Thursday, July 27, 2017

Twitter in Trouble, Again

Man, that damn thing is so essential to news-aholics, every damn breaking story is reported first on Twitter, it's a shame.

The distress tweet was in their quarterly report. Advertising revenue down,--8%--it has gone down every year, they just cannot find a way to incorporate advertising on their platform; "zero growth" in users; the stock down 9% as a result. And this compared to Facebook: 70 million new users; 328 million users total to Facebook's 2 billion.

Very too bad. I "get" Twitter, understand its niche; believe the character limit virtually created a new medium, like the headline, perfect for hilarious one-liners and serious news scoops. Obviously, I "get" blogger; never got Facebook.

I don't know. The universe will be an emptier place without Fauxpelini. There is no report that Twitter is going to go under and disappear but capitalism does that. Like the shark capitalism forces companies into a binary choice: keep moving forward or die. It is insane that there is no place for a thing with 328,000,000 users. It's gotta be 340,000,000 next year, 350,000,000 the year after that. Always forward. Stasis is death.