Monday, July 24, 2017

Three Little Words: Bug Off Kyrie

Perhaps it was the head of the Cleveland Cavaliers' point guard that was flat, not Mother Earth...
A loser without LeBron

Irving's biggest conspiracy is the one he is waging by his trade request against the concept of basketball, which involves sharing the ball and subordinating the ego.
Why go back to the days when he proved he couldn't make a bad team a winner? That didn't happen until he played with LeBron James and learned from him.
Irving would skip [championship contention] to be the biggest man in the Lollipop Guild in an Emerald City of his choosing, which makes him a sucker for more than conspiracy theories.


If you’ve followed the NBA long enough, you know there is a decent amount of conjecture about the Miami HEAT organization and what it takes to be successful with the team. When a player puts that jersey on, there are certain standards and benchmarks that must be met.

That has never been an issue for Wayne Ellington. “I just feel like I’m a HEAT guy."
Just being able to get in that type of shape that’s the standard around here, and seeing those results for myself just allows me to elevate my game and I feel like I fit perfectly here.”

Now I, Benjamin Harris, could not have told you who Wayne Ellington was until, hmm, maybe March of this year. Still couldn't pick him out of a lineup. Of course I know now what an improvisational maestro he is. But I write now not of talent but of "culture", of "fit"..

Making Kyrie Irving-to-Heat happen would be personal triumph for Riley, who could use one

Pat Riley, if he can somehow make Kyrie Irving-to-the-Miami Heat happen, would remind those who’ve forgotten — and those who’ve begun to doubt it — that he is still an NBA rainmaker, a deal closer.
It stretches think Riley would hear Irving would woo the Heat and not respond with an aggressive play to get him. Riley in his career always has craved star power, basked in its glow, and here is a four-time All-Star point guard just now coming into the meat of his prime at 25, a man who averaged 25.2 points last season and shot 40 percent on three-pointers.
Is Irving perfect?


"A loser without LeBron"

           A pussy.

A cuckold


There are aspects to his game that might require some of that ballyhooed Heat “culture” to make better. He is a shoot-first point guard who would need to distribute more in Miami. He is not a great defensive player; that’s where coach Erik Spoelstra comes in.

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...and, I say, I will be one surprised mother-fucker if Miami takes even a half-hearted swing at Flat Earth. He does not seem like "A HEAT Guy" at all to me. So, unless I am very much mistaken, and disappointed, there will be no stormy weather in Miami. I'm satisfied. Toodle-Oo Bed Bugs.