Saturday, April 16, 2011

Modern Islam. Vol. 1, No. 3.

Hello friends, praise be to Allah. We’re back. The so-called Arab Spring has occupied us and we have occupied the Arab lands as best we could, supporting our brothers in the Muslim Brotherhood to ensure that whatever the future holds there it is an Islamic future. “Islam is the Answer.”

From further east we bring happy news, praise be to Allah. The impotent Pakistani regime has not been able to enforce sharia against blasphemy but Believers have. This year alone Believers have assassinated for blasphemy against Islam the governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, and the infidel Christian minorities minister Shahbaz Bhatti. Believers have not stopped at agents of the State. More than 30 common people who were duly convicted by Pakistini courts of blasphemy have been executed by Believers when the State refused. Three weeks ago the latest of these blasphemers, Mohamed Imran, was killed by Believers. Praise be to Allah.

Praise be also to the widow of the blasphemer, Mohamed Imran, who according to reporting in that media agent of the Americans/Zionists, CNN “maintained that the blasphemy laws were important as they protect the Muslim faith.”

Allah Akbar.

-Benjamin Harris al Barnesboro.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Body and Soul

Sketches by Mr. Weimin Mo of Homo Sapiens Americanus. 

I think we Americans, generally, are a fun people, and a funny people. I mean, these are funny. They are absolutely authentic of Americans. 

I don't think the genus Homo Sapiens is the most beautiful in the animal Kingdom. I mean, you have deer, right:


There's puppy dogs:

Puppy dog. All together now: "Ahh."

I love the Lynx. I think it's the most striking looking creature:


And then you have Homos:

Homo. "Ugh."

Now, most of the people in Mr. Mo's sketches are older. Younger things, including Homos, are better looking. Baby Homos are better looking than older Homos:

                                                        Baby. "Ahhh."

                                     But I think most Homos would agree that this old dog...

                                                              Old dog.

                              ... is better looking than this old Homo:

                                                        Old Homo.
Homos procreate. And procreate flagrantly. There's Homo procreation all over creation. That is, in the right...mood, I suppose, we find other Homos exceedingly good-looking:


Vavavavoom for Homos who like male Homos.

And we wish to procreate--better said, practice at the act of procreation--with Vavavavooms. (That's an actual picture of me immediately above, by the way, in case anybody wanted to know what I looked like.)


But the thing is, we don't just practice procreation with Vavavavooms.  In fact, most of us are never fortunate enough to practice procreation with a certified Vavavavoom.  We practice procreation with other non-Vavavavooms.

This non-Vavavavoom individual has practiced procreation:
Probably thousands of times. We don't even like to think about that because it makes us barf.

I think it was Orwell, in Animal Kingdom, who clinically described Homo Sapiens, and it was not a pretty description: e.g. the hair having largely disappeared from the body except around the loins, etc., nauseating etc., after nauseating etc.



                                  "The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin'."

And so, with that thought, and that image in mind, I will now commit suicide. Have a great,abstinent,weekend. 

Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously.

Amazon, labels to meet for locker talks: sources.”
                                                    -Reuters, April 13

Headlines are intended to briefly and intelligibly summarize the article and grab the attention. Occasionally, as here, they do neither and read like one of Noam Chomsky’s deliberately meaningless sentences. I did not read the article.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


The below email with attachment from Falun Gong supporters in the PRC is legitimate, I verified through a Chinese-American friend, who also translated it. I thank my friend for his help.


送您礼 物:
    8千万人退 (团、队)大潮的精彩图片,已发送在附件(点击就可在线观看)。


Happiness to All Creatures
Here is a gift for you:
Wonderful photos about the waves of the 80 million former communists/Youth League members withdrew their membership. See the attachment (Click online to see).
Because the human reality is a mutual-relying and mutual-contradicting world, there come such popular wisdoms as “an eye for an eye” and “a tooth for a tooth.” When their belief stays at that level, humans would not come to the wise realization of “overcoming vice with kindness”, but rely on the mode of “a tooth for a tooth” to fight evils in the world of mortals. Of course, that is no way to terminate the existence of evils; nor is it the way to uproot vicious despots in human world.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Murder of Lynne Friend

Important development in this case at

Monday, April 11, 2011

Seeking the Soul

There was a song some years ago with the refrain, "We don't need another hero."  Bothered me every time I heard it.  I need heroes.

                                             Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Nelson Mandela.

Dr.Youqin Wang.

Dr. Rongfen Wang.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

"The Chinese Cultural Revolution," by Zhang Mu. Chapter 1.2-3

In 1945 Hu Junhe was sentenced for 10 years by Kuomintang by the traitor to China crime, in 1949 released. After “liberation”, Hu Junhe was Shanghai Public Security Intelligence Committee director, assists to suppress counter-revolutionaries. Implicated to Pan Hannian’s Case, in September, 1954, Hu was sentenced. His wife Zhao Shang Yun (famous anti-Japan hero Zhao Shangzhi’s younger sister) was implicated and imprisoned for 7 years. In 1984 CCP announced that abolished the original decision, sets free with a verdict of not guilty.
(4) “Xi Zhongxun, Jia Tuofu and Liu Jingfan antiparty bloc case” was also preview of afterward Cultural Revolution
Shortly after CCP established, in August, 1922, Shaanxi had established the CCP organization and launched several times farmer rebellions. In February, 1932, Liu Zhidan, Xie Zichang led Red Army guerrilla to establish the revolutionary base in Shaanxi. In November, 1934 Shaanxi and Gansu Area Soviet Government was established, Xi Zhongxun was the president. In January, 1935, established the North Shaanxi Soviet Government, Liu Zhidan was Military Committee president. At that time Liu Zhidan led the northwest China revolutionary base which was the only existed revolutionary base. After 1949, in order to make the “Mao Zedong myth”, the CCP propagandized “Jiangxi Jinggang Mountains center theory”, tried best to obliterate the history of Liu Zhidan and Xi Zhongxun’s “North Shaanxi base” and so on. In fact, Mao’s Jiangxi base had lost completely, in 1934 Mao’s Red Army embarked from Jiangxi Ruijin, after the hardships and dangers “long march”, in October 1935 arrived at North Shaanxi, in January 1937 from the place now is called (Liu) Zhidan County moved to Yan'an, after the “second Kuomintang-CCP cooperation”, then Yan’an was the center of Shaanxi and Gansu and Ningxia border red area. In 1956, the Worker Publishing House asked Liu Zhidan’s sister-in-law Li Jiantong to write novel "Liu Zhidan" to reflect the North Shaanxi base fact, In 1962 Worker's Daily" and so on newspapers serialized the novel. In September, 1962, at the 10th plenary Session of 8th CCP Conferences, Mao loudly spoke the class struggle: “Those who want to overthrow a regime must first create public opinion, engage in anti-party activities by novel, is a great invention.” Then, Xi Zhongxun, Jia Tuofu, Liu Jingfan and so on accuses for the novel "Liu Zhidan" the secret engineers, the CCP central committee established “special case committee for checking counter-party activity of Xi Zhongxun and so on”, Kang Sheng was the director. So an injustice case of “Xi Zhongxun, Jia Tuofu and Liu Jingfan antiparty bloc” had been made. State Council Vice-Premier Xi Zhongxun was abolished the duty, in Cultural Revolution he was imprisoned for eight years; National Economic committee Assistant Director Jia Tuofu removed from office and release to countryside, on May 7, 1967 was persecuted to death; Liu Jingfan was arrest and put in prison in May, 1968, by the “present counter-revolutionary crime”; Li Jiantong, the Author, was imprisoned in January, 1968, and in 1970 was dismissed the party membership, accepted the labor reform; Ma Wenrui, Ministry of Labor Minister was imprisoned in January, 1968. More than ten thousand persons were persecuted in the case. In 1980 the Central Committee of the CCP sent out “Rehabilitation Notice for So-called Xi Zhongxun Antiparty Bloc”.
(1) Liu Zhidan, leader of CCP North Shaanxi revolutionary base, Mao intended the people do not know him and that history.2Novel “Liu Zhidan”. This is Mao said “engage in anti-party activities by novel”.3State Council Vice-Premier Xi Zhongxun in 1962 was abolished the duty and persecuted, photo shows he was again persecuted in Cultural Revolution (4) “Three Antis Crimes of Counter-Party Chieftain Xi Zhongxun”, Xi'an Arts Academy “Red Broadsword” Headquarters sponsor periodical. 1967.
(1) Jia Tuofu. (2) In 1940s, Shaanxi and Gansu and Ningxia Border Region Soviet Government Vice-President Liu Jingfan (right) and the President Lin Boqu. (3) Liu Jingfan (1920-1990), Liu Zhidan's younger brother. Because “counter- revolutionary suppression” in 1935, Liu Jingfan and Liu Zhidan and so on were imprisoned, Liu Zhidan afterward was killed unclearly. After 1949, Liu Jingfan was assistant director and CCP secretary of Surveillance Committee of the State Council. Because he was implicated “Gao Gang event”, demoted as vice-minister of Geology Ministry in 1955. Because his wife Li Jiantong writing the novel "Liu Zhidan" in 1962, Liu Jingfan became “anti-party element”. In Cultural Revolution he was arrested in prison, released in 1974. After Mao’s death, he was titular member of CCP Central Advisory Commission Committee. (4) Li Jiantong (1919-2005), writer, Liu Zhidan's brother Liu Jingfan’s wife, author of the novel "Liu Zhidan", from 1963 on suffered persecution 16 years. (4) Mao Zedong “Criticism of Peng Dehuai, Gao Gang and Xi Zhongxun antiparty critique”." “Anti-Revisionism Combat Report", on March 7, 1968.
 (5) Every regions made massive “anti-party bloc” cases, also was preview of afterward Cultural Revolution
The most powerful "weapon" that Mao and the CCP used in inner struggle is giving the name of "anti-Party” crime. The “Rightist” is the counter-party crime; the “three anti-element” its first crime is the counter-party, and if they want simultaneously eliminate several dissidents give an “antiparty bloc” crime. Only in 1958, all the nation inner-party countless big or small “antiparty bloc” were “found”: Defense Minister Peng Dehuai once took the “counter-dogmatism” as a name, uncovered one “Xiao Ke (deputy Defense Minister) Li Da (Liberation Army general) counter-party Bloc” (Peng Dehuai himself was labeled as “Peng Dehuai, Huang Kecheng, Zhang Wentian, Zhou Xiaozhou Antiparty Bloc “in 1959 by Mao);CCP Gansu Provincial committee a “Sun Diancai, Liang Dajun, Chen Chengyi antiparty bloc”; CCP Anhui provincial committee a “Li Shinong antiparty bloc”; Chongqing “Xiao Zekuan, Li Zhizhou, Liao Bokang antiparty bloc”; Guangxi “Chen Zaili right wing antiparty bloc”; Yunnan “Zheng Dui, Wang Jingru antiparty bloc”; Qinghai “Sun Zuobin antiparty bloc”; Zhejiang “Sha Wenhan, Yang Siyi antiparty bloc”; Hebei “Liu Hongtao, Wang Baozhen antiparty bloc”; Sichuan “Deng Zili, Cui Zhang antiparty bloc” and so on. This powerful "weapon" was used generally in Cultural Revolution, countless “antiparty blocs” all over the country, the biggest was at first “Deng Tuo, Wu Han, Liao Mosha ‘small village’ antiparty bloc”, “Peng Zhen, Luo Ruiqing, Lu Dingyi, Yang Shangkun antiparty bloc”, and various in provinces, counties and in small “units”. After Mao’s death, these “antiparty blocsall were “rehabilitated”, except the “Lin Biao antiparty bloc” and “Gang of Four antiparty bloc”.
(1) Wen Jize: “The rehabilitation for Wang Shiwei’s injustice case”. Populace Publishing House, 1993. Mao personally made a “Wang Shiwei et al. five persons antiparty bloc” in Yan’an rectification movement 1942. Actually Wang Shiwei is only a writer of reflection reality. Because of the “counter-party” crime he was persecuted to death in 1947. In 1991 the CCP gave him “rehabilitation”. (2) “Resolution of the 8th Plenary Session of the 8th CCP Central Committee about Peng Dehuai As the Head's Antiparty Bloc”, August 16, 1959. (3) Internal document: “Chairman Mao Criticizing Peng Dehui, Huang, Zhang, Zhou antiparty bloc” 1959. (4) “Chairman Mao Criticizing Peng Dehui, Huang, Zhang, Zhou antiparty bloc”. 1967. Beijing Normal University Jinggang Mountains Commune’s Connecting Point of Fighting Peng and Pu (Peng Dehui’s wife). (5) Inner document: “Antiparty crime of Wang Shitai, black gang member of Peng Dehuai, Gao Gang, Xi Zhongxun antiparty bloc”.
(1) “Smash Wan and Zhang antiparty bloc and Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping and Bo Yibo’s anti-revolutionary revisionism black line in Tianjin’s industrial and communications front”. 1967. (2) “Break down Wan and Zhang antiparty bloc”. Tianjin Municipal CCP committee Red Sentinel revolutionary rebels team. 1967. (3) “Smash Peng, Luo, Lu and Yang antiparty bloc”. Red Guard compiled and printed. 1966. (4) “Thoroughly pierce Ulanhu Antiparty bloc”. Huhhot revolutionized rebels contacting headquarters, Arts group .1966.
(1) Thoroughly Overthrow He Long Counter-Party Antiparty Bloc". Tsinghua University Jinggang Mountains Army corps. 1967. (2) Smash Zhang Jingfu antiparty bloc. Chinese Science Academy Revolution Rebels Joint-seizing Power Committee. 1967 (3) Li Xiangdong, Wang Zengru: Beginning to end of the Injustice Case of Ding and Chen Antiparty Bloc Hubei People's Publishing Agency, 2006.(4) Materials of Peng, Luo, Lu and Yang anti-Party Bloc. Changchun Red rebel Revolutionary Committee Propaganda Department.1967.
10. Anti-Rightist Campaign, Mao gave a sweep to Chinese culture and the intellectual1957-1958
After CCP obtain power, Mao’s feudal emperor thought inflates rapidly, intended his dictatorship, thought impractically “surpassed UK and catch up with US”, hope work as communist countries leader. Some insight persons express disaffection regarding this. Soviet Khrushchev did counter-Stalin, in China Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping and so on no longer warm-heartedly did the personality cult, Zhou Enlai and so on also proposed “opposition to rash advance” (reduce some military projects, but not stop producing atomic bomb); Mao attacked them, intended to use his prestige, “consolidate the Party organization” through non-party personage offering opinions and complaint to the party, But this effect was opposite Mao’s expectation, almost all the fingers pointed Mao. So Mao said that the “airing views” action was “lure the snake from its hole”, now must hit the snakes, namely fought against the “rightists”. Mao wanted to eliminate these discontented factors, on June 8, 1957, the CCP Central Committee sent out “Organized Strength to counter-attack Rightists’Attack", developed a large-scale counter-right movement, causes many talented intellectuals and loyal CCP members were labeled the “rightists”, encountered brutal persecution, and many persons’ unnatural deaths. So the man of insight henceforth silenced.
(1) Staffs of Tianjin Tuberculosis Hospital held “” movement, to the hospital leader proposed opinions of improvement work with the big-character poster, but afterward it was regarded as the rightists counter-party. (2) Big-character posters in the “counter-rightists” time in 1957; photo by Wei Dezhong. (3) on February 27, 1957, Mao summoned to counter-rightists struggle in the 11th enlarged meeting of Supreme State Conference, afterward his speech was reorganized as “Problem about correctly handling contradictions among the people”, and was published. (4) In 1957 CCP’s People's Daily announced the counter-rightists instruction. (5) A counter-right struggle's assembly in 1957.
(1) Staffs of Communications Ministry were criticizing the Minister Zhang Bojun, a “rightist”. (2) “Content of big-character poster of criticizing the ‘rightists’”. (3) Beijing Wangfujing Post office’s staffs responded Mao’s summon to carry on the “counter-rightists” propaganda. (3) Beijing University students in campus carried on counter-rightists mobilization propaganda activity. (4) The “advanced soldiers” in counter-rightists struggle of the South Central Mining and Metallurgy College. 1957.
(1) struggle Assembly of counter-rightists of the Inner Mongolian. (2) The upper society people of business circles in the Jilin Huadian in counter-rightists movement. (3) Exhibition hall of “opening heart to the party and struggling to counter-rightists” in Huadian County, Jilin province. (4) open heart to the party, expressing the determination to firmly counter-rightists.
(1) “Counter-rightists” slogan in 1957 National Day’s parade. (3) “All people Rectification incorrect styles and thinking, celebrate tenth PRC founding anniversary.” (3) Certificate for counter-right struggle model member (Xu Shanbin’s collection).
(1) “Question Explanation of the Counter-Rightists Struggles”, Forecasts Weekly. (2) Admission ticket of criticizing rightist Chu Anping Meeting. (Xu Shanbin’s collection) (3) Registration table the rightists, the page for Ding Ling, Cong Weixi et al. (Xu Shanbin’s collection)
1Registration table the rightists, the page for Liu Binyan, Liu Shaotang et al. (Xu Shanbin’s collection) (2) The notice of excision “four bad elements label” for the rightist after hard transformation. (3) “Selections of Big-character poster of the Counter-Rightists Struggle”. Central Industrial Art College, 1957; Counter-rightists “Study Reference file”. Chinese People's Liberation Army Communication Institute Political Department, 1957. (4) Study document: " Counter-Rightist Struggles Get Tremendous Victory in the Capital Universities ".
The “rightists” in Cultural RevolutionBeijing University had labeled 715 “rightists”, also had 842 although not labeled but received each kind of punishment, accounted for7% of the Beijing University total person number, among them at least 5 were sentenced to death by “counter-revolutionary crime” in Cultural Revolution. Actually, the majority so-called rightists are talent intellectuals, the national economic construction treasure. Official figures released, it has labeled 550,000 “rightists”, and caused these people to lose personal freedom for 20 years, their family members also suffered persecution. The “rightists” afterward with other “enemy” were compound as “Four (or Five) Kinds Bad Elements” [landowners in countryside or capitalists in city, rich peasants, counterrevolutionaries, (bad elements such as Bandits, thieves and embezzlements) rightists], in the Cultural Revolution they received “confiscates family's property” and “parade”, some are persecuted to death.