Sunday, August 13, 2017


Since the "truth," reality, is so often hidden beneath lies, "repressed" memory, in the unconsciousness, the expert of course does not ask directly, "Were you raped as a child?" "Did you murder that guy?" They have to get at it, using their expertise, by indirection.

"Love you!"

Since out of the blue and uncharacteristic for the sender of the text message, taken as a tell-tale sign that the sender was in some distress. (She wasn't.)

"Women, man. If my wife did that I'd beat her ass and beat the other man's ass, too!"

"If I was your wife, I'd want a separation!"

They make statements like that, throw lines like that out there to see if they get bites. "Everything I say has a purpose," and the purpose in those is to see the subject/patient's "reaction."

If the subject/patient responds to the first with something like, "YEAH! I wanted to BEAT her ass!" that's a sign you DID and the expert's omniscience is vindicated. "I know you did, man. I know EVERYthing."  If your reaction is "Well, I didn't feel that way." that TOO is a sign that you beat her ass since EVERYONE would want to beat her ass. See?

If your response to the second is, "Yes. I guess you're right. How can I change and be better?" you're guilty but making flattering acknowledgment of the expert's omniscience and she will now "help" you. If your response is "If you were my wife, I'd AGREE to a separation!" you're, of course, guilty--And an asshole, too.-- and you have to find another marriage counselor. I know.