Friday, July 28, 2017

And lookee at that. There is news on Bugs. In order (I think):

1. Bugs made a video of his own self on the plane back from Asia singing a song, "I'm Coming Home," which was the title of LeBron "The King" James' 2014 article in Sports Illustrated announcing his return to Lake Mistake.

2. Dan "Comic Sans" Gilbert introduced new G.M. Kirby "Curbs" Altman to the media in a fake news conference where he insulted at the Indiana "Pacers", moments after, or before, describing Curbs' perfection as due to "personal relationships," pronounced Bugs' situation as "fluid," and the irreparable King-Bugs relationship as "overblown" fake news, and said he expects Bugs to report for training camp.

3. The "Cadavers" cannot reach Bugs. Can't get ahold of him! Can't tell him the date training camp starts! Either in Gilbert World or at MSG or anywhere.

4. Six, I think it is, teams have made formal offers to Devs Dan for Bugs, including the Miami "Heat" who reportedly offered Goran "The Dragon" Dragic and "No Justise No Peace" Winslow. The "Heat" quickly and publicly denied they had made any offer.