Sunday, August 13, 2017

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Adrian Wojnarowski is legendary among NBA addicts for his tweeted "wojbombs." If it isn't reported in a wojbomb, it didn't happen for many. Wojnarowski has a vendetta against LeBron James because James refuses to talk to him. So he has become a prominent LeBron hater and misses no opportunity to zing him. And he morphed into a Dan Gilbert suck-up. Wojnarowski spewed his personal bile at LBJ while he worked at Yahoo Sports where he was a repeat reader of the most popular post (by far) ever written here, "The Devil and LeBron James," at a time when I didn't know who he was. Maybe an extra in a "Rocky" movie? Maybe a scarred refugee from Poland after the breakup of the Soviet empire? I didn't know the man.

In just the last month Wojnarowski moved to ESPN and he thought he could mask his hatred of James with less direct assaults. Wojnarowski thought he had cleverly masked his LeBron antipathy in his first column on the Kyrie Irving trade request, which Wojnarowski was unceremoniously scooped on, with a Russian-Trump Big Lie article titled,

Why Kyrie Irving's trade request isn't a betrayal of LeBron James

In that article Wojnarowski made the statement that if there is any justice will be the tin can tied to his tail that will rattle and bang forever in history and ruin his reputation. This is what Wojnarowski wrote on July 22:

"A dozen-plus teams are in hot pursuit of Irving, and those talks will only intensify over the next days and weeks."

That statement revealed Wojnarowski's bias blinded his writing. There were not a dozen-plus teams EVER in "hot pursuit" of the flawed, disturbingly unbalanced, KyBaby. There were three teams who seriously explored trade options with Lake Mistake for Irving: New York, Minnesota and Phoenix. Minnesota is now out, Cleveland is not interested in a Carmelo Anthony-Irving trade straight up, Phoenix is wavering, Miami had never been seriously interested and San Antonio is still silently laughing at the idea. Instead of the frisson of  'hot pursuit" predicted by Wojnarowski there have been cold showers that have shriveled ardent suitors' appendages.

It would seem, however, that no one is blowing the Cavs away with trade offers for Kyrie, which should tell us something. Irving is undeniably talented, so why hasn't another team offered the Cavs enough in exchange to justify parting with a guy who has made it very clear that he would prefer to be anywhere else?

Could it possibly be that the market isn't as bullish as one might anticipate for a disgruntled, shoot-first guard who plays little to no defense?

That was not an informational wojbomb you heard go off. That was Woj bombing, falling off a three story building, hitting the pavement with a sickening thud, his reputation running down the nearest gutter.