory terrorist strikes. Every cyber arrow in our quiver should be shot at Russian infrastructure and at Russia's far more vulnerable civil society. Aid, money, hacking tools, convential weapons, and gas, chemical and nuclear weapons, WMD, should be introduced into and and used upon ordinary Russian citizens and elites alike, to kill them.

For as cool a war as we can get away with and the ultimate thermonuclear hot war if absolutely necessary but a clear-headed resolution that, "This is the final struggle."