Saturday, July 15, 2017

At the time of the 1621 agreements Opechancanough had already been planning a devastating attack on the English for three years. It was all a ruse.

For Opechancanough [the agreements] meant a period of stability in which to rally his forces and organize a massive assault...Anticipating this momentous event, he identified himself with the coming military victory by adopting a new name, Mangopeesomon..., and mobilized the forces available to him.
In 1618...[Opchanacanough] began planning for a coordinated attack...[to] reassert the Powhatans' control of the coastal region...He did not intend to...exterminate [the English]...The English were useful, if properly confined, kept within a careful balance of forces...His aim was to strike a single, devastating blow, a violent coup that would drive the English into a limited eastern enclave from which they might conduct their trade. (emphasis added)