Monday, June 05, 2017

Cavs coach Tyronn Lue looks like he knows Cleveland can’t win"-Fox Sports


Et tu, Lue? What is the matter with these people? Was it over when the Mexicans took down the Twin Towers?! Does everybody in Cleveland quit? IS THE NBA FIXED?! How do you have the COACH of the defending world champeens throwing shade on his own parade?

I am a big reader...of body language. So is this guy and this is what he read in T Lue's post-game 2 presser:

"...I’m going to trust my eyes, and I may be totally wrong on this, but this is what I have seen through two games of the series. I didn’t just see it last night, I saw it in Game 1.

"Let’s start with the image I saw after the game. Now, generally, this is the way it works: Winning coaches seem to be happy, and losing coaches are often sad or angry.

[Ever seen Nick Saban?]

"But after the game at the podium last night, Tyronn Lue - the coach of the Cavaliers - was not angry. In fact, at some points he was smiling!

"You know what that look is? That look is ‘media, it doesn’t matter, we’re outmanned.’ That’s the look.

"No coach for LeBron since that first Finals against San Antonio has had that look. Tyronn Lue never had that look in the Eastern Conference finals this year or last. He never had that look in the Finals last year.

"Tyronn Lue has the... look. The sort of ‘guys, you’re watching the same thing I am, they’re a little deeper, a little younger, a little longer, a little more athletic, and we don’t have the people to match up with Durant. We’re having a hard enough time stopping Steph and Klay and Draymond, Igoudala…. We don’t have the pieces.’

"That’s what I see from Tyronn Lue. Tyronn Lue knows after two games… ‘listen, it’s not us, it’s them. Damn, they’re good, and we don’t have an answer.’

"That’s what I saw after the game last night. You see it rarely, but you do see it.

"… When the coaches give you the smile after a loss, or in the middle of a game they’re getting trounced, that smile is confirmation that they’re seeing what you’re seeing. Golden State’s an all-timer.”

People are threatening the integrity of the game when they do this. Players take nights off. LBJ demonstrably has gone through the motions when his eyes haven't deceived him. Shouldn't be. Shouldn't happen. L'Effort. Come on, guys! But a coach. Can't RECALL, doesn't mean it hasn't happened, in fact this guy, Mr. Cowshears, says Bawston's coach had the same "no mas" look in this year's series against Cleve, I haven't seen it in a coach. And hope I never do.