Saturday, August 12, 2017

Check Your Blender

This is John Brewin, ESPNFC:

There was little sign here of Pep Guardiola rethinking his approach to English football over the summer. 

[That is the first I have read that indicates others have wondered if Pep should rethink tiki-taka. English football is more aggressive than in e.g. Spain, but the rules are the same! You can attack the ball. You don't have to just watch Messi pass the goddamned thing.]

City played the patient, technical passing football with which the Catalan made his name, and his starting lineup was adventurous; Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus started together ahead of twinned playmakers De Bruyne and Silva.

[Those are four of the best players in the world. You get ONE goal, and not until the 70', out of Kun Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, Kevin De Bruyne, and David Silva against a newly-promoted club?! That is bullshit.]
2. Brighton no soft touch

[No, they are not! They are NOT going to be relegated as Iain Macintosh predicted. BUT THEY ARE NEWLY-PROMOTED. And Manchester City are LOADED. One goal. ONE!]
City were certainly discomfited by Brighton's drive and endeavour. Their doggedness against the Premier League's most gifted opposition suggested they are unlikely to be a soft touch for anyone.  
City truly have an embarrassment of riches...

[They certainly do.]

...but his team's toils at Brighton suggested that Guardiola is still seeking a blend. 

[A "blend"? Pep is still "seeking a blend"? Dude if you're "still seeking a blend" with Aguero, Jesus, De Bruyne, and Silva--and Raheem Sterling, and, and, and--as ingredients already in the mix, there's something wrong with your blender (I'm not sold on Pep.)]