Thursday, August 03, 2017

"Russian on-air attack sparks propaganda debate"-BBC

I am convinced that Trump supporters took their cues from, unbeknownst to them, Russian-sponsored "news" sources, from those echo chambers like Breitbart, and from Trump the candidate himself.

This is how Trump stole the 2016 election as the witting agent of the Russian Federation. Not by alteration of the vote-count for godssake, by Russian "soft influence" like the "news" sites; by intimidation, by encouraging violence at his rallies (he offered to pay the legal expenses of the transvestite in the cowboy hat immediately above), by signalling that violence was acceptable ("Lock her up!," "Trump that Bitch!"), by predicting violence at the convention should he lose ("I think there will be riots."); by repeatedly de-legitimizing a Clinton victory ("The election is rigged."). All of that is right out of the Russian playbook at home. Come on, Mueller, Stevie Wonder can see treason here.