Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Donald Trump’s Assault on Jeff Sessions

(Editorial Board formerly quasi-official New York Times)

Oh, puh-lease, Jeff Sessions is an "assault" victim we should feel sorry for? The earliest Senator to support the treasonous Russian puppet's candidacy? A racist, quasi-fascist like the rest of Trump's supporters? If that doesn't signal my feelings toward Sessions let me say that as I lie here in bed in my boxers and one of my neighbors pounded on my door and exclaimed, "Trump has set Sessions on fire outside your apartment door!" I would not be moved to get off my bed open my door, take my dick out of my boxers and piss on Sessions to extinguish the flames. You do NOT want to envision me doing that but it makes grossly apparent my point, I trust.

It is ugly what Trump has done, but everything Trump has done has been ugly, and doing ugly to Jeff Sessions is practically pretty in my eyes. As Marco Rubio said "The people got what they voted for in Trump." and Sessions was an early and prominent supporter. His reward was Attorney General. Enjoy it, General, has it been everything you had hoped?

I wish nothing but the utter ruin of Donald Trump, his family, his administration, and all of his supporters, and their families, and the way on this subject, Russia, is there any other?, I believe, is for the illegitimate Russian puppet and traitor to follow his instincts, to give in to his worst instincts, the only kind he has, to follow the advice of Republican cuckoldress Ann Coulter who advised De Facto to "be a man" and fire Sessions; and have his replacement, maybe that Russian female lawyer who met with cuckolded Kushner, who would then fire special counsel Bob Mueller and bring the constitutional crisis to a head. My guess is that would make Trump's impeachment a close, but not a sure, thing. If it failed Russian consolidation of rule over America 2.0 would tighten. It would be close but the cuckold is an impotent, insecure, fearful, cowardly creature and my guess is they would not impeach and convict and thus remove Trump. Not for being an American traitor, "a witting or unwitting tool of the Russian Federation," or for anything else. In that event, Marco Rubio's words apply too. Would there then be something like civil war? Oh, I doubt it. We, Democrats, real Americans--violence makes us squeamish, we dodged the draft in Vietnam; we don't own guns; our pens are mightier than our swords we tell ourselves because we are not and never have been swordsmen. We have our comfortable professional lives, we don't want to put any obstacles in the way of that promotion, or that raise, or getting our kids into the "best" schools, civil war is messy and we like predictable, predictable is best for our 401k's, what was that the French did with the Nazis, collaboration, Vichy or something? Could we do that? I think we could. Go along to get along. Maybe we could be like, what was that French guy, Sartre, we could keep our heads low and our bank accounts high and then if the Russians fuck up and we get the country back, hollowed out but still, at least we will have the buildings intact and can claim we too were victims and with our pens and our jobs and our investments, we at least survived. We survived, maybe prospered, but America is nothing to lose your common sense over.