Friday, August 11, 2017

Bledsoe for Kyrie: How Does It Get Done, and What Does It Mean for Cavaliers?


Straight up?! Ho-ho-ho. It's come to this? "A dozen-plus" teams "pursuing" Bed Bugs and it comes down to a straight up trade for Drew Eric Bledsoe? Oh my God, Wojnarowski, Kyrie, you done fucked up.

Kyrie Irving reportedly prefers to play for the Los Angeles Clippers


Straight up for who, Donald Sterling? Ky-Baby, when are you gonna get it through your flat head that you have no say in where you go? Neither PHX or LAC were on your original list of "preferred" destinations BECAUSE NO ONE CARES! Gilbert could trade you to the Sioux Fall Skyforce for a pair of used jockstraps for all the say you have in this.