Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Blood and Pus

Fucking P McCaw is +8 in four minutes.
Fucking R Jefferson is -11.
Fucking insane.
Fucking Lovey Dovey Turtle Dovey is -10.
DAMN has he fallen off.
Fucking Bed Bugs is -10.
They're just disappearing on James, who is +4
Guess who leads Land O' Mistakes? Korver, +5. Amazing. Lue, you are amazingly insane.

Every Golden Gater is + except D West at -6, that's an ill wind from the West, Master Kerr, trade D West to Cleve at halftime, Klay Thompson, and J McGee, 0, and J McAdoo, -2, "That's two from McAdoo"...Wait a minute. McAdoo played 0 minutes...
The Elf Magician leads with +12 followed by the immortal P McCaw, D Green's +7, KD's +2. Wow. Least he's North of zero and not West. Weird, though.

Okay, so we head to the third where the Immortals have lake-effected the Mistakes in the first two. We can count on Lue to have made some adjustments at the half, though. Immortals, do NOT spit the bit, here. Pedal to the metal, metal on their throats, BLOOD AND PUS!

Good night. Night-night Bed Bugs, night-night termites.