Thursday, June 08, 2017

In a press conference today LeBron James was asked about passing the ball after Kevin Durant hit his kill shot last night:

Q: If you could have the play over again, would you still make that same pass?

LJ: If I could have the play over again, I would come off a three-screen situation. Draymond (Green) would switch on me with five fouls. I would get him leaning. I would drive left. I would see KD step up. I would see Stephen Curry drop on Kevin (Love). And I would see Kyle Korver in the corner, one of the greatest 3-point shooters in this league's history, and give him an opportunity in the short corner. I would do the same exact thing.


Now I, Benjamin Harris, am not and never have been an NBA basketball player, much less a 13-14 year veteran (I did play one year in junior high school though (scored 12 points once)) and I do understand that some of that is "muscle memory," James has played so much and so long that he has "seen" it all before...Look. At. The. Detail. in that answer. LeBron James sees things on the basketball court the way that Vincent Van Gogh saw things that none of his contemporaries did. James is a genius and I, Benjamin Harris, am not.