Saturday, August 05, 2017


For the record as we legal scholars are fond of saying, "Despacito" (Slowly), a song by Puerto Ricans Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee is the most-watched YouTube video of all-time. Over 3 billion views including one by this Yankee Daddy. The vid topped "See You Again" which the aforementioned didn't see the first time and "Gangnam Style," which despicable me did see, and profiled in these here pages too.

I got "Gangnam Style," thought it was well-danced, fun, adorable and hilarious. "Despacito's" video is unremarkable to my 20/400 eyes and the music the same to my ears. I could not have picked "Despacito" out of an audio lineup if the other choices were by Beethoven...Well, four of the five. Throw in one other Latin pop song that I hear (against my will) daily--any one--and I wouldn't have been able to distinguish.

Enjoy, or whatever.