Tuesday, July 25, 2017

At least according to Tim Reynolds, "the reputable Associated Press Heat and NBA writer," you can scratch Miami off Wojnarowski's list of a "more than a dozen" teams who are pursuing Kyrie Irving. Miami is "not interested," says Reynolds. Which is what I thought, and hoped. Even though Miami was one of Bugs' four preferred destinations.

Can we also write off San Antonio? Puh-lease, Irving is no more "a 'Spurs' guy" than he is "a 'Heat' guy." Greg Popovich and San Antone are not interested either.

Irving's list of four teams thus shows how out-of-touch his mind is. The idea of a list is irrelevant: he doesn't have a no-trade clause, Cleveland management can send him wherever they want. The other two teams on the list, Minnesota and New York, are rational landing spots; the "Knicks" are perfect in their similar muddledness.

Cleveland's best sportswriter, Bill Livingston, wrote that Irving's "ego" had gotten the best of his judgment. I disagree. Kyrie Irving is fragile, weak, mentally, his judgment bad. He constantly had to be propped up by LeBron James and David Griffin. He is afraid. Fear of LBJ leaving in 2018 was behind his trade request, not confidence, not ego. Fear interferes with good judgment, Irving has bad judgment. Irving's attributed reason for wanting to be traded is to be the lone star on a team. Then, good judgment would be to hope LBJ does leave in 2018; the "Cavaliers" undeniably would then be "his" team.